Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Second Reminder about Financial Aid

We are off to a raring start with transfer review.  I thought I'd take a break to remind you that if you are a permanent resident or u.s. citizen, you are eligible to apply for financial aid.  Once again, the deadline is April 1.  Do it now!  You never know what might happen to you if you wait until March 31. Life tends to get in the way.  We wouldn't want you lose out on important aid.

Just to recap, we require the FAFSA, the CSS Profile, your most recent tax returns and any additional information that Student Financial Services might request.

If you do not do it by April 1, you will lose the opportunity to get earn need-based aid.


MattHatt said...

Should I be concerned that I never got a SIS ID? I got a MyUVA log in. Anyways... who do I get in contact about this

Transfermer said...

Right, MyUVA and your SIS passwords are different. Make sure to check all of your email addresses and the junk/spam folders for these accounts. Go back to Common App and see if you submitted all three parts - the basic, supplement and application fee. If you don't see any emails in spam and your application if fully submitted, you can then contact the help desk to have them resend your information - or 1-866-469-4866 will do the trick. Please be aware that they are experience a high volume of requests because we released first-year decisions yesterday.

hopefulhoo said...

I know that mid year reports are recommended but it is vital to be admitted . Do the majority of applicants submit a mid year report

UVA hopeful said...

Hello. I graduated from a community college here in VA from 2012. I graduated with a low GPA. I am now enrolled in university of phoenix with a 4.0 GPA. What are my chances of getting in for the fall semester?

melecityjones said...

I am a garunteed admission student to the College and Arts and Sciences, but am also applying to the Curry School of Education because I am aiming for a BS/MT Chemistry. They said I should take the low level teaching courses over the summer since the do not transfer from Piedmont. However, I would like to register for the ASAP to make sure the class does not fill up, but I will not know if I am admitted or not until around April. How should I approach this issue? If I should try to register before May 1st, how do I do this? Thanks for any help you can provide!

Anonymous said...

When do we hear our decisions?

curious hoo said...

First year admission decisions were released about a week early, can we expect the same speed for transfer decisions?

Transfermer said...

If they were required, they would be required. If they show improving grades over last semester's work, I would recommend sending them.

UVA hopeful,
We do not "chance" students on our blogs. However, if the majority of your results are weak... it will not bode well for you admissions review.

It is my understanding that these courses are available for the few students who are admitted and need extra work. We will not give out decisions early for special cases.

Please read the website or the right-hand bar on this blog. Decisions are set to be released on May 1.

Curious hoo,
The transfer process is completely different. I will announce it here if decisions are being released early. All we will promise to you is May 1, provided there are no snafus.

James said...

Although we can't see a decision until May 1st, does "View Decision" mean that a decision was already made?

I ask because I was going to send off a mid-year report, but if there is already a decision, I'm almost positive that a mid-year report will not change it.

uvaapplicant said...

I am taking classes this summer that are necessary for me to have completed all the requirements for the program I applied for. Should I send a transcript showing where I have registered for these courses once my registration is complete? They will not begin until after the May 1st decision release date. The transcript would just show that I am enrolled. Thanks!

Transfermer said...


Final decisions aren't made until May 1 or whenever we release decisions.

You can just send an email listing these courses, no need to send a transcript.