Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Common Application is Completely Live!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a safe and happy summer. I want to welcome any new readers to the blog. Thanks for stopping by to see us.

Some of you may have noticed that there was a hang-up with the supplement. That has been fixed and the ENTIRE application is now live. Once again, the deadline for the spring application will now be October 1. We hope to release decisions in mid-late November, but that notification date is tentative.

With the spring process, we only take applications for the College of Arts and Sciences and the Architectural History major. Typically, 300 or students apply and we will make offers to about 40 students. It is very competitive for spring, but if you are not admitted and still eligible for transfer, you may apply for the following fall.

Best of luck with the start of the school year! See you on the blog again soon!


JEO said...

Dear Transfermer,

I am a current community college student and am hoping to transfer to UVA for the Fall 2012 Semester. My question is: If I apply after this current semester is over, with only spring semester to go before I get my Associate's Degree, will my SAT Scores and High School Transcript be considered for acceptance into UVA, or will my grades for my Associate's be what counts? Thanks!

JEO said...

Also, it says that transfers into the College of Arts and Sciences need to meet certain math and science requirements. The excerpt says:

"Math courses must include statistics, finite math calculus, or higher level-courses; pre-calculus will apply towards a degree but will not satisfy the requirement."

My other question is: Does that mean that I have to take Statistics AND finite math calculus, or just one of these?


James said...

Hi Transfermer,

Hope all is going well.

As a student applying for the Spring 2012 semester, is there any preferential treatment given to applications that are received earlier than later? (ie, today vs. Sept. 26)



Transfermer said...

JEO,We look at high school transcript and test scores as well as college work. You need to take 12 credits of math or science. So, you could get away with one math course and three science courses. But, check the requirements for majors at UVA. Some require certain courses in math and it would behoove to do those before transferring.

No James.

Hope said...

Hi Transfermer,

I have heard that in the past, you have asked for a list and description of all the college courses that students have taken so far. But I have not found any mention of this in the blog or on the transfer admissions page. Do you need this with my application for admission for Spring 2012? Thank you!

jmuwanttotransfer said...

hi, if i applied to uva in hs and got rejected, and now im trying to transfer from jmu after one year, what are my chances of getting in????

eager said...

as far as sending in my transcripts for spring 2011 transfer admissions does it matter if i send my transcripts/test scores before i submit my application?

Ryan said...


I applied to UVA out of high school and last year after 1 year at Wake Forest. I assume that you keep my transcripts, test scores, etc. on file so I don't have to send them again, correct?

Thank you very much!

Go Hoos! said...

Hi Transfermer,

I am a 1st year student at VCU and I didn't apply to UVA in high school but I really wish I did! I am taking 15 credits and it seems like 12 will transfer if I get in. I'm from fcps at my weighted GPA in high school was a 3.7. I am really trying to go to UVA next year or the following year and I think I can make a 4.0 here at least for the first semester. How much do you take high school grades into account? Especially if maybe our second semester of senior year wasn't too bright?

Last year most of the offers were made in the School of Arts and Sciences. For someone who desperately wants to get in, which school would you recommend applying to?

Also, I made the orchestra at VCU but due to a schedule conflict I could not be in it because of rehearsal times. I am currently a Computer Engineering major but I am willing to apply to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Thank you!! (This is a great institution, the "Transfermer")

Transfermer said...

If you put course descriptions in the search box, you’ll find it in some places on the blog. Yes, it is necessary for spring transfer.

It depends on the weakness or strength of your hs record and of course if you perform well in your first semester in college. Generally, we look 50/50 at your high school and college work if you are applying after one year.

Nope. You can send them beforehand and we’ll match them up to your application.

We keep the necessary items - test scores, transcripts for one year. We can’t promise that we’ll keep recommendations etc. You shouldn’t need to send the high school transcript and test scores, but know that it takes time for our staff to match these up to your application. You will of course need to send a new Wake Forest transcript.

Go Hoos,
Unfortunately, the end of high school is very important when we look at young transfers. If you don’t get in the first time, you may try again. There are no games about it. If you want a major in the college, apply to the college. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

hooRu said...

What is the average college GPA of accepted spring transfers? I hear its rare to get accepted with under a 3.8 is this true?

Minerva said...

Hi Transfermer,

I'm hoping for some clarification on the stipulation that "students who have completed three years at another college or university are not eligible for transfer."

I am a non-trad aged student, and I have never spent three continuous years matriculated at any one school. I have, however, studied three years, total, at two separate institutions.

I attended a Virginia community college for two years and earned an associates degree with honors. Prior to that, though, I attended another university for one year (with an entirely different major than the one I hope to pursue at UVA.)

Am I eligible to apply?

Thank you!

Transfermer said...

The average is around a 3.6 GPA, but more importantly, we’re looking for students who have a strong high school and college record. We are slightly forgiving when looking at HS work for fall applicants.

We look at these on a case-by-case basis. If your current and/or most recent school is a community college, you would be eligible to apply because you are no in a situation where you can’t earn a bachelor’s degree. If you are currently enrolled in a four-year school, you may be ineligible.

egg head said...


I was accepted into UVA Fall 2010. Made the VERY BAD to attend a different school. Does UVA look at wether or not a student was accepted or rejected in the past when making transfer decisions? I hope not and I can start without any baggage.

One more quick question....when looking at the GPA of a transfer student, do they consider where the student is transferring from (i.e. MIT engineering vs. perhaps a slightly less rigorous engineering school)?

Gracias !

Anonymous said...

Dear Transfermer,

When I upload my supplemental essays, the common app website says "upload successful" and yet when I click "view" or do a print preview, the document appears to be blank. How can I make sure UVA doesn't receive blank supplement essays from me?

Transfermer said...

This decision will not count against you. We do consider rigor of schools, but we want to see students who have done well in the courses we prescribe.

this is a common app question. When I've heard about this in past years, the essays show up on our end. I think it's a CA glitch. If you're sure they are not showing up, you can email us at

Anonymous said...

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