Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Setting up your fall semester schedule

For those of you signing up for classes for the fall semester, use the link below as a guide. You want to make completing these courses your goal if you are applying after two years. If you are applying after one year, it is best to have half of them completed. By that I mean, you should dabble in all subject areas. It is not advisable to take (for instance) all humanities or all social science courses in one semester. Think of your semester as a platter filled with many different samples of coursework.


DiscoverUMD said...


I had a quick question for you. Does UVA let transfer students know whether or not they are accepted into the university and their major at the same time (on May 1rst)? I know that some schools first accept external transfer students into the university and after a few months, if the students meet additional requirements for their school of choice, then they are notified of their acceptance. What does UVA do?



Transfermer said...

If you are a rising third year student, meaning you've spent two full time years elsewhere, you will deal with declaration of major paperwork at summer orientation. Our offer letter only includes admission to the school to which you've applied. So if you applied to the College of Arts and Sciences with an area of interest in Biology, you would receive a letter that says you've been admittted to the College of Arts and Sciences. You can declare you major at orientation.

Harli Habagat said...

so we'll never know that we are admitted into our major until the orientation? my mom and i just had an argument about that. i do agree with her that it will be useless to go to UVA if i don't get into my desired major. the ordeal of transfer students is quite hard, compared to 1st year applicants, but thank you so much for this blog. it truly relieves some of my anxiety. by the way, i may be entering as a sophomore if ever i get admitted.

Unknown said...

hopeful parent

with jr year decisions advanced is it correct to assume that the transfer results will be advanced too? do you have any preferential notification method for international transfers?

Transfermer said...


90% of the majors here are available to you. Meaning, if you want to study biology or english or sociology, etc., you can declare it. Programs like Media Studies, American Studies, Human Biology, Political and Social Thought, Environmental Thought and Practice and so on require special attention. If you are interested in these programs(you know who you are) you should contact the department yourself and ask about transfer odds. And Marharlika, if you are entering as a second-year, you won't have to declare until the end of that academic year.

Anonymous said...

So are we as transfer students, suppose to sign up for class before we get in and hear on may 1st.?

Transfermer said...


I am referring to students signing up for their classes outside of UVA. It would not be smart to neglect to sign up for classes while you're waiting on UVA. Now, if you are getting your associates, depending upon your situation, you might not need to sign up for fall 2007 courses.

Agazit said...

Thanks for clarifying on all these questions...very helpful! :)