Monday, October 26, 2009

Spring Application Deadline - November 1!

Reminder! The deadline to apply for Spring transfer is November 1 at 11:59 PM EST!

-We only accept applications for the College of Arts and Sciences and Architectural History in the Spring.

-You must have 24-30 college(not AP, not IB, not Dual Enrollment, not summer courses taken after 2009 HS graduation) credits by the end of this Fall semester in order to be eligible.

-The College Officials Report and Secondary School Report are not required. The Instructor Evaluation or a similar recommendation is recommended.

-Our notification date is December 1.

Good luck!


UVAhopefully said...

I'm working on getting a letter of rec. but the prof said to give him two weeks, obviously that will be past the application deadline can he/I still send it in (he's sending it snail mail from out of state)?

Jon said...

Is an instruction recommendation necessary/ is it the only type of recommendation we should submit?

Fmalik13 said...


I am just a student applying to UVA, so I am not affiliated with UVA.
I am getting one of my previous employers to send a recommendation. I would think that instructor evaluations are more comparable and in some cases can show your academic strengths.

I hope that helps.

Transfermer said...

You may submit it, but we can't ensure that it will make it to your application on time. We can only guarantee that all materials postmarked by November 1 will make it to one's file on time.

Jon, the instructor recommendation is recommended. If you decide to send more than one, yes, it can come from a non-instructor, but I'd say your first stop would be a teacher or professor.

NovaStudent said...

Quick question, i applied for fall 09 and got wait listed. I did not take any summer classes, and am now taking 15 credits for a total of 51 transferable credits.

My question is this; I went to George Mason University for 1 year, then transferred to NVCC. I need to send my NVCC transcripts again since it will show the current classes i am taking, but Do i need to re-send my transcripts from George Mason?
I think i read somewhere that the Secondary School Report and SAT's remain in your database for 2 years, but what about college transcripts?

Sorry, i forgot to mention that this is my 2nd semester at NVCC if that info is important.

Tipak said...

This is my 2nd time applying to the University of Virginia. (I applied for fall 2009)
Can i use the same essay responses since the questions are the same?
Even if i can use the same answers, would it show negatively on my application?

reason is, the essay questions for transfers (i am a transfer) are the same, and my reasons have not changed since i wrote the essays.

Till said...

I'm trying to submit my application for spring transfer but for some reason the button to add instructors for recommendations is unavailable. Is there a way around this issue or will I have to submit them via snail mail?

Transfermer said...

As long as you are positive that you sent your final GMU grades while you were on the waitlist, you do not need to send them again.

I believe there is a new essay question, so watch out for that one. There must be a way for you to tweak your old responses. We keep your old application, so it be best to revamp the essays.


Unfortunately, transfers can't use the online recommendations. It's silly I know, but that's the way it's set this year. They can be emailed to us at or sent through the mail

NovaStudent said...

When i was placed on the waitlist, i had already taken a semester at nvcc. So the GMU transcript i had sent when i applied in the fall would not be any different.

I guess that means i don't have to resend it then, so thank you. :)

NovaStudent said...

Oh, i forgot to ask this.

I asked for my new transcripts to be sent like 7 days back, but according to the school, it could take up to 30 days for the transcripts to get to UVA.
Obviously that "could" be a problem since the deadline is in like 2 days.
Is this going to be a major problem?

Till said...

Is it or I have seen references to both addresses in this blog.

Transfermer said...


It probably won't take 30 days. It'll come in after November 1, but that's okay. Just make sure you apply by the end of the day EST today. If it comes down to the wire and we still haven't received the transcript, we will contact you.


Sorry, I'm a little rusty. It's

NovaStudent said...

thank you transfermer!

Worried said...

Although i have submitted the application, supplement, and payment, it still has my application as incomplete.
The reason is because even though i submitted the payment, it still shows that it hasn't been submitted, even though it says submitted right next to it. (hope that makes sense)

and by the time you read this, most likely the deadline is over, so is this going to mean that i didn't submit it in time?

Anonymous said...

Is it ever possible for someone to transfer during the spring as a freshman?

J. S. said...

So my step-daughter, whose late mother is a UVA alumna, is applying as a freshman transfer from a school in California. I hear conflicting stories of whether it is actually possible to be accepted as a freshman transfer. Any advice?

Transfermer said...

Unfortunately, we do not allow spring transfer for freshmen. We base our decision off of high school work and college work. If we were to review a student's file between November 1 and December 1, a freshman doesn't have any grades to show for their time in college. Thus, they are only eligible after they spend a year in college. A student who wants to apply to transfer would then apply by the March 1 deadline as they are finishing out their second semester.

J.S. said...

So, If she has already submitted her app for Spring will she have to submit another app for the Fall, or can she just provide you with the necessary forms/recommendations that you need?

Transfermer said...


Please have her email immediately. She should request that her application be moved over from Spring to Fall. Keep in mind that she'll need to send her college transcript once she receives her grades and no later than March 1.

UVAhopefully said...

Transfermer, would I be better faxing it or sending the Rec. letter in? This is the deal I know the prof sent it NOV 1, but I think he sent it to my house rather than the admission office; I guess that doesn't count as postmarked by Nov 1?

eastwing177 said...

Hi, I am an international transfer student, I sent my application materials (HS transcript, letters of rec, ,FGF)to the overnight/express address(Office of Admission Peabody Hall, McCormick Rd Charlottesville, VA 22903),and they are still in my “to do list”, but the college transcript sent to another address(P.O. Box 400160, University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA 22904) show received, I am worried about will you guys receive my materials if I sent them to the overnight/express address. (I sent them last Monday, it is nearly deadline, so I use that address)

Transfermer said...

You may email it or fax it.

Have you tracked this package? If it arrived…it arrived. Please allow us at least 10 days for processing materials. If any required materials have not arrived by the time we go to read your application, we will contact you.

eastwing177 said...

Hi, Transfermer
Actually it is a normal first-class big envelope, I dont know so I sent to the express address, there are some important materials inside, you guys can receive that even I use the express address, right?