Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Transfer Information Session!

You may have spotted this on the website. For those in the vicinity, we will have our spring transfer information session on Tuesday, February 10th. The session will provide general information and guidance with the admissions process. You do not have to RSVP.

It will be in the Newcomb Hall Theatre here on grounds. The session will take place at 1pm. Then, tour guides will arrive to take you on a tour of the grounds at 2pm. This should last about an hour and a half.

For driving directions and finding out where to park, please check out


Anonymous said...

Sorry to miss this...too bad it isn't on a weekend! For those who can't make it because of class will you provide an update via this blog if there is anything new we need to know? Thanks!

Sud said...

I wish I could go. I'll take any opportunity to get on Grounds. Unfortunately I can't go because I have classes.

Anonymous said...


For things that need to be mailed (professor recs. & course descriptions) should we send it to the following address?

P.O. Box 400160
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904


Anonymous said...

Does the University of Virginia have a cap on the total number of transfer applicants they can admit for second-year transfers as one group and then third-year transfers as another group? In other words, do second-year transfers compete or are they grouped together whereas, third-year transfers are grouped with other third year transfers?

Anonymous said...

I am planning to attend the information session on tuesday. I was wondering if you could give me information on the closest train station to the school. I will be travelling from Maryland. thank you.

Jenna2012 said...

I would love to attend, but I go to school in Massachusetts and have class that day, so I am unable to. I know that the information will be posted on the blog, but I was wondering if there will be any information given about engineering transfer students. I would appreciate any and all information. Thank you!

Kevin Jacokes said...

Hey Transfermer,

I submitted my CommonApp for Arts & Sciences in January, but since changed my mind and decided I wanted to apply to McIntire (I've been taking some great business and accounting courses).

I sent a letter explaining my intention to apply to McIntire instead of A&S and also sent my rewritten supplement essays geared toward McIntire.

Should I do anything else to let UVA know I want to switch, or am I in the clear?

Kevin Jacokes said...

Also, according to the UVA data digest, the acceptance rate to McIntire as a transfer is 10%. I'm sort of wondering if it's even worth a shot coming from a VA community college.

Does it hurt my chances by not coming from a competitive 4-year university?

Transfermer said...


This is a good question, but we don't separate applicants in this way. Your applications are read by school(Engineering, Nursing, etc) and state residency.


We are in a rural location. Amtrak stops here. You'll find more info on this page

Please double-check to make sure you are not able to change this on your own application. This will save time for our staff, but if not, please email For an important change such as this, it will be faster.
A student coming from a community college has the same chances as a student coming from a 4 yr school. I will warn you that the average GPA of an accepted commerce student last year was 3.8 and the majority of them had all of their core requirements.


Most of the information covered at the session appears deep within the website and the blog. A visit to the University is similar to visits you may have taken when you were in high school. Hopefully you can come and visit sometime, but understand that it is not necessary.

Anonymous said...

I posted this in a earlier blog post today, but since this is the latest one, I'll do it again...

I have sent my transcripts and my test scores, but not my application (editing my essays), is this ok? will my information be floating around without an application to attach it with?

can I call the office of admission to see if they have received them?

also, for the course descriptions, should I add any extra information to make it easier for you guys to piece my information together?



Kevin Jacokes said...

Thanks Transfermer. Glad you're here to answer our questions. :)

Kevin Jacokes said...

Oh, one last question.

How does work experience factor in when you're considering an applicant? If an applicant has sustained and relevant work experience, is it given lots of weight/not very much?

Thanks Transfermer.

Anonymous said...

Will UVA be offering a Transfer Information Session on a weekend or later in the week at any point? It is hard for most to get there on a Tuesday because of classes and travel time.

Transfermer said...


It is fine that you've sent materials ahead of your application. You can check if these materials have arrived once you've applied. As you'll see on the website, the self-service feature is set up for this. PLEASE keep in mind that it takes us time to link transcripts with a student's application. Unfortunately, it is not automatic, but when it comes together, you'll see that it's arrived. There is no need to call the office.

You may add your name and birthdate to the course descriptions.

We don't put a number/rating/percentage on it, but extracurriculars are something we look for. A job qualifies as such and they play a factor in the admissions process.

No, I'm sorry Liza. The office will not be offering another transfer session. We offer regular information sessions daily and there is always someone available to answer your transfer questions. We do not take attendance at the information session and schedule it on a week day to help visting students see what it's like when the student body when going to and from classes and activities.