Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Spring Tuition Deposit Payment Issues

For you spring admits, we are aware of the difficulties surrounding payment of the tuition deposit.  Our information technology group is working very hard with our third-party payment vendor in order to get this bug fixed.   This situation is far from ideal. Please hold tight and I'll let you know when things are up and running.  Thanks for your patience everyone!

UPDATE:  The issue should be resolved by 6pm tonight.  Please let us know if you can complete the transaction, or if you're having trouble getting through.  


Anonymous said...

When can I register for classes? I haven't been contacted by UVA aside from confirmation that I paid my deposit.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am not transferring for the spring but i have a question about common app. When it asks for me to assign a registrar, is that my high school registrar or college registrar? I know I need both transcripts, but it only allows me to assign one registrar.

Anonymous said...

What about the final report on the common app. Does it have to be filled out by my high school?

finalReport said...

Never mind. I just read the right side of the blog and it says the final report is not required. Sorry about that.

Transfermer said...

Please make an alias next time. You'll assign your college registrar.

We got so many questions about this that we put it on the blog in a more permanent place. Thanks for reading.