Monday, November 10, 2008

Alias Names on the Blog


Please create and alias for yourself instead of being "Anonymous." That will make it much easier for me to differentiate between questions. Even if you name is 123abc, that would make it much better.



Anonymous said...

Transfermer, I just wanted to ask you if it is possible for me to know the percentage of people who applied for spring 08 are ineligible, and the percentage of acceptance among who are eligible.

Anonymous said...

Transfermer, I just wanted to add one more question. Would I have better chance of being accepted if I finished almost or all of the required courses for arts and science major? If so, should I have mentioned that I speak another language fluently beside english and can take exam to be exempted for language requirement on common application?

Anonymous said...


While I seem to notice a huge tendency of everyone to post similar questions, I, like a lot of other hopeful applicants, am applying from a VCCS school. But my question really pertains to the engineering school: The agreement was posted this spring, even though I had begun progress on completing the majority of the arts and science agreement (actually, I am simultaneously near completion of requirements for both the engineering and arts and science agreement). But anyways, I will have completed University Physics (two semesters) by the end of the spring semester, and along with Calculus I and II and Multi-variable calculus (hopefully, it isn't offered by the current college I attend, but my instructor is working to assemble and teach me this course - no one takes these courses anymore, so they aren't offered). I won't be able to complete a course in differential equations - will I still be competitive and be able to start? Will all the credit from the courses I have taken to complete the arts and science agreement be worthless? (for example: four semesters of foreign language, um, and various history courses, etc. )
Thanks, sorry it was so wordy and specific.

Anonymous said...

Transfermer, what does applicant (posted Nov 10 at 1:21 pm) mean by "percentage of people who applied for spring 08 (should be 09) are ineligible"? Who is "ineligible"? I am a currently a first semester sophomore who applied for spring '09, but have not completed all or even most of my gen. ed. requirements. Am I eligible or ineligible?

Anonymous said...

Lee, If you look at the previous thread, Transfermer has informed that "Correction: If you are currently in a four-year school, and this is your junior year, you are INELIGIBLE to apply. The only exception is the Engineering School, and of course none of you who applied for Spring applied there."

TeapotMonarch said...

Hello again.

I was wondering if an Art History course would satisfy the gen-ed requirement for either historical studies or a fine arts course? The course does transfer, I just was not sure if it would transfer as a gen-ed. Thank you so much.

Transfermer said...

UVA Applicant,

We do not keep such statistics. We can see from the application if your first language is not english.
If necessary, you will take a language placement test or interview here after you've been admitted.


Please try and limit the length of the inquiry on the blog. If you have specific questions, you may email us at With the bulk of the engineering courses completed, you will still be competitive. Some of your "College of Arts and Sciences" courses will be used as elective courses.


You are still eligible. A student in their 6th semester applying to the College of Arts and Sciences is ineligible.


Art History satisfies one of the humanities requirements.

Anonymous said...

Transfermer... Transcripts that I have mailed to you have pick up stamp on it, because I wanted to gather everything together and mail them at once. But do you require transcripts to be mailed directly from the institution? if so, am I too late to do that?

Transfermer said...


We'll accept official transcripts through you or your school.