Thursday, August 29, 2013

The High School Transcript

For our last installment in this series, let's talk about the high school transcript.  The high school transcript (or GED score report) is required for every applicant, no matter how old you are and no matter how many college courses you've taken.  Even if you're planning on getting an associates, or maybe you already have one... the high school transcript is required.  Squash those rumors.  We have seen diligent applicants who graduated from high school 20, 30 years ago get their transcripts. It's more possible than you might think.

If you attended high school outside of the U.S., we require a translated transcript.  Most applicants use WES or the World Education Service, This can take time, so start working on it as soon as possible, be you a spring or fall applicant.

If you graduated high school recently, we are still closely looking at your high school record.  Typically, the longer you've been in college, the less we'll look at your high school record.

Order those transcripts now. Check it off of your mental to-do list early. You can send them even if you have yet to apply.  We'll gladly hold onto it until your application is submitted.


Kevin said...

Hi Transformer,

I commented on another post about standardized test anonymously and didn't give a lot of information in order to keep my anonymity. I am starting to see this blog is very student friendly and primarily a source to help students, so pardon my initial shyness. I have a question in regards to high school transcripts.

My high school record is overall pretty strong for a Community College applicant with a 30 ACT and a decent GPA. My question is about how my high school record will be viewed considering that I have completed almost 60 units in college and I am applying for spring transfer. Will it still be viewed as an asset to have above average high school scores or has it been too long? And does it look bad that I went to a CC when I was likely overqualified out of high school? I address this in my essay.

Thank you again :)

Owen said...


I reviewed the FAQ about UVA transfers. I was wondering how much more difficult it is to gain admission for spring transfer than fall transfer? The FAQ states you take about 35 students for the College, are the spring admit's credentials much higher than fall admits?


Danielle said...


I was admitted to UVA for the Fall 2013 semester, but was unable to attend due to financial reasons. I am planning to apply for the spring semester, and I am wondering if the additional paperwork I submitted concerning instate tuition verification is still on file or do I need to resubmit them?

Thomas said...


When applying as a transfer student for the spring, I have heard that the application "rolls over" in the case someone isn't admitted. This means that if a person wants to apply again for the Fall they do not have to complete the application a second time.

Does UVA still do this? If so, does this also apply to transcripts and SAT scores? It can put a dent in your wallet when you have to submit these materials more than once, especially after high school.

TaffyFlaffy said...

So I must use the WES? Can I use one of the members of the NACES?

Does it matter which company will I ask to translate and then evaluate my high school diploma?

Thank you,


Kimmy said...

As a prospective transfer, I'm interested to know the answers for all these posts.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...


I'm confused about this section on the gaa.

Humanities (6 credits): One transferable course in two of the following three groups: a) literature (classics,
comparative literature, English, foreign literature); b) fine arts (art, drama, music); and c) moral, philosophical, or
religious thought (political theory, philosophy, religion).

Does this mean I am allow to take one class in art and one in eng? will it meet the requirements. On the GAA FAQ page, it says: 13) How do VCCS HUM courses apply to the Humanities requirement?
In order to receive humanities credit from a HUM course, you must take both parts of this series. For example, take HUM 111 and 112 or 201 and 202. You will not receive humanities credit for only taking one course in this series.

Based on the question it seems like i would need to take both parts of one course. For ex; art 1 and 2 to fulfill the requirement. Can you clarify this for me. thanks! and the same applies to the social science courses as well.


Transfermer said...

Anything that shows you were academically successful in the past is helpful. No, we would never judge you for the school you’ve chosen.

Yes, typically spring applicants have strong high school AND college records. We feel these students are just better prepared to make a mid-year transition. The admit rate for spring is around 15% whereas it is closer to 40% for the fall.

You will need to fill out the supplement on the common app, but I don’t think you’ll need to re-send the supporting documentation. We should have that on file so long as you never paid your deposit.

Yes, we still “roll over” applications from spring to fall so long as you are not a current junior at a four-year institution. You would not need to re-send the SAT or high school transcript. We will of course need a new college transcript because it will then contain your fall 2013 grades.

We would prefer that you use WES, but if you must use another service, we will allow it. Still, WES is our preference for others who are reading this.

Yes, one class in Art and one class in Eng. This is difficult to explain online, but basically there are interdisciplinary courses offered at the VCCS that begin with mnemonic of HUM. For example, HUM 111 is called Great Books. This statement on the FAQs refers to these HUM courses and not Humanities courses like ENG (Literature), ART (Art), PHI, REL (Philosophy, Religion). I would stay away from HUM courses. They seem to be too general. Instead take, English Literature, Art, Philosophy, Religious Studies or Political Theory.

Junior said...

I'm junior in my current university. Am I not eligible to apply for Spring 2014?

Transfermer said...

You are eligible to apply for spring, but not for fall. If you are admitted in the spring, you will still be required to spend two years at UVA.

Chigis said...

By the end of the Spring I will have about 65-70 credits and an associates from my VCCS. So, in the common app I need to choose "Fall-2014-3rd Year Transfer"? Thanks

OnemoreTime said...

Hi, I have applied UVA for Fall2013 and was put on the waitlist but finally rejected. And I am now trying to reapply for Spring 2014. Do I need to resend my SAT scores and high school transcript?

I'll wait for your answer,


Transfermer said...

Yes, if that was your question.

Did you apply as a first-year? If so, you will need to send your high school transcript. If you applied as a transfer, you won’t need to resend these materials

Anonymous said...

Dear Transformer,

I am very confused about your answers for Thomas and Onemoretime, so I am asking the question again.
I applied UVA for fall 2012 as a first year student, and now I am trying to apply for spring 2014 as a transfer student. Do I need to send my high school transcript and SAT scores again?
I talked to a lady in the admission office the other day, and she said UVA probably have both my high school transcript and SAT scores.

Thank you.

Hae Jeung said...

Also, Will my application still be considered if my High School Transcript arrives after the October 1st deadline?
I am the same person as above.

Transfermer said...

Hae Jeung,
You in particular do not need to send your SAT scores again. You DO need to send your high school transcript. Yes, it can arrive after the deadline, but please see that it gets here as soon as possible.

international said...

Anonymous said...

what about international students who graduated high school in countires other than the U.S.?

JESSICA said...

hello transfermen
I have two questions:
I am an Architecture transfer student, with more than 30 credits

1st: I did my high school on mexico wish means i need to translate my transcript , is only translation or i need an evaluation of the courses that i took ?

2nd, I Already submit my application but i choose out state ( i don't know if i am out state, because I am a dependent of an active duty and actually that is why I am transferring because we got orders to go to Virginia for the next 4 years) is there something i can do about it?

Anonymous said...


I would to ask if my high school registrar can issue a transcript in English, do I need to consult WES service?
I used this official English transcript to apply for international program in universities meaning that the admission officer will have no trouble understanding my transcript.

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