Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spring Applicants: Check your To-Do Lists

If you applied for spring 2015 transfer admission, please keep an eye on your to-do list.  If we are missing specific documents, this is where you'll find what we need.  To view your to-do list, you must log into your U.Va. Student Information System (SIS) using your U.Va. computing ID and password.  You can access your SIS account and retrieve your password here.


Wahoos12 said...


When would you like the Midterm Report and Letter(s) of Recommendation? I know that they are not required, but wanted to know when the absolute latest would be to get them in. Thanks!

UVa2000 said...

Hi, I am wondering about the math requirement UVa has for incoming transfer students. It appears that they require something on or above the calculus level, which is very advanced. I am not sure that my current university will even allow me to take the equivalent here because it appears to be a 300 or 400 level class which is meant for math or other specific science majors; not a part of general education requirements that just anyone can take.

Is there someone specific in the admission office or in an advising centre that I can talk to about the right course for me to enrol in for Spring 2015 that would make me a more competitive applicant for Fall 2015? The UVa website that describes the math requirements appear to be very vague, which makes it useless to use the provided credit transfer calculator. I am just having difficulty planning my next semester course load.

Thank you very much for your help.

Foggy said...


I'm not a person who has any official say or anything, but I'm a transfer student who just got accepted a few months ago for fall 2014. I only had two semesters of precalculus and one semester of 200-level statistics. I don't think there is an explicit math requirement.

From the admissions website on transfer requirements:
"Natural Sciences and Mathematics (12 credits) - Courses in at least two of the disciplines: astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, physics, and mathematics. Math courses must include statistics, finite math calculus, or higher level-courses; pre-calculus will apply towards a degree but will not satisfy the requirement."

The "requirements" are pretty loose, really, and it depends a little on what year you're in. Incoming third years who have completed all the suggested requirements are considered much more competitive, but incoming second years aren't expected to have all of those courses down.
Taking those more difficult, higher level courses might help you to stand out if you do well in them, but don't overload yourself too much! I am going to be quiet now and hope that someone more informed than I will help. I wish you the best of luck getting accepted!

Transfermer said...

You can send the midterm report now. I’m assuming you’ve completed mid-term exams and your professors can give you an idea of how you are faring. Recommendations should come soon as well. Most people who sent them submitted them on October 1.

I would recommend that you look up your specific major department. For instance, you’ll see that in the Psychology department (, calculus is required, but for the Sociology major (, math is not listed. If you attend a VCCS institution, you can find our power point matrix on the right-hand menu of this page

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read the blog and answer questions. Maybe you were on here as a prospective student and can’t stay away. Please stay tuned for a new transfer admission student advisory corps that our office is trying to create.

luvlax said...

Should the recommender be a professor from college or can it be someone from high school like the admission counselor who knows me best

Transfermer said...


We would prefer that it come from a professor, but if you are still in contact with this counselor and he/she has been aware of your academic pursuits, we'll look at it.