Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let's Talk about the High School Transcript

We noticed that towards the end of our spring semester review, we were requesting/pleading for the high school transcript or GED(yes, we'll accept it) from a lot of students who had done a great job of submitting the application and college transcript(s).  

We do require high school transcripts or the GED.

If you're planning on applying for Fall 2012 and you're home for winter break, get a jumpstart on gathering materials and request or collect your transcript from your high school.  If you completed a GED, order your official score report now.  You can hold onto until you apply or you can send it to us ahead of your application. We'll match things up as we get them.  You'll be able to mark it off your list early and not have to worry about it when you're juggling the application process, mid-terms and other things life throws our way. :)


Carrie said...

I know the Mid-term report is required for Fall 2012 term enrollment. Does it pertain to my final Fall 2011 term grades or my mid-term grades from Spring 2012 term? Thanks in advance.

Transfermer said...

Right Carrie, this is required for first-year applicants. However, mid-term grades in Spring 2012 are recommended but not required for transfer students.

Shaun said...

Prospective Junior Applicant

Is the Instructor's Evaluation the same as Instructor's Recommendation?
If they are not,does that mean my instructor have to submit the CommonApp Evaluation and also a letter of recommendation?

Olivia said...

How important are our High School SAT scores when applying as a transfer?

Liv said...

Just double checking...
Does admissions care about what sort of teacher recommendation we send? Whether from a teacher that that teaches a class that's required for our majors or a teacher that teaches a class that's one of our electives?

Jon said...

I wasn't sure where to put this question so I figured I'd leave it here. Does it hurt your chances of getting in if you've already applied to UVA and got declined, and are now applying again.

Transfermer said...

A recommendation can be submitted with or without the evaluation form.

Olivia and Liv(I'm assuming you are the same person because your timing in posting was so close together), we take SAT/ACT scores into consideration during the process. However, the longer you have been out of high school, the less we look at testing. We don’t mind what type of professor sends the recommendation. We only prefer to see college recommendations. No need to go back to high school teachers.

Receiving a deny in the past does not hurt your chances for future application. That being said, improvements must be made if one wants to be competitive.

Travis said...

Is the acceptance rate for students transferring after their second year of college higher than students transferring after their first year?

Sara said...

Hi, what if we do want to send in a midterm report (if we're applying for Fall 2012), where can we find this?

Katie said...

May we send more than one recommendaton if we can? Or does admissions prefer to see only one recommendation? I was looking to send two.

Jeremy said...

hi, why does UVA care if we have applied previously for admission? Will the admission officers take into account things (like essays) in our previous application?

Allie said...

How long should the UVA supplement essays be for transfers?

Jack said...

Are high school transcripts required even if it has been over ten years since you graduated?

Transfermer said...

We don’t keep these statistics, but generally, an applicant with a mediocre high school record or rough first semester in college has a better chance at admission after the second year.

This can be found under “School Forms” on the CommonApp.

Two is fine, but just so all other readers know, recommendations are not required for transfer.

This allows us to look at the old application, most importantly our review for you. It’s good for us to see where you’ve come from. It depends on the reader, but generally, we will only read the new essays.

I believe the directions ask students to try and limit their response to one page.

Yes Jackie,
Here at UVA, we require the high school transcript for everyone.

Margaret said...

Are we required to send in our Subject Tests that we took in High School or is it just recommended?

Shalz said...

I was initially planning to take a gap year after high school and I completed only 5 credits my first semester. However, this semester I am taking 22 credits at a local community college. I have a strong high school record. I am just wondering if I am still eligible to transfer this year. I read on collegeboard that a minimum of 9 transferable credits was required to transfer. :( :(

Shalz said...

I just obtained my official transcript from my high school. It is still sealed, is it possible that I mail it to the admissions office?

Transfermer said...

Hi Margaret, SAT Subject Tests (1 hr exams on specific subjects) are not required. If you want to send them you can.

The college board website is wrong. You need at least 24 credits to be eligible. So, you will be eligible, but I don't think we would admit you with only five credits of work. You may be waitlisted so that we can see more of your college performance. Yes, that high school transcript is ready to go.

Yee said...

I am planning to transfer in the Fall . I have a question on high school transcript which is required in the the application.
I am from foreign high school and I only have a high school graduation certificate written in our language . My question is if the admission office wants specific and certified translations company to translate my certificate. If so I would like to know the name of the company .Another question is if I can apply to transfer with only a translated high school graduation certificate without a high school transcript ? Thank you.

Yee said...

I found a school report which is in school forms in common application ..Since I am from foreign high school which does not have online website, having a counselor to fill up the form is simply impossible for me.Is school form is compulsory to submit ?

Shalz said...

Im applying as a second year transfer and I am going to a community college currently. Most community colleges have only the intro level courses and I have done very well on all of my AP exams. I received a 4 or 5 on all 9 of my AP exams. I heard that UVA likes students who complete their area requirements at college and prefer students who have them completed. Should I retake these area requirements? What kind of courses should I take at my current community college? I know UVA is the right school for me and I would do anything to get accepted.

Shalz said...

By the way,
Thank you so much for responding to my other questions. I feel great knowing that I still have a chance!

Jwinstan said...

I am applying for the Fall 2012 semester at UVA (I am currently a freshman in college). I was offered admission for the Fall 2011 semester at UVA, but declined the offer, due to financial reasons. If I want to recycle the essays I used for my Fall 2011 application, is that okay?


I already sent in my SAT score report. Actually, that is the first thing that UVA is going to get from me. Is it okay if my SAT scores come in before I send in the common app?



Ana said...

On the application it says "secondary schools forms".. Are they talking about high school? Also I am not a citizen nor a permanent resident, but I do have a document (I-485) which is an adjustment of status to permanent resident, so basically I'm just waiting for my green card. I'm not quite sure what option to choose on the application when it asks me if I am either a citizen, permanent resident, asylee (or refugee) something like that. Thank you!

P said...

Hi transfermer I have a question. I applied for fall of 2011 and I send all my high school transcripts and the translation of them ( I am from Brazil) I was just wondering if it is possible to use the same high school transcripts and toefl scores from last year.
Thank you for your help

P said...

** sent

Anonymous said...

Hello. I applied for Fall 2011 and was not admitted. I am again applying for Fall 2012. I noticed that the Commonapp does not save any of my prior year information. Do I need to complete the entire application again, including high school transcripts etc? Thank you.

Transfermer said...

Many students use WES to have their transcripts translated. We would ask that you do your best to get a transcript, but if you are unsuccessful, we try and make our decision based on other translated documentation. As you can see on the front of this blog, we do not require the secondary school report form.

No, you should do your best to not retake these courses. Please check the AP translation table for information on what will transfer http://artsandsciences.virginia.edu/college/admissions/ap_credit.html. Take the toughest courses you can find at your current college. For example, if you know you’ll receive Calculus credit, take Calc 2 or upper-level statistics. Or, if you’ve earned English Lit credit, try and take something like British or Asian Literature.

Please write new essays. We would have that the experiences you’ve had over the last five months will give you something upon which to reflect. It’s perfectly fine to send in test scores, documents ahead of the application. We’ll match them up shortly after you submit your application.

As you will see from the front of this blog, we do not require the Secondary School Form, ONLY the high “secondary” school transcript. If you have an approved I-485, then you may check permanent resident, but you need to send us a copy of the document.

If you applied as a transfer last year, then no, there is no need to send another high school transcript. If you applied as a first-year, yes, we would need and updated version. We will have the TOEFL on file.

You will need to fill out a new application.

gocavs said...

I have my AP scores from last year. I live really close to the University so can I just hand the scores to the registrar's office (if I was to get accepted for the Fall 2012 semester)?

Kacie said...

Are course descriptions required for VCCS students?

Kacie said...

Are course descriptions required for VCCS students?

Jeremy said...


Can I apply for both the business school and CAS at the same time? If I can, which one should I choose in the supplement?


Jeremy said...

I'm a junior transfer, btw.

Transfermer said...

You can do this if you have an official score report to hand over. Electronic submission would expedite the process.

We would like it if you submitted course descriptions. You can lift the descriptions from the online course catalog.

An applicant can only apply to one school.

Yee said...

I have a question on foreign language requirement.If I am from foreign country and my language is not in the list where I can take tests in SAT language exam, do I still need to take the foreign language courses in college? Do you take my native language as foreign language which is required course in college of arts and science? If you take my native language as foreign language requirement, how can I show on my transfer application that I don't need to take foreign language classes anymore ? Thank you in advance ...And Thanks for answering my previous questions too

Wahoowa!! said...

If I was home schooled through high school but am now am trying to transfer, do i still need to submit the homeschool supplement?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if it was possible that I take the March SAT. Results will come out on the 29th. Is that still possible or will I be rejected before the results come out? I have not yet taken the SAT test.

Transfermer said...

If you are an international student or if you finished high school in your home country, it is possible for this foreign language requirement to be waived for you. However, if you are applying under the VCCS GAA, you must show language proficiency through testing of some sort.

Great question. We would prefer that you fill it out. However, if you have a transcript and you can give us a brief explanation of your secondary education, you don’t absolutely have to submit the form.

March SAT Anon,
You may submit testing from this date. Please give us a heads up that you'll be taking it in your application.

Carrie said...

AP Score Reports were previously discussed. Would UVa accept a copy of the Official Report or do I have to hand in my copy? It's much cheaper for me to drive to UVa to turn them in versus electronically submitting them. I apologize for any extra work in advance.

following the march SAT said...

Following the March SAT anon, where would be the best place to note that we are taking it in the application?

Also, if we have already taken it but want to retake it.. should we send the first tests scores juts in case?

Jeremy said...


I heard that the requirement of speaking part of TOEFL is 27. Is that true?

Transfermer said...


You can drop off the official score report, but it will take much longer for it to appear on your credit evaluation come summer. If you’re willing to be patient with it and check up on it, dropping it off at our office will be fine.

Following the March SAT,
You can do this in the “Academics” section of your Basic Application. Yes, you may send in earlier test scores if you like.

I don’t think that even makes sense. Or perhaps, someone told you about one section. The total TOEFL score is out of 120. We are looking for a 90 or better (100 or better for the Commerce School).

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if was possible that we scan our official AP score reports and send it to the Registrar's office.

Jeremy said...

Hi Transfermer,

I'm an international student which is required to provide both a bank statement and a letter verifying present employment. My parents just mailed the original bank statement to me but not the letter. I wonder if the letter verifying present employment can be faxed. It will cost around $40 to mail something to the US. If it can be faxed, it will save some time and money. Thanks.

Transfermer said...

Anon with AP score report,
No, the official report must be mailed by the student or electronically from the College Board.

The Financial Guarantee Form and required supporting documents must be mailed to our office in their original. Faxed or emailed financial documents are not official.

Anonymous said...

If I maintain a very high GPA in college but have a mediocre high school transcript will that ruin my chances of getting in?

Stephen said...

I'm having trouble to access my Collegeboard account and find my SAT scores.
Would these be found on the high school transcript at all? I went to a Fairfax County public school if that matters

Transfermer said...

It depends on a lot of factors – your grades, the courses you’ve been taken, if anything was going on in high school that precluded you from doing well. As always, it’s hard to generalize.

Unfortunately, FCPS doesn’t put scores on the transcript. You’ll have to call and speak to someone at College Board about getting the scores.

Anna said...

Under my To Do List it still lists one of my transcripts which I have already sent and as the status it says initiated, I was wondering what exactly initiated indicated

Question said...

If I applied as a freshman last year, are my SAT scores and high school transcripts still on file, or do I need to resend them?

Monica said...

I went to four different high schools. Do you need transcripts from each of them? My last high school has a complete record of my grades.

rithvik said...

I sent my hugh school transcript when I applied as a first year applicant. Do I need to send I again now that I am a transfer applicant?

Transfermer said...

Sorry I didn’t get to these comments earlier guys!

That just means that we’ve received your application and we are waiting on your transcript to be process. As you’ve seen from a post, we are just now opening mail for transfers. Hopefully, your transcript will be matched up soon. Keep an eye on your to-do

SAT scores will be here. We do not have your final high school transcript.

Same for you. If you think back on it, it is likely that we don’t have the grades you received at high school graduation, so you will need to send a high school transcript.

If the last high school shows all of your grades, that will be all that’s needed.

Wil said...

I graduated in 2008, and I'm transferring from the VCCS with an associates degree. I qualify for the guaranteed admissions agreement for the college of engineering. Will my application still be considered if my High School Transcript arrives after the March 1st Deadline?

Transfermer said...

Yes Wil,

We will hold your application for review until we get that HS transcript. That is, as long as you apply by 11:59pm EST tomorrow.