Saturday, February 11, 2012

Test Requirements for Admission

We had a blogpost request for clarification on testing.  Oh, by the way, the GAA = Guaranteed Admission Agreement.

-Testing is required for all students applying under the GAA, no matter your age or your time out of high school.  If English is your second language, you may substitute the TOEFL or the IELTS for the SAT or ACT.  We look for a 90 or above on the TOEFL; a 7.0 and above on the IELTS. We do not have specific requirements for the SAT or ACT, but if Verbal and Writing scores are low - typically, below 500, we may contact you and ask for more proficiency testing.

-If you are applying as a regular transfer without the GAA, testing is required for anyone who has been out of high school for less than five years.  If you graduated in 2007, to be on the safe side and to be more competitive, we recommend you report scores.  You can submit old test scores as there is no need to take them again.

-If you are applying to the Commerce school... they like to see testing.  We sometimes tell students whose first language is not English is that it's advisable to take the TOEFL and the SAT or ACT.  They are really big on quantitative(math) skills.

I understand we are very different in our testing requirements for transfers.  As a selective institution, we appreciate the information that standardized testing can give us and thus, that's why we require it for most parties applying.


competitive said...

Is there really no competitive or average SAT scores for transfers?

International said...

When should international transfer student submit the Financial Guarantee for Foreign National Applicants?
Before March 1st or after getting admitted?

Can it be faxed or emailed?

theoculus said...

Hi, Transfermer. Just curious: Is the common app supplement printed out and mailed in as a hard copy with attached essays? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I applied last year as a First Year and was wait listed, but I am re-applying as a transfer. Do I need to resend my SAT and AP scores, or do you have them on file from my previous application?

Yee said...

I would like to know the deadline for mid-term report if I apply to transfer in the fall.

Anonymous said...

If our SAT scores are already on file from last year's application, is there a need to re-send them?

Transfermer said...

We have a variety of students applying with different backgrounds, so are sometimes lenient with test scores. Again, scores below 500 might give us pause. Top-notch scores don't hurt a bit :)

All documents have a postmark deadline of March 1. The FGF must be mailed.

We would prefer that you complete the supplement online. Start up an account if you haven’t already and you’ll see how easy it can be.

AnonTesting 1,
You do not need to resend these scores.

There is no officially deadline, but I would recommend getting it into us by mid-March.

Did you send them officially via the College Board or by high school transcript? If they were officially sent to us, then you don’t need to send them again.

nova said...

Hi, Transformer.
I will be getting associates at a 2year community college before transfer.
Do i still need to take one of standard tests?

Transfermer said...

Yes, please look to bullet #2 for your answer.

nova said...

Thank you for your reply.
But i haven't taken any test yet...
Can i take TOEFL in March and report the result? (Do you guys still take test reports after March 1?)

Duraru said...

I just now noticed one of the School Forms was probably aimed at High Schools, is that something I have to provide with my official high school transcripts (I already mailed those). I've been out of high school since 2006.

Moretsu said...

If I have taken my SAT tests and some AP classes and such and had those scores sent to the school, but I don't actually remember what they are, what should I put on the common app? Is it okay to leave them blank?

Anonymous said...

yeah so I never took the sat or act. I already graduated with two associate degrees....... I can still send in my old high school transcripts but shouldn't the fact I graduated Cum Laude be enough? Especially if I meat the requirements and send in the classes and their descriptions.

Anonymous said...

*delete* I never took the sat or act. I already graduated with two associate degrees....... I can still send in my old high school transcripts, but shouldn't the fact I graduated Cum Laude be enough? Especially if I *meet* the requirements and send in the classes and their descriptions. Do I really need to try and figure out how to take the SAT before I can get consideration?

"sorry for the (corrections) The Ipod likes to do funny things to grammar from time to time."

Transfermer said...

We’ll accept the March TOEFL exam. Please tell us on the application that you plan to take it.
Please look on the right column of the front page of this blog.

You can leave it blank if you can’t remember them.

Anon “yeah so,”
We require the high school transcript. This has always been stated on our website and in our literature.

lillyp said...

This question isn't really about tests, but about recommendation letters. What email can we send those to?

lillyp said...

I only ask because when I sent my course description in an email, I received an email back saying I could send any additional information I would like added to my file to,but on this blog it says to send it to
I just don't want to send something to the wrong email!

Transfermer said...

You can have these sent to But in reality, we own all of these email addresses you've seen and mentioned. The different hooks help us filter them. Send information to any of these addresses and it will end up in your file. Two extraordinary colleagues of mine answer all of the email that comes into our office.

SAT questioner said...

I have been out of high school for ++5 years and just took the SAT for the first time with scores from 540-590. In subjects I am great in! I am applying to commerce. Can I add a disclaimer to my 540 in Math? Like you said Commerce(where I applied) is big on math. How will this be viewed by the commerce school?

Transfermer said...

SAT questioner,
Yes, you can add a disclaimer. Earning As in your math courses will help your case.

sat questioner 2 said...

So will earning As in the subjects we didn't do so well in on the SAT will in a way substitute for the poor grades, or in a way support that you are a strong student?

Anonymous said...

If I applied last year for first year admission do I need to send my SAT and AP scores again?

Transfermer said...

Sat questioner 2,
Yes, if you are not a good test taker, you need to show that you can do well in the classroom.

Anon with testing,

cs nova said...

Do I send in my SAT scores through college board?

mindgamematt5 said...

I graduated high school in 2006 and have never taken any tests (ACT, SAT).

I am applying to the commerce school as a transfer, do I really need to start studying for the SAT or ACT?

What if I decide to just apply to UVA instead of the Commerce school? I am not such a great test taker, however my GPA is currently 3.9, do I really have to take some time off from applying to study and take the SAT or ACT?

martha victor said...

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nancy john said...
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