Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Readers, I told you I would announce it here when the news broke. Like the first-year waitlist, the transfer waitlist has also been released for the Fall 2009. Your SIS status should change today and letters will go out in the next few days.

Looking at the calendar, it has been a long haul, especially for those who looked at UVA long before the March 1 transfer deadline. I will echo the sentiments I shared when the decisions came out in early May -- thank you for your questions, advising and insight during this year's process. What's most impressive is the way you cheered each other on from start to finish. I hope the atmosphere will be similar for the next crop of prospective students and applicants.


Wally_N said...

Guess there is always next year :)
It's funny, i don't feel upset at all. I guess it helped that i was already prepared from the start to be rejected.
I'm just looking forward even more now to hopefully being accepted next fall, or this coming spring if I'm lucky. This will only make me work harder, and do better to make sure that i am accepted next time!

To everyone who got accepted, Congratulations! To those who didn't... don't feel bad, there is always next time.. and for those of you who don't have another chance to apply, just try and think positively! It just wasn't meant to be, just pick your heads up and move forward!

Transfermer, thanks for all the help you've given throughout this whole process. You made this whole process easier for everyone, and i really appreciate all you've done!

Cheers everyone,

TeapotMonarch said...

I just want to second what Wally_N said. Congrats to those who were accepted, and to those who weren't, there's always next time, and if not, then grad school. :) Don't give up on what you want just because of a small setback and enjoy your summers.

Thanks for all of the informative posts, Transfer. You definitely made this process a whole lot easier.

Anonymous said...


UVAfan said...

I would just like to say Thank You to all the admissions committee staff who worked very diligently and carefully on everyones applications. I am grateful that UVA even considered me for a spot. I am blessed to have such an amazing opportunity with such an amazing University. I was not accepted off the waitlist this year but that does NOT mean I will just give up on my dreams of attending the University of Virginia.

Thank you ever so much Transfermer for always keeping us up to date and for your time, and unlimited concern for our sake during this stressful yet exciting college application process. I have learned so much from this experience and am willing to share what I know with the next batch of prospective UVA students this January term or Fall 2010. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! :)

I would like to end with this quote that I very strongly believe in and will experience throughou my life..."A failure only fails once, but a succesful person will fail many times." I wish everyone here the best of luck for the next round and don't lose hope and faith. I know next year will be by year. Keep you're heads up.
Best of luck to everyone!!! See you all January term or Fall 2010 :)

Fredy P.

Jon said...

Amen to that, Fredy. Round two (Spring semester) begins soon.

On that note, if I'm an Arts and Sciences student, I can apply for a transfer come Spring semester right?

katydid said...

i guess i was holding on to more hope than was ever realistic. (still kind of a blow, even now.)

that's okay. i'll be fine. i'm glad the waiting is officially and really over. thanks for all your help transfermer, & for posting, everyone who comments.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
It's been quite an adventure and it was good to take the ride with all of you. It took me two years to get into UVA...don't let one rejection stop you from giving it another shot! Rejections stink, but nothing feels as good as knowing you're kicking butt giving it a second shot.

Jon said...

I've a couple of questions

1) If I apply to transfer again, will I need to resend all my old transcripts and information? Or does UVA keep some sort of file around for that kind of thing?

2) Is emailing or calling the admissions office to ask how my application might be improved for future attempts frowned upon?

And thanks for running this blog.

Transfermer said...


We'll keep your old transcripts. However, you will have to submit a new application. I'm assuming you were on the wait list and hence sent in your spring grades. If you did not, you'll have to send in that transcript.

No, this is not frowned upon. You may call the office and ask to speak to the "Dean of the Day."

PBP said...

I would like to transfer for the fall of 2010. At the end of the spring 2010 semester, I will have an associates degree and a minor in psychology (a little more than 60 credits). If you are two years out of high school, should SAT scores still be submitted for the School of Nursing? Also, if we feel that we could do better that our initial score, should we retake the test?
thank you!

Jon said...

Thanks, Transfermer, I think I'll do that.

Yeah, I was on the waitlist, so my spring grades are in.

Brenton said...

Do you recommend that students who will likely transfer take a language both semesters of their freshmen year?

Transfermer said...

Yes Brenton.

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Anonymous said...

Transfermer when do you think there is going to be a post from you concerning the spring apps...I am somewhat surprised, people are usually crazy about the next opportunity to apply well in advanced AKA right about this time. No I am not crazy, just like to plan in advance. Thanks.

Transfermer said...


I think most are concerned with classes starting at their own schools. There is not much to mention right now. I assume I'll post more in the next few weeks.

Unknown said...

always next year :)