Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More VCCS Visits

We will be attending fairs at various Virginia community colleges and high schools until the end of the month on what's called the Virginia Tour. Please check with your counselors.  Some of the NVCC fairs are this week, so keep your eyes peeled.  We'll be making non-fair visits during the dates and times below.

NVCC- Loudoun - 10/12/11 from 10-4pm
GCC - Fredericksburg - 10/25/11 from 11-2

For more information and sign-ups for these, please contact the school's transfer offices.


kim said...

Will you be coming to any community colleges in Richmond, and specifically J. Sargeant Reynolds?

Transfermer said...

We'll be attending the Downtown J. Sarg college fair on November 3.

kristen said...

have already submitted my application for the Spring 2012 semester, but have a few questions in regards to the application process.

On UVa's SIS system it shows that my application is "incomplete", due to the fact that one of my official transcripts has yet to be received. However, the one course which is on this missing transcript is shown on my NOVA official report.

I guess my question is: will this be a deciding factor during the admissions process?

Thanks for your time.

Transfermer said...

Yes, we will need all of your transcripts to make our own evaluations. Please have this sent as soon as possible.

Carrie said...

When will you be posting any information relating to freshmen students at other 4 year colleges who want to transfer in the Fall 2012?

Transfermer said...


I'll answer any questions you have. Most of our inquiries seem to come from community college students, but each year about 55% of the transfers coming to grounds are from four-year schools.

Carrie said...


What documents on the Common App are required for the application? (I'm a First year, hoping to transfer for the Fall semester for Second Year, if that makes a difference.)

What GPA is recommended for students coming from a 4 yr. school?

For students who were waitlisted last year, what sort of improvements are admissions looking for?

Thank you. =]

Transfermer said...

The documents we require are listed on the side panel of the blog or on our application instructions page on our website.
The average GPA for all applicants is about 3.4/3.5 except in the case of the Commerce school where it is 3.8. As this is your first transfer application, we are not looking for any improvements. We view you as an entirely new applicant.

Anonymous said...

hi Transfermer

i did poorly on my first CC (about 15 credit hours) because of my bad english.

Now I am studying on VCCS and have improved alot. my GPA is 3.6 (about 30 credit hours). Is my past hurt my chance get into UVA?

Kay said...

Will you please add a post regarding ACT/SAT requirements for 1) students transferring with a Guaranteed Admission Agreement and 2) students transferring regularly?