Friday, June 29, 2012

Fall 2012 Transfer Class is Complete

As I said earlier on, there has been no movement on the wait list this week.  We've tied up our loose ends and with that, the fall process for transfer is complete. I want to thank you for your patience and attention to the blog. 

Today, we will email all students remaining on the wait list to officially tell you this news. In an effort to be environmentally friendly, we will not mail letters.

I know this may be disappointing news, but hopefully it brings some much needed closure to the process. Soon, we'll start discussing the spring 2013 process for new visitors to the blog and those of you that are eligible for application.

As always thank you for asking great questions, but above all, thanks for your patience and understanding.


Same Fish, Different Bowl said...

I just went to orientation yesterday and it was FABULOUS! Everyone was super nice and I was able to visit my new grounds-run apartment. I can't wait for Fall move in. Thank you so much for all your help!

L said...

If someone is accepted as a spring transfer, can they defer until fall? For financial reasons, for example. Or perhaps to study abroad?

Transfermer said...

Unfortunately, we don't defer for spring to fall. We only defer for a year, and we only do it for the fall to fall period. The one major stipulation is that the student cannot take full-time classes during the interim.