Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Online Transfer Chat Later Today

This afternoon, from 4PM-6PM EDT, we’ll host an online transfer chat.  Stop in to ask questions about the admissions process. We should also have a couple of current students who transferred to UVA in the past participating.  They’ll answer questions about transitioning to UVA.  We will not “chance” anyone.  By that I mean, please do not give your stats and ask us to give us your chances.  

To join us, please go to http://admission.virginia.edu/chat and wait for the grey box to pop up.  Enter a username, click “Connect” and enter the rooms.One room will be for admissions questions. One room will be more Student Life oriented. 

We hope you'll join us!  


T & T said...

I graduated from a foreign high school so it's quite impossible to let them sent my high school transcript directly to you. However I have copy of my transcript and I can post it on commonapp or mail it to you. Which way is better?

Transfermer said...

We need an official translated transcript. It doesn't have to come straight from your high school to us. It could come to you and then you can send it to us, but we won't take copies.

Katie said...

Hi! What is a mid year report? Is that the transcript that my current university would send to you? Thank you!

Unknown said...

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