Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rolling over the spring application for fall

This is quick reminder for those who were not offered admission for January and would like to try again for Fall 2012.  Please email to let us know.  This is not automatic.  Please do this by March 1.

-You won't have to pay another application fee
-Please send us a list of your spring 2012 courses and course descriptions
-If you would like to add any new updates or short statements, feel free to include this in the same email
-Most importantly, you should mail us your most recent transcript with your Fall 2011 grades. Again, our mailing address is on the right panel of the front page of this blog. 


Curious Monkey said...

Two questions! :D
1. When must the two recommended teacher evaluation be sent in?
2. If your GPA is lower than 3.5 at NVCC but all other requirements are completed and by the end of this last semester, it will pass 3.5, do you still apply under the GAA on the supplement?

Transfermer said...

Curious Monkey,
That's a neat name. Try not to think too hard about these things. If you're going to send a recommendation, the sooner(to March 1) the better. If you want to send mid-years, my suggestion would be to wait until you take your mid-terms. If you think you'll make it to a 3.4(our GAA GPA requirement), then you can click the box.

Sparkling Banana said...

Thank you! The names were the hardest part of making my comments :)

I am gladly on my way into UVA with the GAA! These questions are actually for my good friend who wishes to join me on my journey to such an amazing school.

One more question surfaced:
If one subject on the SAT is below 500 (by a few inches, if that unit can be translated into test scores) how will it affect the transfer?

Transfermer said...

Sparkling banana,
It depends on the other test scores, the student's courses and where the student's strength in testing and subject areas lie.

Shimmy Panda said...

Hi, I am in quite a dilemma and am hoping to get some answers.

I am a non traditional student with a current 4.0 from NVCC on my second semester. My advisor at NVCC said that I should have a better chance to transfer after my associates without the GAA in Spring or Fall 2013.

I graduated HS in 2006 and attended another institution where I did not do as well in my first semester with a 3.14 GPA and had to leave school in my second semester due to medical reasons so I'm left with "W"s for my second semester classes.

During HS, I had attended 3 years of Spanish and I had scored a 800 on My SAT II in Mandarin back in 2006.

So here are my questions:

1. What are the chances that I could transfer this fall (2012) if I apply?
2. Will I have to do additional testing because I have been out of school for more than 5 years?
3. Do I fulfill the second language requirement or will I have to take a qualifying test of some sort?
4. Do I even have a chance?

And what's your overall advice for me who is dying to get into UVA?

Plenty of thanks,
Shimmy Panda

Burnt my dinner :( said...

Hi there! (I failed at making my mother dinner just now ;_;)

I am applying under the GAA, I have finished and submitted my Common app + supplement, requested for my current NOVA transcript and High school transcript to be sent in, sent my official SAT scores through college board, and I am almost finished with my course descriptions.

Three questions:
1. Am I missing anything? :D
2. What is the next step I should take? Will I be notified in any way? How will I know the document has been received? (three questions in one! I felt they were relevant enough.)
3. Is there someone I may email and discuss in depth to make sure I have met all requirement for the GAA?

Sorry for trouble,
Thank you for your time!
One who needs to practice culinary skills.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a question about the high school transcript.
I am an international student currently studying in the U.S. Can the high school transcript be photocopy because I have a difficulty reaching my former high school while I am in the U.S.

second year uva said...


I am hoping to be admitted as a second year student. What kind of college do you typically admit those applying for second year from?

essay said...

how would you rate the majority essays of the applicants accepted?

Transfermer said...

Shimmy Panda,
Unfortunately, we don’t “chance” students on the blog or by phone or email. We look for improvement over time. If you have at least a year of good work under your belt, you’ve made yourself more competitive. As I stated in a recent post, if you are not aiming for the GAA and you have been out of high school for more than five years, you do not need to take the SAT or ACT. Your mandarin testing will satisfy the foreign language requirement.

Burnt my dinner,
Once you apply, you’ll be given a username and password for the Student Information System that will lead you to a to-do list. This will tell you when materials are missing or present. If you have specific questions about courses for the GAA, you may email the office. We don’t give preliminary information on whether you’ve completed the GAA at this stage.

Anon International student,
We encourage you to try your best to get an official transcript from your high school. If this cannot be done, we’ll review your application with an unofficial transcript. Again, this note is directed towards students who graduated from high school in another country.

Second year uva,
We admit students from any accredited institution.

I don’t understand the question. If you’re feeling anxious about the writing process, be yourself. Really think about why you want to transfer to UVA. Take a step back, think on it, and explain why you are taking this step to apply to us.

Homeschooled student said...

I read somewhere in the comments there is a 'home-school supplement' on the common app but have not yet found it... was it eliminated or did I miss something?

Is there any extra information that you would recommend I submit as a 'homeschooled' student? Thanks!

P.S. apply as a transfer from nvcc (69 cr) to Commerce, and an Associates complete in summer.

Batman said...


I have a few questions. I am applying as an out of stater from a 4 year public university to the McIntire school of commerce. I've already requested my SATs and transcripts from both high school and college be sent. Will sending my official AP scores help me or will you be able to extract the information from my college/high school transcript?

Also, is it recommended that I send TWO teacher evaluation forms, or is one sufficient? Will it affect my chances if my professor sends the rec after March 1st (he is quite busy)?

Lastly, how many out of state students are typically accepted to the school of commerce? Thank you!

P said...

Hello Transfermer,
Can you please give me the fax number in which I need to fax my green card? I could not find the number on the web page. Thank you

Transfermer said...

Homeschooled student,
You’re right. It can only be found at the very front page of Common App – Go to Download Forms - First Year Application Packet. If you can produce a high school transcript from your homeschooling, you don’t need to fill out this form. If you would like to give us more information on your education, please feel free to use it.

Good question. Official AP scores are not required. Because it’s more money, I would recommend waiting to send them until you are admitted. In the end, the official scores will be what is needed to grant you credit, not records from your transcripts. One recommendation is sufficient. Anything past mid-March would probably not get to your file on time. Well, we look less at in-state/out-of-state percentages when looking at transfers. However, I would still say that this group is 2/3rd Virginian, 1/3 out of state.

The fax number for Virginia Status is listed here -

Hopeful said...

I am a freshman at another school and am applying to transfer this fall. I don't really feel that I know any professors well enough at my college to get a recommendation (and it's a small school so I'd feel weird if they know I'm thinking about leaving and don't...) -- would a high school teacher's recommendation be OK, or, how criticial is the recommendation letter anyway? Thank you!

GPA said...

you say the average GPA of applicants admitted is about a 3.5.. do you know the average GPA of all that apply? Or is it all around a 3.5? Thanks! :)

momo said...

For recommendations, should teachers just mail the recommendation to the address listed on this blog or do they need to be sent with the Common App recommendation form.

CavBoySinceZygote said...

Would discussing Affirmative Action regarding college admissions in my supplemental essay negatively impact my admissions decision? I don’t want to write an essay that would discredit me as an applicant because I don’t want to kill myself if I’m not accepted...

LOL said...

CavBoy that's pathetic. Grow up.

Yoona said...

Dear Transfermer:

I have completed and sent all necessary material, most of which were sent more than a week ago. As it is approaching March 1st, I was wondering how often you guys update the SIS? Because I am still missing all documents and nervousness is creeping up on me with each passing minute!


LOL said...

Funny. You threaten suicide if you don't get in, then you tell someone else to get over themselves. Also, your third sentence is poorly constructed. Perhaps you should work on that before you write your essays.

YOU said...

*their self

Transfermer said...

Okay, I know it’s a stressful time, but let’s just take a breather and step away from the blog. This is not a place for passing judgment and name-calling. I hate the idea of censoring folks, but I’ll be forced to delete any offensive or disrespectful commentary. Thanks for understanding.

You can write about affirmative action as long as you write a constructive essay giving us your thoughts on it. It is a hot topic in the news and I expect it's on the minds of many people.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the timely response, it reassured me that I AM in fact the most important applicant. I’ll now step back from the blog, take a breather, and come back with more important and constructive questions tomorrow.

CavBoySinceZygote said...

For the record, that last post was mine, not “Anonymous”.

CavBoySinceZygote said...

Lots of love to all, see you tomorrow. Goodnight. <3

Moretsu said...

I have submitted everything I needed with the application (I think). When do I get this fabled log in information for the SIS that has a checklist??

Moretsu said...

Nevermind on my last question, I got my log-in information today. It still shows me as requiring my High school and College transcripts and my SAT scores though. I know those were all sent sometime last week, should I be worried?

(: said...

Do you accept more second years or third years?

CavBoySinceZygote said...

So I’m back with more overly relevant questions on admittance for the Fall 2012 semester. Since I’m the only one that asks good questions, I figured I’d throw a few tough ones at you.

1) What percentage of transfers will be admitted this year?

2) How many people do you estimate will apply this year?

3) Will there be an increase in applicants?

4) What is the percent of GAA in the transfer community?

5) I’ve read that about 2500 apply and less 900 get in.

6) How important are the essays honestly?

6a) Can they really make or break it for someone?

I’m sure that we’re all wondering these questions.

The Banana said...

Just a passerby, but as the admissions office are entering their busiest months of the year, I'll give you a basic response to all of your questions and (hopefully) satisfy your temporary curiosities. (Transfermer can confirm or correct them when they get around to it)

For questions 1-3 you can find the information at the following website:

4. GAA transfers are included in the applicants. Nearly half of the approximate 500 (college of art and science) enrolling fall transfers will be coming from a VCCS school, but this shouldn't matter too much. You fulfill all requirements, you are in, if you don't, you'll have as much chance as all other non-GAA applicants.

5. Do more research, I don't know where you got your information. You can update it from my answer to your questions 1-3. Also, this was a statement, not a question. (I assume you wanted confirmation)

6-6a. Essays are a important part of the application. For few (if they are on the line) it will certainly make it or break it. This might be the area to explain your past wrong doings and show UVA how you will contribute to the college, background, diversity, etc.

All of your questions can be answered if you put in more effort to research, or even just reading around on the blog.
Every applicant is just as important (even if they don't get in when may comes around), PLEASE do not be so egocentric.
It seems like you like to hang around the two extremes, while being self-confident is good, you shouldn't belittle others.

Good luck.

CavBoySinceZygote said...

The Banana, thank you for wasting your time. You’re obviously not qualified to answer my questions. I can do all the research I want, but that doesn’t answer the discrepancies from word of mouth,, and UVa’s site. I just want an answer from an official from the admissions department.

canthelpit said...

Hey Banana! With someone as smug and pretentious as this, you are wasting your time by responding to them. Seriously! Question 3 cannot be answered, hardly "overly relevant." Not to mention I've seen several of his questions asked and answered on this blog already. How obnoxious. "I'm the only one that asks good questions ..." Give me a break. I have a good question: What universe do you live in?

CavBoySinceZygote said...

Canthelpit, I already thanked Banana for wasting their time. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings? You shouldn’t bother reading transfer blogs if your feelings are hurt by what I say though. It infers you aren’t ready to leave the tender care of your parents. To answer your overly irrelevant question, there is only one universe. In the universe I live on “Earth" which is located in the Orion Spur right off the Perseus Arm in the Milky Way galaxy. If you’re going to ask me questions, they should be worth my time. Otherwise I don’t have time to be dealing with you peasants like this.

canthelpit said...

Something is either relevant or irrelevant. The use of overly is a waste of a word. Tender care of my parents? Haven't lived with them for 11 years. And I am well versed in the structure of the observable universe. Theories on multiple universes are well documented, and I figured you hail from one of those universes where everything revolves around you. And if I shouldn't read a blog where my "feelings get hurt" you shouldn't post to a blog where you insult everybody.

Transfermer said...

We would prefer a professor recommendation, but if you keep in touch with your high school teacher and he/she knows of your higher education plans, you may send the recommendation. If it were critical, it would be required, but we find them helpful when they are included in a file.

Good question, I do not know this, but it’s likely around a B average.

Recommendations can be sent with or without the form.

See newest post.

We don’t break up the pool with this in mind. However, when it all shakes out, slightly more than half of the admits are rising third-years.

The Banana said...

canthelpit, Thanks, you are right haha...

Sorry Transfermer, I will leave the answering to you so no confusion will surface!