Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spring Transfer Open House

Well, it's that time again for the open house.  This semester's event will be on Friday, February 10 at 10AM.  If you attended the event in November, there is no need to revisit.   Visitors will hear from current students and faculty about the application and transition process to UVA.  The day will begin in the Newcomb Hall Ballroom.  Please register for the event here .    We'll cross our fingers that it doesn't snow that day :)


John said...

Hi I had a question about recommendations. When we get our teacher to fill out the form on the common app, do they send it in to the UVA Admissions Office directly? How does the committee verify this recommendation is coming from a professor?

Jane said...

If we would like to submit a letter of reference from someone other than an academic professional, do we still need them to fill out the Common Application reference form, or at least attach the letter to that form?

Transfermer said...

We honestly rely on the honor code when it comes to things like this.

The form isn't necessary, more of a guide for the academics types who are writing references.

Anonymous said...

I applied for regular decision but I feel like my chances are low of getting in. I have a lot of extra circulators and they are pretty diverse. My gpa is about average and so were my SAT's. My essays were really good along with my rommendations. I talked to my guidance counselor and she said I could transfer with 24 credits. If I don't get in my plan is to go to my ocal community college next summer and next fall and try and transfer the spring of 2013. Is this a realisitic goal?

Hopeful said...

Last year I applied to UVA as a high school senior and was accepted but decided to go to another school -- I am now applying to transfer to UVA for fall 2012. I got a "likely letter" last year before I got my decision. Are any "likely letters" sent to transfers? (May is a long time to wait!!!)

Carrie said...

Hello again,

I am asking a couple of my professors to write me recommendations and I was curious about the deadline for them. I am assuming it is March 1, but will recommendations be accepted after that date?

Thanks again!

Carrie said...

I just remembered another question. I remember having to fill out the CSS profile for last year's application. I applied as a freshmen. Do I still need to complete the CSS profile as a transfer or just the FAFSA?

Transfermer said...

First-year Anon,
I’m sorry you feel that way. If you are looking to transfer in the future, you must spend one full academic year in school before you are eligible. That means if you are graduating from high school in 2012, you can apply for Fall 2013.

No likely letters for transfers.

The postmark deadline is March 1. If materials are received after that time, we can’t promise that they will make it to your file on time. A transfer is just like a first-year when it comes to financial aid. Transfers have to fill out the CSS Profile as well.

Kim said...

Sorry, I had a follow-up. If we are allowed to take a language the summer before matriculating, is there somewhere to indicate courses we plan to take somewhere on the common app? Would this have any bearing on the admission decision?

Thanks again!

AF said...

I know everyone is different and the review is a holistic process, however, I was wondering if there was any way to look at GPA stats. I know that this was my only shortcoming in high school that prevented me from admission. So, if, after on semester of college my GPA is a 3.2, would it be best to try again for a higher GPA and apply for next spring? Or if I were to get a 4.0 this semester, and have that at midterm time, would I have an okay chance of admission? (I understand this is specific and difficult to answer, but I just want to know the relative likeliness: is it a good idea to wait a semester?)

SAT said...

Is an average SAT score an automatic rejection?

Anonymous said...

Dear Transfermer:

I am in my last semester at VCCS, and have just gotten started on my common application. I recently requested for my current NOVA transcript to be sent in, but I have yet to send in my high school transcript, sat score, and sat Chinese with listening score. I read earlier that the order I submit them does not matter, even if I haven't submitted my common app yet, I hope this is correct :)

My questions are: After this spring semester, I will have gone to nova for two years, my GPA is currently 3.86 (I will hopefully graduate with a 3.9 GPA, 72 credits by the end of semester. I quit my part time job so I can take 21 credits without stress). How much will my grotesquely terrible high school GPA affect my transfer? Or is the flow of time enough to forgive my past mistakes? :D

My second question is, how will the VCCS GAA play into this transfer process?

I'm sure you guys are entering the rush time of the year, so thank you very much for your time and consideration!

Prospective transfer student

Bobby said...

Even if we previously applied to UVA, do we need to send in test scores again? Or will the test scores from my previous first-year application be pulled up when the transfer application is being reviewed?

Katie said...

This is my last semester of my 2nd year at at a Virginia community college. I've been following the GAA to the College of Arts and Sciences and I thought I had everything I needed but now I'm a bit concerned about my Social Sciences credits. On the official GAA pdf file and other places on the UVA website, it says to fufill the Social Sciences area requirement, you need 6 credits in any of the following subjects. However, other sources on UVA's websites and a friend that currently goes to UVA, say that I need 6 credits with one transferable course in TWO different subjects such as economics, psych, sociology, etc. Which one is true for the GAA?
I have surpassed the number of credits needed, but all only in psychology. I have taken everything I need, but if this is true, I would only be missing 3 credits. Does this affect me for admission under the GAA?

Anonymous said...

In looking at your website, it appears the following are not required for a transfer applicant:

The Common Application’s College Secondary School Report, Official Report, and Instructor Evaluation.

Does this mean that you do not need any information from my high school? Also, I see that some bloggers mention letters of reference. Is this something you recommend?

Transfermer said...

You may take courses at your home college in the summer prior to matriculation. I’m told that with foreign language, you may still have to take a placement test here in which case, you may have to start over or drop back if you don’t test into say, the 201 level. You can list plans to take this course on your application, but it won’t necessarily affect your admission.

Hi AF,
Unfortunately, we don’t “chance” applicants on our blogs or other communication. If you are not admitted for fall, you may try again for spring. Typically, we need to see sustained improvement over time.

No, with transfers we are more concerned with your taking the prescribed courses and getting good grades.

Anon with the HS transcript,
If you qualify for the GAA, there is nothing we can do about your HS transcript. Either way, it will be up to you to describe your progression as a student from high school to community college. You look to be more serious about your studies and an explanation of your past work might help your case.

You do not need to resend test scores, but you will need to send a finalized high school transcript.

Technically, in order to earn the GAA, you would need to have it in two different areas as we say on our website for general transfer admission -- www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/transferrequirements.html If you’ve done well in all other areas, this is likely to not affect your admissions chances. You would just need to complete the second social science course once you get here.

Anon with questions about forms,
If you’ll look to the side panel on the right of the front page of the blog, you’ll find this information.