Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good News! TRANSFER FINANCIAL AID Deadline - April 1

Good news readers,

The financial aid deadline for transfer applicants has been pushed to April 1, 2013. This will allow you more time to fill out your paperwork and do your taxes.  For more information, see the website for Student Financial Services -  The admissions deadline is still March 1. 


Natalie said...


On my SIS page it does not have anything listed under "To do" where I assume my transcript and SAT scores should be listed under as either received or not received. When will these finally show up on our SIS pages?

Thank you!!

Robert said...

I qualify for guaranteed admission through VCCS but I'm applying to Curry for the BA/MA Teacher Prep program, which I understand does not recognize guaranteed admission. If for some reason I was not accepted into the Curry program would I automatically be admitted into the College of Arts and Sciences or would I need to reapply?

Serena said...


If my professor wants to email in the recommendation form -- how can he edit the PDF file/save it? Since it's through CommonApp?


Carmen said...


If i plan to apply for preliminary financial aid award, the deadline is also April 1?

PVCCTransfer said...

Two questions: first, if I am applying for transfer through guaranteed admission to the Engineering school, through Piedmont Virginia Comm. College, can I still have one 3 credit class left to take in the summer that counts toward the assoc. degree that is required for the GAA? My adviser is not sure and is trying to get an answer from Admissions on the policy.
Also I was previously home schooled, up until my senior year when I began this same degree as a dual-enrolled student. Does that record and the proof that we had to submit the next year to PVCC and the county of Orange that I had graduated high school, in the form of a letter, suffice for a transcript, along with two AP scores? I have been advised that it does, but I want to check.

Late-to-the-party said...

Last year I was a fall 2012 tranfer applicant and was rejected. I'm reapplying this year and was wondering if I need to resend my HS transcripts. If you keep them on file, do I need to email anyone?


Student said...

When is the best time to send in our mid-term reports? Do they need to be in before the deadline?

Transfermer said...

If your to-do list says “No To-Do List Items” that means we’ve received your transcripts and testing.

Yes, it is possible to be admitted to the College and not the Curry school. You would be advised to apply for our Post-Graduate MT program after you graduate with your bachelor’s degree.

CommonApp won’t allow electronic submissions for transfers. The recommendation can be emailed to us at

That’s right.

In order to earn the GAA, all courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester. You can apply for admission, but of course it won’t be guaranteed. Please send the letter AND your transcript through 11th grade.

If you applied as a transfer within the last year as you said, we should still have this. It will take some time for this to be matched up. You can email us after you apply if you would like this to be expedited.

The best time to do it is after mid-terms, which will likely be after March 1. That’s fine by us.

Danielle said...

Does this deadline include supporting documents for in-state privileges or is that still March 1?

Transfermer said...

Supporting documents for in-state privileges must also be turned in by March 1 or as soon as possible if we request more documents from you.