Friday, January 23, 2015

Transfer Open House next month!

Are you looking to apply to transfer to UVa, but you haven't yet visited?  Our open houses are a great way to see us on a jam-packed day that is specifically built for you.

Our next open house is  Friday, February 6 beginning at 10AM.    You will hear from current students and faculty about the application and transition process to UVa. See the schedule below.  The day will begin in the Newcomb Hall Theatre and progress from there.  Please register for the event here. Read the entire page and then click on "Register" on the bottom left.   This registration process will instruct you to open a myUVA account if you don't already have one.

Open House Schedule of Events:

10:00am - 10:45am: Transfer Admission Information Session

11:00am - 11:45am: Presentations Given by Individual Schools
12:00pm: Walking Tour of Grounds
2pm-3pm: Meet and Greet with Current Students who have transferred
Crossing our fingers for nice weather! We hope you can join us!

UPDATE (1/27): For those of you interested in the McIntire School of Commerce, they'll be doing one-on-one advising sessions from 1pm-3pm.  Please bring copies of your transcripts. 


Kate said...

Can someone explain why there is an open house for transfer students on a Friday morning? We're transfer students, we have classes to attend so we don't fail out of our current school and so that we good grades so that UVA takes us. Why would we skip class to go to an open house for a school that may not even take us?

Anonymous said...

Kate... do you mean you're going to "fail out" by skipping a day of class? In that case, you might as well as not go.

I bought my plane ticket and took two days off just to go to the campus tour because it was something worth devoting my time towards. I anticipated how much work I will be missing, and did them ahead of time.

I'm sure you are capable of doing the same if you're so inclined to visit and explore UVA.

Transfermer said...

We apologize if this won't fit into your schedule. This is the conundrum we have with such events. If we had it on the weekend, our faculty would not be available and classes wouldn't be in session. We've selected a Friday because this is convenient for many students, but certainly not all. Attendance is not mandatory for applicants, nor will it have any impact on your application. Finally, you are welcome to visit at any time that suits your schedule. We wouldn't want your performance to suffer.

Laura said...

If I applied in the spring and was not admitted, what is the email address I am supposed to send a message to in order to roll my application over for fall?

Molly said...

I have a question! I'm full time at a very large university right now and although I have done very well in all my classes, I'm not able to get a personalized recommendation from any of my teachers because all of my classes have been at least 500+ people. Will this hinder my chances of getting in?

SeeJamesHop said...

I am going to try to attend tomorrow, but I have a test in the morning. I go to school roughly an hour away, so is it still acceptable to show up in the afternoon?

Transfermer said...

We'd prefer not to give out the email address on here. You can email and it will get to the same place.

Recommendations are not required, so not having one will not be a detriment to your application. The option is there for those applicants have someone who can write on their behalf.

Great alias! You can show up and stop by Peabody Hall. But you'' notice that most of the activities will conclude by 1pm. Good luck on your test!

Brian said...

What are my chances if I was accepted to UVA out of high school, but chose to go to a different university? Does me declining my acceptance last year hurt my chances of transferring?

Transfermer said...

No, this plays no role in your decision.

Anonymous said...


I just had a quick question about testing scores. I was wondering how big of an impact they make on our chances of being accepted?

Thank you

Transfermer said...

Anon asking about testing,
It depends. If you recently graduated from high school, they can make a significant impact. The longer you have been out of high school, the less we look at testing. If English is your second language, scores are also very important.