Friday, February 20, 2015

The Deadline is Approaching

As the deadline approaches, you might have questions about the mechanics of applying if this is your first time going through the process.

Here goes:   After you submit your application in Common App, you should receive an automatic confirmation.  Take note that only paying the application fee does not mean you have submitted.  You need to submit the general app and the UVa section in addition to your fee. 

Within five days of your submission, our system will send you login information.  The system is called SIS and this is where you’ll monitor your application, via your To-Do List.  The first time you log in, you will probably see many things missing from your file.  Please allow 5-7 days for your materials to be matched up.  This is a part automatic/part human process.   If we receive 2400 applications, it will take time for both of these groups to match up all of the important documents and information, especially if you wait and submit on March 1. 

Here are the answers to some other common questions and concerns.
-How do I handle the forms on the Common App?  Once again, we do not require the Common App forms listed in the right sidebar of the blog.  Yes, look over to the right, after you read this.  If you choose to send a Mid-Year Report, it would make more sense to wait until after the deadline and after your mid-term exams.  This is the only component of the app where I am encouraging late submission. 

-What happens if my transcripts arrive after March 1?  That’s fine, but we need your transcripts in the very near future, not at the end of the spring semester.  You and your fellow applicants are being reviewed based upon the work you have done thus far.  What’s most important is that you apply by the deadline of March 1. If your application is in on time, there is a little wiggle room for gathering these supporting documents.
-Do I need to do anything special if I’m applying to the architecture program?  Remember that if you’re applying for architecture, you must submit a portfolio.  See the post below.

That is all for now.  I imagine we’ll create another post or two before the deadline passes.

UPDATE: If you are still submitting your application, please do not print it out and submit it on PDF. What you've printed is likely old.  This slows down the processing and will affect your ability to verify documents.  Please submit through the common app portal.


Regina Phalange said...

I already submitted my common app, but was wondering if I could still send information that would have fit into the 'additional information' section. If so, should I just send a word doc to the undergradadmissions email?

Katy said...

Hi! I'm going over my Common Application right now before I submit it and have a question. It asks me to list every course I have taken/am enrolled in, and my total is 12 courses; however, the maximum I can enter is 10. Is there anywhere I can write in the other 2 courses or will my transcript suffice as a way to see that I have taken/am in enrolled in those last 2 courses?
Thanks so much :)

Irene said...

Do we need to send the additional forms of: transfer college report, college transfer midterm report, and secondary school final report in addition to college/high school transcripts?

FutureSLP said...

Is it possible to take courses during the summer after we have been admitted to UVA? just to fulfill General education requirements for our major?

Wahoowa said...


I actually asked someone about this! They said that if you are planning to take courses in the summer, list those courses in the additional information section of common app and maybe a brief explanation of why you are taking that course.

Fear and Loathing in Admissions said...

Are recommendation letters completely limited to academic positions? My Resident Adviser was very enthusiastic to write me one, but I told him it could only be professors or academic advisers.

Jack said...

Under the "School forms and Recommendations" section of the uva admissions page it says: 'All transfer applicants are required to submit course descriptions, via email or fax (434-924-7674), for all collegiate courses completed or in progress." Do these need to be sent in by the March 1 deadline?

Tia said...

Hi! I have completed everything in my checklist except for testing scores. I do not have a set of test scores available to send as I have not taken any SAT or ACT tests. Are these required in order to be admitted to UVA? I have applied as transfer for fall 2015. If they are required, is there someone I could contact to speak to about that? Thanks!!!!!

Transfermer said...

Yes, you can send it to Please be succinct.

You can put these courses in the additional information section.

Please refer to the sidebar on this blog.

It really depends on your major. Students entering most majors outside of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences should really have everything completed before matriculation.

Thanks for helping. Again, this depends on the major.

Fear and Loathing,
You can send one from your RA. Indeed, this will show how you function in your community, but ideally, these should come from an instructor, as you may have done when you were leaving high school

Yes. Feel free to cut and paste from your college catalog online. It’s not meant to take a long time.

In short, yes. This requirement is listed on our website. I’ll write a refresher post.

Ethan said...

On the Transfer Mid-Term Report, There is a spot for "Institution / CEEB". What goes there and how is it different from the line above it called "Current College or University"?

-Student at CVCC

VA Resident said...

Under the "Admissions Instructions" portion of the UVa Undergrad Admissions website, it says supporting documents for in-state privileges (VA residents) should be sent by March 1. What are those documents?

Christopher said...

Is the mid-term report only for first semester grades? Or are we to submit two mid-term reports, one for the first semester grades and one for the in-progress second semester?

Unknown said...

I sent in my application on February 23rd and I still haven't gotten an email to login to SIS. Should I be concerned about this.

Transfermer said...

I don't know why they ask for the institution again. It's the same thing as College, but you can find your CEEB code here -

VA Resident,
You won't need to send those unless you're prompted to do so.

The mid-term report is for spring 2015 middle of the semester grades. Your transcript will show us your fall or first semester grades. Please be sure to send us your college transcript ASAP.

Good question. I’m told that if you’ve applied in the past or if you have a hyphenated name, you might not immediately get a SIS login. There might be a slight delay from the push of many applications coming at once. Give it until this Wednesday afternoon, and if you still haven’t heard, you can email us at

Nicole said...

I submitted my application on Saturday and applied last year for first year as well. how long should I wait before I contact Peabody about getting a SIS login?

Katy said...

Hi! Can I fax my Mid-Term Report to the admissions office or would you rather it be mailed?
Thanks so much

Transfermer said...


If you did indeed apply last year, please follow these instructions.
Go to the U.Va. homepage and click on “SIS” in the upper right hand corner. The link you need will be on the right hand side of the page, two links under the “get password” button. Once you are at the screen to enter your information, please make sure you enter your name, date of birth (DOB) and email address exactly as it was entered on the Common App. If you do not, you will receive an error. Everything must always match!

Either way is fine.