Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Wait is Over

We have closed the waiting list.  You should receive an email this evening and this is our final decision.

We know that the wait can be exhausting, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. This will come as a disappointment for many of you, but on the wee little bright side, the wait is over. 

Thanks again for your interest and your attention to the blog.

The deadline for spring admission is less than three months away. Stay tuned.

Signing off for now...


Confused said...

I have a question about transfer credits! My transfer credits show that I have fulfilled my language requirements but I still took the placement exam, got kind of confused, and did poorly. Am I going to have to take a language or do my transfer credits override my placement exam?

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

I have got a question concerning students who are transferring through northern virginia community college. I am currently planning to apply to Mcintire school of commerce on Spring 2014 after i finish my associate degree at NOVA. I have fulfilled the foreign language courses by taking FRE 201/201 and on the way to finish all the curriculum required by the McIntire department. I was wondering whether i should take ITE 140 as an elective course?? is it considered a transferable course? what do i need to know about transferring to UVA from Northern Virginia Community College?

Thank you so much

Transfermer said...

You’ll have to talk to the College of Arts and Sciences about that.

Anonymous who wants Commerce,
We do not give credit for ITE 140. Keep your grades up, take the toughest courses you can while at NVCC (i.e. upper-level calc) and get involved on and off campus.

Tae said...

Hello Transfermer,
I was put on a commerce waitlist and finally got rejected. Although I already got associate degree of business, am I eligible to apply to McIntire again? If so, will taking one or two classes each semester for keeping me in community college be an issue? I definitely will improve my standardized test scores and get some experiences with outside the class room if I choose to give a second try for comm school. However, i have no idea about taking another class when having as degree.
Thank you,

Transfermer said...


You can apply again, but I worry about you delaying moving on. You’ll have to wait for fall 2014. Taking classes is not a problem, but only 60 credits can be applied towards your degree. Improving your test scores and extracurricular experiences may help. You should also use your essays to tell us exactly why you want to study commerce or business.