Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rollover Process

If you were not admitted for Spring 2012, there is a possibility that you can "roll over" your application for Fall.  You found some limited instructions on this in your electronic letter.  If you would like to be considered, please email undergradadmission@virginia.edu or send us a letter.   Email is faster, so I would recommend going that route.  When you write, put the word "rollover" somewhere in the subject line.   If you would like to switch schools (Commerce, Engineering, Architecture), please include that wish in your letter as well.

Students who are not eligible for rollover are current juniors attending a four-year university.  Unfortunately, these students are no longer eligible for transfer.  Please check out the main UVA website for information on our graduate programs.

Decisions will be released around May 1 for any rollover student who added to the Fall process.

**Most importantly, you need to send your updated college transcript including your Fall 2011 grades when they become available.  These will be due by March 1, 2012**


Jeremy said...

Hi Transfermer,

What's the benefit of rollover except the free application fee? Can anyone rejected except juniors request a rollover? Does rollover have anything to do with guranteed transfer(with GPA requirement), like the one I received from Cornell because I didn't complete pre courses?

Transfermer said...

The roll over is just another opportunity for your application to be reviewed. The prime advantages are that you don't have to pay again and you don't have to fill out an entirely new application.

Anonymous said...

Hi Transfermer-

I was rejected for my spring transfer admission. Despite the low acceptance rate (13% from you post), I thought I had a very competitive application. Im in-state and had nearly straight As my first year at a 4 year major institution. What is the process to find out more about my decision- in particular I was wondering what would have made me more competitive and what the Admissions Committee felt were my deficiencies. I intend to roll over and try again for the Fall 2012 admission, but would like to put myself in the best possible position. Thanks very much for your helpful posts.

Anonymous said...


I will share something that I learned via a transfer adviser last year. I do not claim that this information is actually how UVA operates, it is just simply a tip that she gave me :) I also can't comment whether or not it pertains to you specifically as I don't know your situation of course!

From what she told me UVA really likes to get applications from students with associate's degrees (at least as far as community college is concerned). I came from a Virginia CC and I think that I was able to get in because I had an associate's degree and had completed all of the required courses that the guaranteed admission agreement stipulated. My GPA was pretty high as well.

Congrats on the awesome GPA, that is really something to be proud of! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors,

Transfermer said...

You may call the office to try and gather more information, but know that high school work and testing are considered when we make our decision.

Anon 2,
Let me be clear in that if you are not going for the GAA, we are not concerned with the Associates Degree. We want you to complete the courses listed here – www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/transferrequirements.html. It would be a mistake to merely follow the associates degree and not check to see what your four year school of interest wants to see.


PleaseAnswer said...

What was the breakdown of third years and second years accepted for Spring 2012?

Transfermer said...

Hi PleaseAnswer,

We don't keep those statistics.

Confused said...

How does one include 4th semester subjects(Sophomore) in his academics section? I will be completing 2-3 pre-req for Commerce School in my Spring Semester at a CC.It seems like there isn't enough space to put those in?Any suggestions?


Transfermer said...

Are you referring to the Academics section of the basic app? If you press the button “Add Course” it will let you add a course. If there are not enough lines for you to enter your courses, you’ll have to type them up in the “Additional Information” section.

Confused said...

Yes,this is for the academics section as I have listed my courses in the order of 1st,2nd and 3rd semester.I try to include subjects from my 4th semester in Spring 2012 to my 3rd semester section,but there wasn't enough lines.

Is there a specific format that I need to write the courses in the additional information section? Would like to make it as coordinated as possible for the admission process

Transfermer said...

This section is only for the current 2011-2012 school year. I think you're confused by the third column. That is for someone who attends a college that is on a trimester system. If your school only has a fall and spring semester, that is what you should list - Fall 2011 courses and Spring 2012 courses.

You can list last year and this year's courses on your Course Description Document. You'll find these instructions on the supplement.

Confused said...

So,to clarify for a Sophomore student

First Semester (Fall 2011)
Second Semester (Spring 2012) ?

Is this correct?

Then classes I took in my Freshmen year,I could either include it in my additional information section on Commonapp or Course Description document to
transferadmission@virginia.edu ?

Transfermer said...

You only need to include your course listing in the course descriptions document. No need to post anything like that in the “Additional Information” section.

Anonymous said...

Dear Transfermer,
I'm currently in my sophomore year at a 4 yr institution and applying to transfer to UVA for the Fall 2012 semester (March 1st application date)as a junior. I will be applying to the Commerce School, but since I recently switched to a business major from a humanities major, I am a class behind what the listed requirements are on your website for the Commerce School. I was planning on taking the class over the summer to get caught up, but am wondering now how this will effect my application, and if you have any advice/guidance?
thank you for your help!

Transfermer said...


This sometimes happens where students are behind in one or two courses. If the Commerce school is impressed with your application, they may admit with the stipulation that you would complete the course in the summer. A student who is missing 3,4, or 5 courses(and hopes to finish them in the summer) will unfortunately not be competitive. Mention it on your application that you are planning to take the course in the summer. This helps us understand that you know about the requirements and what is expected of you.

Chris said...

Hi Transfermer,

I was wondering if there was anyway we could update our essays while having our application roll over? Thanks.

Transfermer said...

Hi there Chris,

Yes, you can do this by sending the updates to undergradadmission@virginia.edu