Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sending Supporting Documents


In order to expedite the process of linking, please put your name and date of birth on any materials that you email, mail or fax to us.  Many of you are very organized and you are sending documents ahead of the application.  The only trouble is, it will take us longer to organize your file without your date of birth.  The Course Descriptions documents seem to be causing the most trouble.  If you've already submitted everything, don't worry about it. This is just a strategy to help us do our jobs better.  From here on out, if you're reading this and still have bits and pieces to submit, please add on the good ol' DOB.

Wondering what I mean by course descriptions?  Please see this post from last year to help you do it this year. 

(Update: 1:23 PM - This is what it looks like on the common app supplement. Unfortunately, it is easy to gloss over. )


Pre nursing said...

I have a question regarding nursing. Do you have any statistics you could post from previous years regarding transfer admission? Is external transfer admission higher rate higher than internal? If so, what is the difference in their numbers?

Xingjian Ren said...

Hi, I have a question that whether there is any method that can show my application materials status. My parents sent my high school transcript one month ago from China, but I don't know whether you received that. And the same situation is to my college transcript. I just want to make sure whether my materials are complete.

ta said...

Dear transfermer, I have a question: I emailed the course descriptions half an hour later than the deadline, will that be a trouble for me??? Will I be considered late??
I'm really worried about that.....

Transfermer said...

Pre Nursing,
Last year 11% of Transfer BSN applicants were admitted. About 65% of the RN-BSN apps were admitted. Keep in mind, this is a part-time program.

Within four days of submitting your application, you should receive information about your to-do list. This will show whether materials have been received.

Please don't worry about this. It's not a problem. Thank you for putting the work into doing it.

ta said...

Dear transfermer, thank you so much for your diligent work on Sunday!

I got another question: since Korean is my native language and English is my second language, do I meet the foreigh language requirement for transfer students automatically?

Thank you so much !

Anonymous said...

Hi, I submitted my application over a month ago (complete with college transcripts) but I never emailed the school my current classes. Do I need to do this now or is it too late ? Or will a final transcript suffice (if I am admitted)? Thanks

Pre nursing said...

Thank you transfermer. Does this percentage of BSN applicants admitted include transfers that already attend UVA and are transferring from another school within such as the college or eschool? Or is this not included? Do I have a better chance than someone already attending uva trying to transfer into the nursing program?

Carmiel Dizon said...

Dear transfermer,

I just sent in my relevant course work information. Will my application still be looked at?

Anonymous said...

I have submitted the common app, and all of my transcripts are on their way to UVA from my respective schools. I have been out of college for quite a few years, and do not have my unoffical transcript to email the infomation I see has been requested. Will both of the transcipts be sufficient? Also, I spoke with a UVA representive, and I was informed due to the fact that I have been out of school for some time, that I would not be required to submit my SAT and ACT scores, and only my transcripts are required? Is the information I recieved from UVA still correct?

Robert said...

Hi Transfermer,
Is there any way to verify what materials have shown up and what have not? I've noticed that my transcripts are still pending (I hope assuming that they just have not yet been matched to my application is a safe assumption) and now I'm wondering how I'll know if things like my instructor evaluations have been received since it's not required and therefore wouldn't generate a notification on SIS.

CCtransfer said...

I saw on the transfer application there is a question: are you a member of phi theta kappa honor society? So I paid 80$ to join it and found it is worse than useless, I just want to know Since the only criterion to join it are GPA and fee, is join that a big deal or admission officer won't take that into consideration?

ahnuld said...

Hi Transfermer,

I am currently taking five classes at a vccs. Two of them are eight-week courses. I have already completed one and have just begun the other. I sent another official transcript to show my final grade in the 1st eight week course but am confused as to how I can indicate any grade for the 2nd because it just started. Should i write down my eight week courses on the mid term report? or send an e-mail stating my situation?

Transfermer said...

Not necessarily. If you graduated from high school in Korea and you are not applying under guaranteed admission, then yes, you have satisfied it. If you graduated from high school in Korea and you are applying under guaranteed admission, you must take the 202 course or the SAT Subject test to show your proficiency. If you graduated from high school in the States, then you must show proficiency by exam.

Your current courses are really important to our review. If we think you aren’t taking something, but you are and we can’t it on the transcript, it could hurt your chances.

Pre nursing,
This percentage of BSN only includes external applicants (students coming from outside of UVA). As you might imagine, I believe that an internal transfer has a better shot, but you are not competing in the same applicant pool.

Your late submission of your course descriptions is fine. You may have noticed on your to-do list that we are still in need of your high school transcript.

This also depends. If you are applying under guaranteed admission, then yes, testing is required. If you are applying to the Commerce school, then yes, testing is strong recommended. If you are applying under regular, competitive admission and you’ve been out of high school for five years, then you do not need to submit testing. Note that this is on everyone’s to-do list because it is automatically posted. If you have further questions, email our office.

I’m sorry that this club did not meet your expectations. This is not something that we look for explicitly. We only want to see good grades in strong courses.

You can’t indicate the grade for this course during the application process. We do not wait for all of your spring grades when making a decision. You are welcome to send a mid-term report, but chances are that will be in the third week of April and it might not make it to your file on time.

InternationalTransfer said...

Dear transfermer,
I'm an international transfer. I would like to ask: if I have sent my course descriptions and a list of my current courses, but there are some changes made this week(I dropped one course and add another), should I inform you this via email?
Second, though it is not required, should I send midyear report? Will good mid term grades help me?

Thank you!

Carmiel Dizon said...
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Transfermer said...

Yes, please tell us of any schedule changes. It is up to you whether you want to send mid-year grades.

Heather said...

Are the course descriptions still required? I ask because I am applying for the first time for this fall, and I didn't see this on the Common App and I'm not sure if I missed it or not.