Monday, February 27, 2012

Looking towards March 1st

You can see from the calendar that there are just a few days left until March 1.  If you are putting the finishing touches on your application, that's great. Please know that the application must be completed by the end of the day on March 1.   Please make sure you submit all three parts - Basic Application, Application Supplement, and the Application Fee.  If you do not do this, you run the risk of our not receiving your application.

Materials such as transcripts, testing and recommended parts are just beginning to be added to your files.  We received 28,000 first-year applications this year and we are still in the throes of that process. This will conclude on April 1st.  It is not until the end of February that we start to zero in on matching up documents/transcripts/etc for transfers.

Please use your SIS account to monitor whether we have received your required materials.  Please do not call the office to check to see if we've received your materials.  It will take time to scan and process your documents. I'll try to give an update on here about how our file services team is doing in a few weeks.

I will not have any statistics on the applicant pool until the application process is complete.  I hope to give you more information in April, but per usual, about 600-700 students will be admitted. 

Finally, I would request civility and respect on this blog. Our admission blogs and the information we give are a courtesy to our prospective students.   Again, please do not criticize others for their inquiries.  As I have said in the past, we have the right to delete disrespectful commentary.  Please do not answer questions of other commenters.  In addition to the work we do during this extremely busy admissions season, we will answer your questions as best we can and in a timely manner.   Thank you for reading and thanks for understanding.


Neal said...

Are we able to fax our letters of recommendation and high school transcripts along with the course descriptions, or do those documents have to be mailed?

This is a great blog, and has really helped me familiarize myself with UVA's transfer process. Thanks for all the hard work you do in updating it regularly.

Transfermer said...

Thanks Neal. High school transcripts cannot be faxed. These must be mailed either by the applicant(sealed) or the school. The other parts can be faxed to 434-924-3587, but if they are emailed, the matching process will be expedited.

rising third year said...

This is sort of random.. but do admitted rising second years generally need a higher GPA to be admitted than those that are rising third years?

Ana said...

I sent my HS transcripts as well as my college transcrips about a month ago but they are still not checked off my SIS account. When I went to the community college day, Olivia told me that it is possible for them to get lost in the mail. Should I wait or should I request for them to be sent again?
I'm aware the deadline is coming up and I don't want my file to be incomplete..
Thank you!

Jon said...

Where can we access our SIS account? Like where to obtain username / password?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your hard work, just a quick question though.

If we applied last year, is our SIS account from last year still valid or will we be issued a new account to track which forms you have received?

Katie said...

Do you know how many applicants UVA receives for the School of Nursing, and how many are accepted?

Leah said...

When's the latest you'd recommend sending in a recommendation? I made the mistake of not getting to know my professors last semester and the ones I have this semester don't know me very well yet!

Same idea for the midterm report -- when's the latest we can send these in?

Transfermer said...

Rising third year,
No, I wish it were that easy. Unfortunately, there isn't a formula.

Do not worry. It will take us at least 10-14 days to match up your transcripts after the application is submitted.

It takes 24-72 hours for your application to be processed. Once it goes through the system, you’ll be prompted here - to sign up for your password.

Anon who applied last year,
You should receive information on a new account.

About 25% of nursing applicants are admitted. Most are for the RN-BSN program.

We can only promise that a recommendation will reach your application(prior to review) if it’s postmarked by March 1. Otherwise, send it as soon as possible and we’ll see that it eventually gets to your file.

Akali said...

Dear Transfermer:

My to-do list is now complete, so I assume everything is in order.

The only question I have is a worry/concern of mine.

I am a permanent resident, so I faxed mine and my mother's green card, is there anyway to verify your receiving of them?


Hannah said...

I am a low income student and I was wondering if there is anyway in which the fee can be waived?

Thank you, your help is much appreciated!

Kat said...

For the personal essay on the Common App, it says to make the essay the same for all the colleges, but I'm only applying to UVa. Is it okay to say in the essay why I want to attend UVa specifically or should the essay be more generic?

Transfermer said...

If we need this and it didn’t arrive, the Office of Virginia Status will contact you.

Please click the Application Fee Waiver request button and you’ll be directed towards information on how to formally request this procedure.

It’s fine to be specific.

simon said...


If I applied as a transfer student last year, do I need to send in another copy of my high school transcript? I read in a previous blog post that I wouldn't have to, but I'm receiving conflicting information from the admissions office.


credit said...

You say that you look for at least 24-30 credits for a transfer student? Does that mean by that time you apply or the time you'd finish up the current semester?

transfer! said...


I'm applying under the GAA. I started taking classes at PVCC in high school, and I graduated hs in May 2010. Do I need a certain number of credits taken at a VCCS AFTER I graduate high school to qualify for GAA? Some of my friends have said different things.
Thanks! I'm so nervous about applying!

Sara said...

Hello, the sidebar of this blog lists for the email address to send materials but the commonapp lists Which one should we send to?

YunWoo Hong said...

I am class of 2014. And I am wondering about to ratio. What is the acceptance rate? (I mean for average)

CavBoySinceZygote said...

How’re those essays coming along? I bet the applications are filled with greasy McEssays like Dean J kept talking about. Just curious, what’s the weather like this time of year in Charlottesville?

strawberry said...

How do I obtain an SIS account? Is this something that will be sent to me after they receive my application? I just sent it in earlier today but have sent in letters of rec/test scores and transcripts at least a month ago, if that helps.

Transfermer said...

If you applied as a transfer last year, you do not need to send a new high school transcript. Understand that it will take us more time to match up this document because we will have to go into archives for it. Let me reiterate readers that this is the case for Simon because he applied as a TRANSFER last year. Students who applied as FIRST-YEARS LAST YEAR must send new high school transcripts.

If this is your freshman year in college, you need to have at least 24-30 POST-HS credits by the end of this spring semester in order to be eligible for transfer.

You need to earn 45 credits after high school in order to have the GAA.

Either one will work.

YunWoo Hong,
I am sorry, but I do not understand your question. About 35% of transfers are admitted. I hope that will answer your question.

Approximately 24-72 hours after you have applied, you should receive an email with information on your Student System account.

simon said...


Thanks for the timely response. Does the same apply for SAT scores and secondary school forms?

CavBoySinceZygote said...

After I receive the email with information on about my Student System account, will I be able to take the French Placement test before acceptance?

4 year said...

If I am in my first year at a four year university and have completed all the requirements EXCEPT for the foreign language pre req. will missing the foreign language requirement (even if I plan to complete it by the end of my second year) ruin my chances of admission this fall?

4 year said...

my transcript should indicate that i will be taking foreign language this summer at my university. will this be beneficial in regard to my last post?

Anonymous said...

can the common application be submitted during the day on march 1st?

Transfermer said...

Yes Simon.

The placement exam isn’t offered until you have been admitted and paid the deposit. This is a summer orientation task.

4 year,
No, not necessarily. If you have taken most if not all of the other courses, it puts you in a good position. Now, obviously having started your language would put you in a better position, but we’ll review you with what you have. That would be great if you listed it on your application, but it won’t necessarily improve your chances.

Yes, you can apply until 11:59pm EST today. Please don’t leave it until the last minute.

Worried said...

I submitted my application on the 26th but I still haven't received my SIS login information. Is that normal?

Wil said...

I managed to get my application in on time, but had a question concerning the GAA.

By the end of Spring Semester, I will have completed all of the necessary credit requirements for the GAA. However, I will graduate this spring with credits pending, and will be required to take two humanities courses over the summer to complete my associates. Do I still qualify for the GAA?

theoculus said...

Hi, Transfermer.
I've submitted my CommonApp already. As a military veteran, I wanted to include some of my awards and decorations from my time in the Army. It is my error to not include them in a document at the end of the CommonApp. I am asking if i may email them to admissions to add to my file? I don't want to inconvenience the staff at a busy time of year, and I am ok if it is inappropriate to send them this way. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Transfermer/UVA admissions,

Thanks for maintaining such a helpful website. Other schools provide nowhere near as much advice and assistance throughout the transfer process, and I you commend you all for doing so.

Since the deadline has now passed, I was wondering, what object does UVA admissions office believe represent humanity?

transcript query said...

Hey Transfermer,

I attended a high school for 9th grade, but I then transferred for 10th,11th, and graduated 12th grade (in 2007). I know for a fact that my grades for the 9th grade high school are on my second high school's transcript. Do you need both?

homeschooled student said...

I have submitted the full application March 1st. My teacher notified me that she still has not submitted the 'homeschool supplement'. Is it too late/pointless to send it now? Can she fax it?

Transfermer said...

Please go into your account and make sure you officially clicked submit on the AppBasic, the AppSupplement and the Application Fee. If you’ve done this check to see that there isn’t a typo in the email address that you submitted.

Unfortunately, you must complete all requirements (including the Associates degree) by the end of the Spring semester.

Not to worry. You may email this information to us.

Thanks. We actually haven’t discussed our answer to this question. We’ll leave it up to you all.

Transcript query,
If you know that your 9th grade results have been added, all you need is the one transcript.

Homeschooled student,
It is not too late. She may fax it to 434-924-3587.

Moretsu said...

I had trouble answering the one item that represents humanity since someone far more intelligent than me decided on that a while ago. See:

Anonymous said...

I feel as though the question was asked to display the bounds of our imagination. There is really no right or wrong answer, as long as we can successfully portray a sense of detail, ingenuity and originality.

I searched the web for the question, but I decided that it would not be the best option seeing as UVA admissions probably has seen all the cliché answers already.

The golden disc on the two Voyager space crafts was a method of showing to any alternate forms of life that our civilization did exist at some point in time, not necessarily the most imaginative idea, but definitely the best idea.

CavBoySinceZygote said...

Moretsu, it’s already been done. You didn’t send it the Golden Disk, they asked what you would send.

Anonymous said...

Can the Mid-Term Report be faxed or must it be mailed?

Bobby said...

I submitted my application on the 29th and still haven't gotten my SIS information yet. How long is it supposed to typically take for the system to send this out after an app has been submitted?

anxious said...

can you guesstimate how many students usually apply to transfer into the school of architecture? and of those about how many usually get in? I heard it was a really low number

Guillaume le Bâtard said...

when would be the optimal time to mail in the midterm report? (note: my classes end in late May, a bit unusual)

Phillip said...

After I submitted my application, my checklist said that I needed to have two transcripts from pvcc, is this true, or is this just an error? Also, recently one of the two fell off, and I am not sure if that means that it has been processed, or if it means that someone in your office discovered the error and fixed it in sis. Could you help me?

Popo said...

Okay, so I submitted my application on the 29th and still haven't gotten my SIS information. I submitted everything and the email is correct as well. When will I receive the SIS info? i'm panicking now ....

Transfermer said...

Mid-Year Anon,
It can be faxed.

Bobby and Popo,
I’m now being told that when a lot of people apply at the same time, the issuance of UserID and Passwords get backed up. Please wait 5-7 days from the time you applied. If you still have heard anything by Wednesday, click on and look at the box on the right labeled New User Access.

Each year about 40-50 architecture students apply and around 5-7 are admitted.

Guillaume le Batard,
After you complete mid-term exams or projects.

You must have listed PVCC as a former school and a current school. That is why it appeared twice. If one was taken down, that must mean it’s been processed. The double of it will probably be taken off in due time.

8 week said...

I sent in my college transcript a few weeks ago. However, I just finished an 8 week course and that has just been added to my transcript. Should I send another transcript?

Phillip said...

Its been fixed! thank you so much for having this forum up! It has been really helpful.

Transfermer said...

8 week,
Sure, you can do that.

Sparkling Chrysanthemum said...

Dear Transfermer,

Thank you so much for cleaning up the random filth that appeared on the blog recently. I, and others, look to the blog to help guide us through our applications and last minute crises. Thank you for taking the time to update and to answer our questions, even after rude people play stupid jokes.

Transfermer said...

Thank you Sparkling.

Alyse said...

When should I receive my SIS account information? I want to check to see if everything went through.

Transfermer said...

Any luck Alyse? If it's been more than ten days since you applied, you should look into the help emails under New User Access here -

Meg said...

Just wondering I never took Standardized Testing, I graduated from high school class of 2010. I've signed up for ACT in April, will this be acceptable if I want to transfer Fall 2012? I submitted my application and paid my fees, before realizing I would need test scores, I have my High School and College Transcripts ready to mail.

Transfermer said...

This is cutting it a bit close. We probably won’t have this test score before we need to make our decision.

Moe said...

I have applied to UVA as a transfer. I graduated from high school in 07 and was told I don't need any standardized test but when I look at sis it still has it as I need it. Please tell me what I should do because I don't want to keep worrying about it.

Transfermer said...

Standardized testing automatically populates the to-do lists of every applicant. The fact that it is on your particular to-do list (you say you’ve been out for five years) will not keep your application from being reviewed and will not lead to a deny decision.

sohaib said...

I am transfer student, my question is that when i click on decision it said that i need to come back on may 1st. what does that suppose to mean? I meant does it means that i am on waiting list or something or what?