Friday, February 1, 2013

Transfer Open House - February 15

Some of you may have received an email from us and some of you may have spotted our website earlier today. Our next open house Friday, February 15 at 10AM.   You will hear from current students and faculty about the application and transition process to UVA. See the schedule below.  The day will begin in the Newcomb Hall Ballroom and progress from there.  Please register for the event here. Read the entire page and then click on "Register" on the bottom left.   This new registration process will instruct you to open a MyUVA account if you don't already have one.

Open House Schedule of Events:
10:00am - 10:45am: Transfer Information Session
11:00am - 11:45am: Presentations Given by Individual Schools
12:00pm: Walking Tour of Grounds
The day should end between 1:30-2PM. 
We hope you can join us!


Juliet said...


During this open house will we be able to talk to an admissions officer, or is that something that we have to sign up for separately? If so, how do we do that?

cpoto said...


I am just curious about what we need in our application in regard to transcripts. It shows on common app that we have school forms which need to be filled out by our counselors from college as well as high school but mentions nothing about official transcripts. Are they required?

Thank You!

Danielle said...


On this site it says the mid year report is recommended, however on the admissions site the date says n/a.... so what do I need to do?

hmk said...

Is it possible to be considered for admission to CAS if somebody does not get into the School of Commerce? If so, where would you put that on the application?


Serena said...


I wrote an op-ed article that fits the "issue that is significant" to you perfectly, but my article is 500 words. I've already dumbed down the issue to one page, is it alright if I don't cut it any further (it's suppose to be half a page).

- Serena

Sahand Kargosha said...
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Transfermer said...

We won’t have sign-ups, but there will be deans available in the office throughout the afternoon and available on a walk-in basis.

Yes. High school and ALL college transcripts are required.

It’s not required. If you would like to send one, you can. Chances are your mid-terms are around March 1 and thus, we’ll accept this after March 1.

One page is fine.

Yes, you can take summer courses after you are admitted and before you enter UVA and the credits will transfer.

Nicole said...

I'm considering transferring to UVA in the fall. I was wondering if the instructor evaluation is required and how much weight is put on that. All my classes i've taken are large lectures and the professor didn't get to know me personally. Can a GTA fill out an evaluation for me?


Transfermer said...

It is not required. Please see the right side of the blog. Yes, your TA can write on your behalf.