Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Are you a student at Reynolds Community College?

Did you miss the college fairs in the Richmond area last month? Want to learn more about UVa? Well, come out to the Transfer Information Night sponsored by the Parham Road campus of Reynolds Community College. Last year, our rep had a good showing of high school students and this year, we'd like to see more transfers.

For more information, go here:

We'll see you out there!

Spring 2016 Transfer Decisions

All transfer decisions were posted online last night.  Remember that you have to check your SIS account to get your decision. You'll find information about this in your UVa confirmation email. We will post all decisions online, but we will only be mailing letters to admitted students.  A student is either offered or not offered.  There is no wait list process for spring admission.

Do not call the office to ask for your decision.  We do not give out decisions over the phone. To get to your account, go here and click on the "SIS Login."  If you don't remember your account information, check your submission confirmation email, then seek out the help information on the left-hand side of that same page.  

About 15% of applicants were admitted. If you were not admitted, you might have the opportunity to "roll over" your application for fall 2016 consideration.  Please follow the directions in your online letter.  NOTE: This option is not available for students who are entering their sixth semester at a four-year institution (this is not a community college) next spring.  Unfortunately, these students are no longer eligible to come to UVa. 

Best of luck to everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Visiting the University

We just wanted to put a little reminder out there that you can visit Grounds at any time.  We have information sessions and tours almost daily and we'll have our fall transfer open house on Friday, November 6th.  This event will allow you to hear from current students(former transfers) and faculty about what it's like to be a UVa student. This is particularly important for those of you who applied for spring admission.  If you are admitted on December 1, you have two weeks to make your decision. We do not have transfer admission admitted students days and as you can imagine professors and students are very busy during that time preparing for final exams.  It's best if you visit in November, if you need that visit to make your decision. Note that visiting will not play a role in your admissions decision.  Some of you live very far away and that wouldn't be fair to those who couldn't get here.  It is merely an option if you've been thinking about coming to take a look.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review of Applications for the Spring semester

Eligible Schools for Spring Admission
Remember that in the spring, we only take a limited number of students to a limited number of schools.  We only admit for the College of Arts and Sciences, Architectural History and Urban and Environmental Planning.  If you plan to study other fields like nursing or engineering, etc, please hold off and apply for fall 2016 admission. http://www.admission.virginia.edu/transfer/admissions

The GAA does not work for the spring admission
The Guaranteed Admission Agreement is only available for fall applicants, and only applies to VCCS applicants wanting to study in the College of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and the RN-BSN program. But again, this is not available for spring transfer.  No need to click the button now.

Good luck with those last-minute applications!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Let's recap the Common App Forms

Hopefully, we're getting new viewers to the blog.  I want to draw your attention to the information on the right side of the blog.  This is information pertaining to the most common questions we receive.  We fear that not everyone reads it and felt it would be a good time to talk about the Common App forms.  Some of your other transfer institutions will require these.  We do not. Unfortunately, because the Common App is common, we cannot take these down from your application. Here are the guidelines:

1) The College Report is NOT REQUIRED
2) The Secondary School Final Report is NOT REQUIRED

That said, ALL college and ALL high school transcripts are required.
3) The Mid-Term Report is RECOMMENDED. If you decide to send it, send it after mid-terms which will likely be after the deadline, and that's just fine.
4) The Academic Evaluator Recommendation is RECOMMENDED.

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just a couple more weeks

As you can tell, our spring application deadline is just around the corner. Many of you have already done so, but if not, you should start gathering your required materials (transcripts, test scores) and your optional materials (recommendations) now.   It can take weeks to get your transcripts, so the sooner you get them, the better.  Remember to list ALL of your previous institutions and all of your current courses.

Seeing that you all are the first students applying this cycle, what questions do you have from the common app? It can be a little confusing and checking in here can help many others like you.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Listing all institutions on your application

Well, it appears that we have a little over a month until applications for spring admission are due. We just wanted to post a reminder for you when completing the common application.

It is a requirement for you to list EVERY SINGLE institution you have attended on the common application.  That's high school (if you were home-schooled, list it) and each and every college or University you've attended. Do not skip over these sections.  Even if you first went to college ten or twenty years ago, we will need the transcript and we'll need you to write it on your application.  For better or worse, we have access to a database which tells us what colleges/universities you attended, and if you make an omission, we could consider it a violation of our honor code.  I think many students mistakenly skip over this part, but we urge you to move slowly through the application so it doesn't happen to you.