Wednesday, October 16, 2013

College Fairs at NVCC Campuses

If you are a student at the Northern Virginia Community Colleges, and you missed our information sessions last week, you can catch us at the following college fairs. 

*Woodbridge Campus - Tuesday, October 22 - 10:30am-12:30pm
*Annandale Campus - Tuesday, October 23 - 10:30am-12:30pm
*Alexandria Campus - Thursday, October 24 - 10:30am-12:30pm

*The Manassas fair occurred a couple of weeks ago. 


Danielle said...

In my To-Do list, it says I am missing 3 documents: an official transcript from a community college I attended and parent/student tax transcripts. However, you said I did not need to resend these documents since I applied for the Fall 2013 semester. Should I resend these documents anyway?

Transfermer said...

You should email our office to remind us that you applied in the past. We can help you with the transcript. Your tax transcripts will only be required if you admitted and you won't know that for a while.

Anonymous said...


Is there a gaa for the school of curry? May I apply for the college of arts and science under the gaa and than apply to the Kinesiology program? or do i have to be in the school of curry in order to gain acceptance for the program. I'm in my third semester at NVCC, and since i have to finish my course within two years time-frame, I don't meet all the required courses to get into the kinesiology program at UVA. I was wondering if I can take the required courses summer of 2013 before going into UVA and than apply to kinesiology program once I'm enrolled for the fall of 2014. Thanks so much!



What kind of high school diploma evaluation does UVA prefer? There are like "General", "Course by Course" and etc.

Do you want me to send you the evaluation or I need to ask them to send it to you?

Does GPA from a foreign HS matter for a VCCS student?


P.S. Checked WES--doesn't work for me =(

Giavana said...

After reading the previous question, I got interested since I'm trying to evaluate my HS diploma too.

Would you accept an evaluation from this company: (Member of NACES)

Or do you prefer some other evaluation agency other than WES?

Thank you,

Giavana from VCCS.

Anonymous said...

I meant summer of 2014. Thanks

Transfermer said...

The average transfer GPA is also 3.4/3.5 for the Kinesiology program. No, the process doesn’t work in a way that you can apply for the GAA, then Kinesiology. And there is no GAA for Curry. You would apply directly from NVCC to Curry’s Kinesiology program. Yes, you can take summer coursework, but most of it needs to be completed during the normal school year. You would enter in fall 2014 meaning the courses should be completed before then.

EASTERNEU and Giavana,
NACES will also work for us. We are not looking for an evaluation, only the translation. Yes, grades matter for all applicants be they domestic or international. If you have a sealed document yourself, you can send it.

Anonymous said...


Will I be able to apply both to school of arts and science & curry at the same time for fall 2014? In case I don't get admitted to curry school.

Stats: 4.0 gpa, scholarships recepient, follows a physical therapist, part-time job. Low sat score though. Are my chance slim? TY!

Transfermer said...

No, unfortunately not Amanda. You must choose one school. I'm sorry, but I can't "chance you."