Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming Soon: The Fall 2010 Deadline

If you're reading this blog, you might be well aware that it's less than two weeks until the deadline on March 1. I just thought I'd post a reminder.

Did you apply for Spring 2010, but you weren't offered admission? You have until March 1 to tell us you would like to be considered for our Fall review. Here are the important things you should know.

If you haven't done so already, you must write to us to tell us you want to be reviewed.

-You can write a letter to us, but in order to insure speedy delivery, you may email us at undergradadmission@virginia.edu. PLEASE put "Transfer Applicant Rollover" in your subject line.
- You must send us your updated transcript. This includes Fall grades if you were in school in the Fall. The postmark deadline is March 1. The address again is UVA Office of Admission, P.O. Box 400160, Charlottesville, VA 22904
-You must also send a list and description of your current classes. You can email these to the same address.
-You do not need to pay or fill out a new application.
-Your SIS account should reflect the Fall 2010 process during the first week of March.


UVAfan said...

Transfermer, I have a couple of questions:

I applied for Fall 2009 and got waitlisted then rejected. I did not apply for Spring 2010 but I am applying for Fall 2010. Do I still have to pay the application fee?
Also, do I have to send a description of my current Spring 2010 classes or am I excluded from that?
Finally, I know this question is probably too general but Fall 2008 semester (my first college semester) i had really good grades. My spring 2009 and fall 2009 semesters were not so great due to me having to work full-time 40 plus hour weeks and sometimes weekends. Will UVA look down upon those grades a lot? I do plan on getting those grades back up a lot by the end of my spring semester but by the time decisions come out my grades won't have come out yet.

Thank you so much for your help!


Pinknebula said...


I have a question similar to UVAFan's - I applied for Fall 2010 and am a vccs transfer. Do I still need to mail/fax course descriptions or are vccs transfers exempt from that requirement?



Nin3 said...

On Question 2 of the Transfer Supplement,
(2. Since you graduated from high school, have there been periods of time (other than summer vacations) when you were not enrolled in college? Do you plan to spend the Spring term away from your current college or university? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please describe, in chronological order, your activities or employment during these periods. )

Do we need to answer this if the answer is no??

Enigma385 said...

Nina3, Im not transfermer, but I can say with some confidence that if you do not apply to that essay question, you do not have to answer it.

UVAfan said...

Transfermer, or anyone that may know.

Does UVA allow interviews for applicants once completed the application?

Morgan said...

And the two + month wait begins!

Johnny said...

If we ask to be rolled over from spring of 2010, I'm confused if we have to send anything other than the updated transcripts and the request by email to be rolled over.
Like any essays or anything, or a supplement application? (NVCC students don't have to send course descriptions right?)

Sorry for asking, but is it really as simple as just asking by email to be rolled over, send new transcripts and just wait to see if we get accepted in 2 months?
No Fees, No Essays, No New Application.

Anonymous said...


I transferred to UVA last fall. UVA does not conduct interviews, that is why essays are crucial.

Anonymous said...

How "guaranteed" is the Guaranteed Admissions Agreement from vccs systems with UVA? I have taken every class that is required for me to be guaranteed admission into UVA. I'm just wondering if I have met all the requirements, is there anything else I should know or do besides the classes I have taken for me to be admitted through this agreement?


NOVA_Student said...

This isn't really relevant to the rollover process, but I have a question regarding Virginia Community College students. I read (I think somewhere on this blog), that some transfer seats are reserved for students coming from the VCCS system. Do you have an estimate of how many applications you get from VCCS students every fall? Thanks

Student X said...

As a transfer, will I receive financial aid decision before admission decision?


-Student X

Transfermer said...

I apologize for taking so long to come back to the blog, but the transfer deadline coincides with our busy first-year review process. I hope you can still reap the benefits of my answers.

UVAfan, as you’ve probably found, you need to submit a new application. Yes, we would like to have course descriptions from all students this time around. Yes, it’s difficult to give a general answer about grade fluctuations. We look at it on a case-by-case basis. We might waitlist you in hopes that your spring grades will improve. We do not have interviews.

Pinknebula, I hope that answers your question.
Just like any application out there in the world, if the question doesn’t apply to you, you skip it.

No fees, no application. If you want to tell us about anything that’s happened or changed for you since you applied(Nov 1 was a while back), you can email undergradadmission@virginia.edu

It is guaranteed unless you fall down and earn poor grades in the spring semester.

The numbers and seats fluctuate from year to year, but about 45% of VCCS students are usually admitted.

Student X,
This is a great and important question. You will receive financial aid after we give out our decisions, but before you have to tell us if you want to come. Usually, it will be posted (Student Financial Services no longer mails letters) 3-5 days after we release our decisions. As we get closer to May 1, I should have more information on specific dates.

adagilm said...

To Transfermer:

What should applicants who were not offered admission for the Fall of 2009 do, regarding the essays portion part of our application? I feel like I've read somewhere that we don't have to re-write our essays because our applications are held for 1 year, but I'm not sure.
Also, if I applied for the College last fall, but am applying directly to Comm. School for this fall, should I write out the essay prompt for the Comm. School? Please let me know. Thank you so much for all of your help.

ChanticleerCavalier said...


I hope you respond to this is time but is there any preferred format on the essay's? More specifically, the one requested to be one page in length. Ex. Double Spaced, MLA, ALA, etc.?

Also two of the transfer specific questions are situational yet they are categorized under the "Required for Transfers" section of the application. Do they still need to be completed by those who the question do not apply to?

Your response is much appreciated!

Duylam said...

i'm sorry if this has been posted before, but

did we need a counselor's recommendation?

Johnny said...

Thank you for the response transfermer.
I have one more question,
I asked for my transcripts to be sent a little over a week ago. I asked for a copy to be sent to UVA and one to be sent to my address.

I still have not received the transcripts, so i'm guessing that they have not arrived at UVA yet. The deadline is march first, today, so is it going to be a problem that they will not be arriving by the deadline?

Monica said...

Good Luck Everyone! :)

Jae said...

I've just submitted my common app and supplement to UVA.
I was wonderig... WHERE do I check for my application status... UVA didn't give me any id/password to check it..
Also.. how do I make sure if all my other forms such as high school transcript, college transcript, and sat scores have recevied by UVA?

UVAfan said...

I am sooo nervous for May 1st...I wonder if they have started to review applications.

jackie said...

i believe you ave to give Uva like 4-5 business days to send you an SIS id and password. If you dnt get one the you can call the office of admissions and they'll give you one. Good luck to us all

Transfermer said...

If you applied for Fall 2009, you need to complete a new application. The gateway is still open for you do to so. We will want to reference your new essays. You will select Commerce on your application and answer the question pertaining to this school.

As I said in another post, if the question doesn’t pertain to you, you may leave it blank. We are not concerned with formats like MLA or ALA. It can be double-spaced, but you should follow the word limits. When it is not specified, you can write for around 250 words.

It is recommended.

We will wait for these transcripts. Chances are it takes 7-10 days to get here and then it will take us another week to 10 days to process it.

Jackie is on the right track, it’s 2-3 days. We don’t give out account IDs or passwords. You will have to contact our helpline at (434) 924-HELP or 4help@virginia.edu if these questions arise. But Jae, please don’t call until you waited 2-3 days. Think of it as a check clearing your account. Believe it or not, these things take time.

leesburg 86 said...


I graduated high school in 2005. I am a NOVA transfer student. Do I still need to send my official SAT scores?

Materials said...


I submitted all my materials into UVA but on my SIS login page it says that everything is still incomplete, including my application and supplement that was submitted and confirmed via commonapp. Should I be concerned about this or is this the same issue with everyone?


Morgan said...


I have previously applied to UVA, I do not need to resend SAT scores and my high school transcript correct?


kfung90 said...

Hey Transfermer,

Does the SIS login information come from an email, or is it mailed to me?


dipillu65 said...

Dear Transfermer,
I'm an international student and currently attending a college in the states;I already have my F1 visa,I-20 ,and I-94 from the college I am currently enrolled in.Is it still necessary to fill out a "Financial Guarantee Form"?It is posted on my To-Do list that I have to (I believe i ticked a box in section B of the supplement form).If not,how do I get my To-Do list updated so the form could be removed?

UVAfan said...

I was wondering,

Did anyone else on here have to call UVA's IT help desk to receive their SIS/UVA ID/Password to login to check their status pages?

Cavalier girl said...

Do transfer students participate in Days on the Lawn or is it just for first years? Also, do third year transfer students get to order class rings?

JK said...


Suppose my transcript arrived at UVA today, about how long does it usually take to be updated and removed on the "To Do List”?
Specific numbers would be appreciated.


UVA2013 said...

I havent received my SIS info yet but Im giving it a few more days, I understand it may be busy over there right now!

Transfermer said...

If you are applying under the GAA, the answer is yes. If not, the answer is no. The exception is the Commerce school. They would like to see testing no matter how old you are.

I hope this has come through on the to-do list since you last wrote.

If you’ve applied in the last two years, you do not need to resend the scores.

It will be emailed to you. Remember to check your spam folder. It could be hiding in there.

Cavalier Girl,
This is only for first-years. You are welcome to visit at any time, but we don’t set up this sort of program for transfers because you only have 10-14 days to respond to our offer and most transfers are only applying to UVA. Yes, I believe most third-years, transfer or native order their class rings at the start of the fall semester.

It could take anywhere from 7-10 days. Our first priority was filing mid-year reports for first-year applicants and now our staff is concentrating more on the transfers.

UVA 2013,
You should have received it within 72 hours of submitting. Please make sure you got three confirmations from Common App. I know it sounds strange, but that way you know you’ve submitted the Basic Application, the UVA Supplement and the Application Fee. Oh yes, and check your spam box as well.

Transfermer said...


Yes, you will need to fill out a new Financial Guarantee Form for UVA. You should work with your current school official to have your SEVIS record released to UVA. The following form should also be filled out by your school official.

Joey said...

Hi Transfermer!
I asked for my application to be rolled over from spring 2010.
They rolled it over (at least that's what they told me by email), and that it should reflect that it has been rolled over by the first week of march.

I have been checking my SIS account daily, and it still does not show anything. It says "You do not have any pending applications at this time." and shows nothing on my To-Do List.

Should i be worried? Or is it just taking longer than expected?
Thank You

Brian said...

Dear Transformer,

1. I am a permanent resident and graduated high school in the U.S.
I’m listed as a dependent on the state and federal income tax returns of my parent.
Do I need to fill out a Financial Guarantee Form or
Only need to mail a copy of permanent resident card?

2. The transcript I sent covers all the college courses through the current term.
Do I need to e-mail a list of my current college courses?

Thank you.

WahooWah Hopeful said...

I know that standard transfer notification is May 1, however I am wondering if offers can EVER come before May 1, as a few of my friends have recieved offers from schools of their choice, and their notification dates were also May 1. I'm just wondering if any early letters of admission can come out before May 1. Thanks!!

UVA2013 said...

I have received three emails from the common app (payment, supplement, basic) but I have not received anything about a SIS or UVA ID in my email that everyone else is talking about...

UVA2013 said...

called SIS help and got the information. :)
also, i sent my SAT scores a close to a week and a half ago, and my official transcripts about two weeks ago, is it normal for these two items to on my to do list?

NOVA_Student said...

UVA2013 - give it another week or two; right now admissions is dealing with all the freshman applicants so it can take a little longer to process your information. they might have it and just haven't been able to update your to-do list.

GHK said...


Hopefully you can give me some insight about SAT scores. I've talked to numerous people about my issue but haven't received a definitive answer. I took my SAT's 12 years ago and the CollegeBoard has told me my scores are now archived and can't be sent electronically. I was told by the admissions office that UVA doesn't accept paper scores and must be sent electronically.

I've sent my unofficial scores by email to the admissions office. I know that this will not suffice regarding my SAT score requirements.

CollegeBoard says they've sent my official scores by mail and its been a month. After talking to admissions I was told they don't have my scores. Now I'm concerned that my scores are in limbo because of the scores being sent in paper form. What should I do to resolve this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Morgan said...


If we've applied to the school of commerce or school of nursing are we also considered for the college of arts and sciences?


Jay said...


I got receipt from my school that my college transcript was sent on Feb. 10th but it still shows up on my to do list. Is it normal to take this long? Should I give it another week or so? Thanks...

gkim310 said...


I logged into my SIS account recently and was surprised to find that the Admissions Office was missing my college transcript and test scores. These were both documents I'd sent in 2-3 months ago!

In a response post to another student, you replied that it usually takes 7-10 days for the Admissions Office to process documents. Since it has been several months, should I just re-send both missing documents?

Thank you so much for your time!

Transfermer said...

As of this week, all applicants who request to be “rolled over” have been changed to Fall 2010. You may use the same username and id you used to get into your Spring 2010 account. If you’ve lost this information, you should contact 4help@virginia.edu

You do not need to fill out the FGF, but I believe the Office of Virginia Status wants to see a copy of your permanent resident card. You can email, fax or mail this to them.

Wahoowah Hopeful,
It has come out prior to May 1, but that is rare. We can only promise May 1.

I’m glad you got that sorted out. SAT scores will take time. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for official transcripts to reach your file.

I’m sorry for the confusion. We’ll either accept official scores or scores from your high school. In some cases, they are listed on your high school transcript. Sending unofficial scores helps for transfer(not for first year) and we can certainly read your application with those scores.

You can only apply to one school and you are considered for that one school. If we are interested in offering you the option of the College of Arts and Sciences, we will contact you in late April.

It should be disappearing any day now.

That is a long time ago. It’s possible that they are at the bottom of the batch because they came in first, but I would recommend emailing undergradadmission@virginia.edu and we’ll see if we can help you.

Hoos said...

I have a question concerning transfer admissions. I was wondering if you considered the additional information section on the application. In this section, I noted how certain circumstances affected my GPA in my first semester in college. I had a medical condition that I was unaware of until winter break, which had caused my GPA to suffer. My grades before that in high school were very high, so it was a bit of a drop for me that I didn't understand until I became aware of my medical condition. But now that I have everything under control, I am worried that my Additional Information section on the application will be overlooked. Will this be taken into account, even though there seems to be a minimum GPA requirement?

dipillu65 said...

Hi transfermer i have a few questions,
I recently sent my transcripts but they did not include my mid term grades for spring '10.This is because by then the mid term grades were not out yet.should I send my transcripts again along with my mid term grades?
Secondly,my high school transcript and college transcript were sent in the same package.My high school transcript has been ticked off my to-do list but my college transcript has not.Is this any issue?
Lastly,should the SEVIS TRANSFER FORM be sent after or before I obtain admission to UVA.

Transfermer said...

We do look at the additional information section, but we have to see that you’ve done well where you are before you can move on to UVA. I’m glad that you did well in high school. This will help, but we combine information from both high school and college. We don’t have a minimum GPA requirement. We like to see students with a B average or better.

We are not looking for mid-year grades. Sending another transcript won't be necessary. This is a good question about your transcripts. Oddly enough, because the college transcript is usually in color, this goes into a different stack from the typical black and white high school transcript. It can take longer for the college transcripts to be scanned and linked. We prefer that you have the SEVIS form completed before the offer of admission goes out. That way, we can set everything in motion quickly after the decisions come out.

Hoos said...

Thanks Transfermer,

I guess I’m just worried you won’t see my improvement in my 2nd semester, since my transcript isn’t yet available because I am in the process of completing my classes. Will the fact that my 2nd semester transcript isn’t available yet affect me? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


My SIS application status page is still showing that my SAT scores have not been received. It's been more than 3 weeks since I requested them online through collegeboard. I also applied for Fall 2009 and got waitlisted then denied. Are application materials held for a year? If so, would my SAT scores plus other materials be accounted for for this year's review?

Thank you so much for your time!


dipillu65 said...

Hi Transfermer,
About 2 weeks ago I sent my financial guarantee form but it has not been marked off my To-Do-List.How long does it take to be processed and marked off.Am i to be worried in any manner?
Thanks so much!

jackie said...

To everyone whose SIS hasnt been updated I tink you need to chill, with time it will be cleared. Theres just a lot of stucks i guess. You should read Dean J's blogs too and see what happening .

Transfermer said...

Unfortunately, we don’t see spring grades for any of you or your fellow applicants because of our notification date. If you are waitlisted, that’s when they will be most helpful.

Anon with test scores,
If you applied last year, we should be able to access your scores. We might or might not have your final senior grades if you didn’t send them when you were waitlisted.

I hope you got it sorted out.