Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New section on the website!

Just last week, we added an FAQ section to our transfer website. Go to www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/transfer.html and click on the right hand side. There you'll find the answers to questions that we often recieve from you. If you have more questions, please pose them here or email us at undergradadmission@virginia.edu.

So, you've checked out the suggested courses(http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/transferrequirements.html), spotted what will transfer (http://www.web.virginia.edu/ArtsSci/credit/credit_analyzer.asp) and the FAQ. What else would you like to see on our website? We'll be implementing transfer student profiles in the fall and hope to start our own email address. Transfermer is soliciting suggestions for other cool things for the website. So, please enlighten me. We'll see what we can do.

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