Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You still have time to apply for Fall 2011

The specific deadline to apply is tonight, March 1 at midnight E.S.T. What’s most important is that you submit the application. Transcripts and supplementary materials don’t have to be here today, but we’d prefer that you have them mailed, ordered, on their way today. If we do receive these components with a postmark of today, it is OK. But, applying after today will indeed pose problems for you. Don’t forget to make sure you submit the application, supplement and $60 application fee. We do hear stories where students forget or ignore the supplement. That is NOT advised. Please submit all three parts; remember, the three part harmony. If you submitted your application more than a week ago and you haven’t received your SIS email, check your spam box or deleted mail thoroughly, and then email 4help@virginia.edu or call (434) 924-HELP for assistance.


ZY said...

I made my college transcript mail to you 2 weeks ago,but I have not mailed you my high school transcript and my financial certificate form yet,is that OK? would that pose me problems? do you accept them if I mail them to you after today?Thank you!

Sam said...

Do we need to email class descriptions again this year?

Isa said...

@Sam - Yes we do have to e-mail our course descriptions.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this blog! It like fills in some gaps that the sites don't really tell you.

On another note, I just wanted to also confirm that we do have to send our high school transcripts? And do we only send one of our previous university transcripts? Like I know to transfer to Tech, you'd need to two from your previous university. Hope this question makes sense!

Emanuel said...


I'm a fellow potential transfer as well, and, yes, you do have to send in high school transcripts.

I do not fully understand your second question... But, I think what you're asking is if you need to send in a transcript from your current university. If that's the question, then the answer is yes.

Good luck guys!

UN said...

Hi Transfermer,

I graduated from an international high school for more than 5 years now, am I qualified for the SAT and ACT waiver.

Isa said...

I sent in my common application, supplement, and payment on 2/26/2011. Today (3/2/2011) I received my SIS login information. However, on my to-do list it showed that I needed to submit my supplement. Is this normal? Can it take a few days for you to verify that my supplement is there? Thank you so much for your time.

Claudia said...


Hey, I had the same question so I e-mailed them and got this answer:

It will take at least a week for information to be uploaded from Common App. It's not an instant process.

We do not have the office staff available to individually check for information. We will contact you directly only if your application file is incomplete. There is nothing you need to do or worry about at this time.

Milo said...

I think I read that the university keeps high school transcripts for a few years...

If I applied last year, and sent SAT scores and an official high school transcript, I don't need to send them again, correct?


Transfermer said...

Just get them in as soon as possible. We will accept them.

If you’ve taken classes since you last applied, you will need to send new descriptions.

We require high school and one copy of all of your college transcripts or transcript if you’ve only attended one school.

Standardized testing is required, but we can waive it for students in your situation. If you are applying to the Commerce school, I hate to tell you that they really like to see it from their applicants, no matter how old you are. If you need further clarification, please email us.

Claudia said it. I will likely make an announcement in ten days or so about the status of our linking documents to your file. We have incredible staff members who work to link thousands of pieces of paper to applications and as it is a manual process, it takes time.

We will likely have your test scores, but be careful about your high school transcript. We might not have your final high school transcript. Think back on it, and if you think you didn’t send a transcript in June when school was over, you’ll need to send a new HS transcript.

Jeff B. said...

I have been out of high school for 13 years. I know I do not need a SAT but do I need to submit high school transcripts? I thought it was not necessary if past 5 years but after reading the comments I wondering second guessing. Thanks.

Transfermer said...

Jeff B,

All transcripts are required for all applicants.

Jordan said...

I'm looking to transfer to UVA as soon as possible. I've just missed the fall deadline, so is the earliest I can apply again November 1?

Isa said...

Thanks Claudia!! And Transfermer :)

John B said...


I actually don't have any questions, but did want to quickly thank you and the Admissions Dept. for this blog.

I'd be willing to bet I speak for hundreds (or thousands) of transfer applicants when I say that the insight and answers offered through your posts has been a huge help in keeping the whole application process smooth and -relatively- stress free. For those of us slightly prone to angst it's truly a lifesaver!



Katie said...

Will one official transcript item remain in the list until my final transcript is received in May?

Anonymous said...

Waiting until May 1st is unbearable! Why do you do this to us!? :(

Anonymous said...

I missed fall'11 term application deadline, however can I still send my application? Will this hurt my application status if I apply for the spring'12 term? Do late-applicants go throughout a different admission review process?

Please respond ASAP!

Anonymous said...

I graduated High School in 2004 (7 years ago)and I have two full years of college credit.

How and who do exempt SAT?
Please let me know Contact-point and your email address.

Anonymous said...

when start admission decision.

Zoe said...

I found that there are Standardized Test Scores (either SAT or ACT test scores), on my To Do List. I am an international transfer, can I submit TOEFL to replace SAT or ACT scores? Actually, I already made ETS send my TOEFL scores to you about two weeks ago, I don't know if you have received it? Thank you!!

evrlastingmelody said...

I reported my IB test scores. I wasn't aware we were allowed to request those scores on the IB website, so I hadn't. Does the admission office need those like they wanted my SAT/ACT scores to be reported?

Also, I'm afraid my highschool transcript got lost in the mail somehow. I realize that it may take some time to match up my file to the transcript, but do you advise I sent a second one, just in case?

Please and thank you! (:

evrlastingmelody said...

I realized after posting that my first question may seem a bit confusing. What I meant was, I had reported my IB scores on the Common Application. However, I hadn't requested a score report from the IB website, like I did with my other test scores. Is a score report for my IB test scores needed/desired/required?

Transfermer said...

Yes, the earliest you can apply is November 1 for Spring 2012.

Thanks John B! You all make it easy. I really appreciate the respect you all have for the blog and your fellow readers. Now, we must all remember to keep it up through decision day.

Your final transcript won’t appear until you’ve been admitted and you’ve paid the deposit. Did you put down a university you may have gone to for a summer experience? If so, and you didn’t receive credit, you can write to our general email undergradadmission@virginia.edu and ask to have it removed. If you did dual enrollment through a college or university, we would appreciate if you’d send that transcript.

Anonymous, I can’t understand your questions. Our general email address can be found in my previous comment.

Yes Zoe, as a student whose 2nd language is English, you may substitute the TOEFL for the SAT/ACT. However, if you are applying to the Commerce school, they would prefer to see both. The system doesn’t automatically take “Standardized Testing” off of the to-do list. You’ll need to write to us if you want to have it removed.

We won’t need these official IB test scores until you’ve been admitted. Please check here to see if it will be worth sending them come that time: http://artsandsciences.virginia.edu/college/admissions/international_exams.html#bac

Anonymous said...

I wanna go to UVA, WOOHOO!!!

John said...

Hi Transfermer,
It seems my status has been stuck on needing one transcript for 3 weeks or so. I confirmed same was sent. Should I assume it's not there or wait to hear. Thanks,


Shawn said...

Hi, I was wondering if we could use testing to exempt from the foreign language requirement, will it be counted as a part of the transfer credits?

Anonymous said...

Hi Transfermer,

I graduated from high school for more than 5 years now, Can I request for the SAT waiver.
Now my checklist incomplete because
SAT Score.

fv said...

Hi Transfermer,

I sent my transcripts in January through my nvcc system, and got the confirmation number and everything.I sent another transcript just in case in mid February. But now in my to do list on the SIS it appears as missing materials. I already sent another copy through the system again it says it takes 3 to 4 weeks to arrive though. I was wondering if this hurts my chances of admissions because they will arrive way too late?

Kelsey said...

to fv,
my college transcripts appear on my to do list still as well but if you think about all of our high school and college transcripts (some in multiple) are all coming into admissions in paper form so it takes them as bit to go through them all and connect them to our account. they will also contact you directly if there is an issue and they have not received something. now we must try to relax & patiently wait, the HARDEST part!! good luck.

Transfermer said...

John et al,
Our file services department just started running full steam ahead in processing documents. As long as you submitted all parts of the actual common app, we’ll contact you if something we need is missing.

Great question. Unfortunately, the credits won’t count in your, say, 24-30 for the year, but having that pre-req completed would make you more competitive in the review process. It’s just that the credits will not count and you would also have to take another placement test here at UVA.

Anon wanting SAT fee waiver, you should email our office.

Kelsey is right about all of that :)

Anna said...

Hi, transformer, do the credits of natural science courses and mathematics courses have to be even, like 6 credits for natural science and 6 credits for math in order to satisfy the area requirement of Natural Science and Mathematics (12 credits)?

Brittany said...

Anna - I'm not involved in admissions at all, but I'm pretty sure this is not the case, given that most natural sciences have required labs and are usually 4 credits each.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if sending your transcripts in a little late will affect your chances of getting accepted. There were some family and money issues with being able to send in my numerous transcripts and SAT scores and so I wanted to just ask. Thanks so much!

Sara said...

ok, so i have seen two different decision dates, one for april 1st & one for may 1st. im applying to the SON for fall admission and i wanted to know which day i will be able to see decisions on SIS, April 1st or May 1st???

Brittany said...

Sara - April 1st is the official decision date for freshman applicants. May 1st is for transfer applicants.

Anna said...

I was wondering about the midterm reports... Are they required? And when do they have to be sent by?
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Since May 1st is a Sunday do you know if the decision will be posted on SIS the Friday before (April 29th) or the Monday after (May 2nd)??

1811 said...

Hi Transfermer,

I asked for my official transcripts to be mailed from my previous college twice, last December and also in January, just in case something went missing However, it still shows on SIS that I have Official Transcripts missing. Is it normal? What should I do in this situation?

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

vm said...

Hi Transfermer!

Just 2 questions, I am an international student applying with the guaranteed admission agreement from nvcc. I submitted my toefl scores to the university but in the to do list it still shows that my standarized scores are missing. Should I pay attention to this or just ignore it and wait for the decision? Also, I have met all the requirements so far for the agreement (all the courses and a 3.5 gpa). Would I get waitlisted until my last semester grades are posted or how does it work?


Transfermer said...

No, they do not have to be even. You’ll just need 12 credits of math and/or science in two different disciplines, be it bio, math, astro, etc, etc. Mid-Term grades are not required, but if you choose to send them, I would recommend that you send them by the beginning of April.

Anon with the late transcript,
For the moment, this is ok. Once we get into April, it could present some problems, but we’ll be waiting and reading up until May 1st. And oh yes, if it’s missing, you’ll have to put up with reminder emails from us.

Anon who is eager,
We don’t know when we’ll be releasing decisions.

It is a little odd that something you sent in December has not been processed. Let’s give it one more week and then you can email are office to double-check on your file.

Oddly enough, TOEFL scores do not trip the automatic system when it comes to taking this off of your to-do list. Email our office and we’ll get it taken care of for you :) You bring up a good question about the GAA - some students are offered and yes, some students are waitlisted for a variety of reasons. The ones who are waitlisted may have had a bad prior semester, may be taking a lot of courses this spring, or might be someone whom we like to see spring grades. This is rare for those who are pretty set with the GAA, but there is that small possibility.

Meg said...

Do transfer students get the last pick for classes? Or are spaces left open for the anticipated transfer students? Are we guarenteed housing of some sort? I know most of the off campus housing leases have already been signed

Wahoowa said...

Is it true that junior applicants have a higher acceptance rate than those of us hoping to transfer as a sophomore? What about OOS vs. instate (not including VCC)?

Anon_3 said...

Is there a Day on the Lawn for transfer students who are accepted?

rebecca said...

i checked my sis login it says my application is complete will i be able to view deicison earlier or will i have to wait until may 1st? i'm soo nervous

John said...


I hate to be another applicant asking about the "To-Do" list on SIS, but... I'm still showing a missing transcript which should have arrived late January or early February.

My concern is less about the transcript, and more about if having an incomplete application impacts my application to the Commerce program. Given the very small number of spots and high level competition, I can't help but feel like it may begin to be a disadvantage to have my application staying 'incomplete.' Am I just overanalyzing the situation? Or is there more urgency to make sure that my application components are complete if I'm applying to the commerce program?

Many thanks,


Transfermer said...

The first semester for choosing courses can be difficult for transfers, but most students who are on waiting lists get into the courses they need. In addition, if you need a course for your major, you’ll be able to get into it on time. Housing is available for transfers and obviously, your deadlines are later than current students. www.virginia.edu/housing

We don’t much look at residency for transfer. We also don’t divide the number of offers by rising 2nd year or 3rd year. It is true that the more college work you have, the more competitive an applicant you are. That is especially true of students who did not do well in high school.

No Days on the Lawn for transfers, but you are free to visit and check things out at any time. We have tours daily.

I think I’ve said this before. Everyone will see their decisions at the same time. Your application is complete because all of the documents have found their way to you file. We’ll release decisions for everyone by and around May 1.

You could try emailing the office. You might get a stock or form email, but you could say that transfermer sent you and you need to give the exact date the transcript was printed and/or mailed to us.

UCSF#1school said...

Could I apply as a junior in college for Spring 2012. I've missed the deadline after finally deciding I want out at my current university.

Matt said...

Are we still eligible under the VCCS transfer agreement if we finish the remainder of our classes during the summer prior to the fall semester. Or do we have to finish during that spring semester?

Rachel said...

Have transfer apps been read yet, or is admissions just focusing on incoming first-years?

CAVFAN said...

Please Transfer Admissions! Offer us some more frequent commentary about how the decision process is going. Now that the new first year class is formed we don't have much to track. Do you have a firm date for release of the decisions yet? Thanks in advance!

Transfermer said...

Please don't beg. Believe me, it will not help in this situation. We have other tasks and responsibilities outside of reading the files of first-years and transfers. I'll be back later today.

Brittany said...

Thanks so much for hosting this blog and keeping us informed at all about what goes on during the application process. I know this time of year is especially stressful for readers and admissions counselors. We really appreciate your help!

I'm applying under GAA, and I'm fairly certain that you must complete the requirements by the end of the spring semester.

There are other posts on this, but if you are at a four-year school, you can only apply through your fifth semester. So yes, you may apply for Spring 2012, but keep in mind that it is much more competitive than Fall admission (~10-15% acceptance as opposed to 30%+).

Note: I am not at all affiliated with UVA. I'm trying to transfer as well :)

Transfermer said...

Thanks for your help Brittany, but I'll answer the questions. I'm afraid not everyone will read to the bottom where you say that you are not affiliated with the office. I think it's less confusing if it's coming from one place. (back to writing my my new post)

Spring will be your last chance.

All courses will need to be completed by the end of Spring.

We did a bit of overlap work and started reading applications last week.

Anonymous said...

I made my college transcript mail and my high school transcript to you 2 weeks ago,but online it shows that there are not there?? do you accept them if I mail them to you after today?Thank you!