Monday, February 6, 2012

A deeper look into course descriptions

If you are reading this, hopefully you have started working on your application. If you have not, others can tell you that we are looking for some background information and if you're not careful, it will sneak up on you.  On the Common App Supplement, you will find a little box that says:
In order for us to perform preliminary evaluations of your coursework, you must email a list of all of your college coursework (through the current term/semester) AND the course catalog description for each course to   

It is important for all students to do this, even GAA and/or VCCS students.  We have found that this task makes students quite anxious. I can tell you it is a lot easier and faster than any assignment you'll complete at UVA.  While it is tedious, it's easy and it will help us to better evaluate your application.  It will also help registrars evaluate your credit if you're admitted.  Usually students make a word or excel document/table with the information.  Here are some examples...
Fall 2011 - SOC 211 - Principles of Anthropology I
Inquires into the origins, development, and diversification of human biology and human cultures. Includes fossil records, physical origins of human development, human population genetics, linguistics, cultures' origins and variation, and historical and contemporary analysis of human societies. Lecture 3 hours per week.

 Fall 2011 - HST 111 - Europe and the Mediterranean World to 1500
This survey of major developments in the Mediterranean world begins with the ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, continues through Greece and Rome and concludes at the end of the Medieval Age. The course will cover the rise and decline of civilizations, the transitions of great empires, change versus continuity in economic, political,
social and cultural institutions over time, and interactions and mutual influences among different people. 

The easiest way to do this is to simply cut and paste course descriptions from your course catalog.  Make sure to tell us if you've taken courses at different universities.  It's so easy, you can do it while watching TV or waiting for class to begin!     

Thank you!    


Amy said...

Do classes I took at a community college while I was in high school need to be included on the list?

Anonymous said...

Would sending copies of syllabi count for this?

Anonymous said...

I have already submitted the CommonApp and didn't attached the course descriptions with it. I am a VCCS student, so is there anyway to submit it now?

Passerby said...

***I am in no way associated with The University but I am replying in order to give you all a better understanding of what's asked. I'm sure transfermer will have an official response soon.

@Amy If you are requesting college credit for the classes you took at your community college then yes include them on the list.

@Anonymous1 The most efficient way of sending them the information is by making a chart in either word or excel. Sending copies of the syllabus would just create a lot of clutter.

@Anonymous2 The course descriptions are supposed to be sent through email to the undergraduate office of admissions. You still have time to send them your course descriptions

Abena said...

Do I just send the course description through with my name? or do I have to include a more specific form of identification?

Passerby said...

Include your name and "course description" in the subject line.

sam said...

Is it alright to send course descriptions by mail to the admissions office?

Transfermer said...

Thanks so much for swooping in and answering the questions. If you could please leave it up to us, we would really appreciate it. It can just become confusing when it’s coming from different places when you’ve got new readers coming and going. That being said, you did your research and answered correctly.

I think it would be just as easy to cut and paste and send it in an email, but if you want to send them by mail, that’s fine. Our address is on the side panel of the front page of this blog.

Anonymous said...

On the side of the blog, it says that a mid-term report is recommended. How are we supposed to send this in? Is there a form somewhere that we can fill out? Thanks.

Transfermer said...


Please use a fun alias next time. thanks! When you start your application, you will see all of these forms within Common App. Yes, there is a form. It can be found under School Forms.

Braunheldervon said...

Is this EVERY college class taken, or just the current semester(ie not yet completed and on the transcript)?

The wording is confusing my tired brain.

Transfermer said...

Yes, EVERY college class taken in the past and everything you are currently taking.

Proposed summer 2012 courses do not need to be listed.

ingres said...

I just emailed my course description and only let me high school know a couple of days ago to send my HS transcripts. Will this tardiness cause my application to be denied?

Transfermer said...

No, if you applied on time, you're safe.

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Matt said...

On the Common App supplement, it has two sections for required essays, "First-Year Applicant" and "Transfer Applicant", do we need to complete both sections as a second-year transfer student?