Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Reposting VCCS Transfer Matrix

As you begin to sign up for classes for spring 2013, I wanted to remind VCCS students who are interested in the College of Arts and Sciences of the transfer power point file on our website. 

Please see here for more info:


ahnuld said...

This is really helpful but to qualify for GAA, VCCS need to get an AA or AAS degree. This means we also have to satisfy the degree requirement which doesn't correspond with the suggested schedule in the power point.

Laker said...

How many transfer students from vccs are under GAA? How many are soph transfer from vccs?

Miner said...

Do you have requirement in each section of toefl?

Nancy said...

I am going by the VCCS Transfer guide, however I am not going to apply using the GAA, just regular transfer....

Having said that, I noticed on the Transfer Credit Analysis worksheet that some of my classes may not transfer. Is the sheet saying that unless I see a (T) beside the related UVA course that it will not transfer even though UVA offers the course?

EX: His 121 & His 122

meowmix said...

does cst110 count at a vccs count as humanities at UVA (ensp2000t)? Asking this because nvcc requires students to take CST110.

Elle said...

I'm a sophomore with over 60 credits, not including the current semester. I might lose a few AP credits at UVA, but I know everything else transfers, so I'm really confused as to how things will work. Will I be able to have my gen ed requirement classes apply, and still have some of my major courses apply as outlined by the departments? ie for political science a certain number of outside courses are allowed. Should I discuss with the department and see if certain requirements can be waived because I have takem those courses, even if when I transfer, those courses arent a part lf yhe 60 credit max? I will essentially lose a years worth of credits, but UVA was always my dream school.

Anonymous said...

When will Spring transfer admission decisions be sent? The website says Nov 1 but that has passed.

Anonymous said...

The website says November 1 AND December 1 notification for Spring transfers...conflicting information.

Does anyone know the actual date of notification? Has anyone heard yet?

Transfermer said...

Sorry everyone. That's a typo. Decisions are to be released on December 1. Please follow the calendars on the website that say Dec 1.

Transfermer said...

Yes, there are some courses that fall outside of both your degree and associates that will make your transition to UVA easier.

Last year 20% of the VCCS students who were admitted were GAA students. We don’t keep the statistics on sophomore VCCS transfers.

No, we don’t have a requirement for each section. We are only looking for a 90 or higher (100 or higher is preferable for Commerce).

The courses without the “T” are perfectly transferable. The courses with the T do not have a direct equivalent and in the case of math and science, they may not satisfy an area requirement.

No, it does not count for humanities. CST 100 or any course that begins with DRAM on the analyzer will count.

The registrars in the College of Arts and Sciences will seek out the best courses to complete your core requirements, then you can have some of your politics credits transfer. Yes, there are limitations because after all, they want you to complete the major at UVA. Please check their website.

Anonymous said...

I am transferring from NVCC in the fall, and I was wondering if HUM 202 (Survey of Western Culture II) fulfills UVA's humanities requirements?

SS said...

Hi. I am planning to transfer to UVA under GAA this fall semester.

I have a question about the foreign language requirement. I am an international student who came to the US 2 years ago but have attended international school in Malaysia where instructions were given in English. Is there a language exemption test I can take after transferring to UVA or do I have to take a language class at NOVA before transferring? I'm Korean so I am very fluent in the language.

Thank you! I'll be waiting for your reply!

Transfermer said...

This will only satisfy the requirement if you take HUM 201 in addition to HUM 202.

If you want to earn the GAA, you would have to take testing or a course (i.e. Korean 202) before coming to UVA.

Anonymous said...

I'm also transferring from NVCC. I took Hum 202 without taking 201. I also took CST 100 (Public Speaking). Do I need to take Hum 201, or did I fulfill all the humanities requirements for college of arts and science?

Anonymous said...

How many sciences are required for college of arts and science (Foreign Affairs major)?

Anonymous said...

hello, This is Gwen. I took HIS 101 at NVCC last year and I received "B" grade for this course. Now, I've already registered to retake HIS 101 this semester at NVCC and I expect to get "A" grade. So far my GPA is 3.8. I plan to transfer UVA near future and I'm wondering how UVA will look over my repeated courses like this one. Could you please reply me as soon as possible? Thank you.

Transfermer said...

My understanding is that if you want to get credit for 202, you need to take HUM 201.

Please refer back to the matrix. Each major in the College requires 12 credits of math and/or science.

We’ll simply use the GPA presented to us in this case, but you can only earn three credits. If you received a D or an F originally, we would recalculate your GPA.

Please make up an alias and choose an identity for yourself when you leave a comment. Thank you!

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