Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Firm Financial Aid Deadline

If you plan to apply for financial aid, there is a drop-dead deadline this year.  The deadline, March 1, is always the same as it's been in the past, but this year, if you don't apply by said date, you run the risk of not receiving grants and need-based scholarships.  Remember that only permanent residents and U.S. citizens can apply for aid. Provided you show need, you have just as much access to need-based aid as a first-year applicant.  Two forms are required when applying for aid -- The FAFSA and the CSS Profile.

Student Financial services is very accessible, via their website, facebook or twitter.

Check out the website... after you read this post ... and get started in February.  


Samantha Lockhart said...


I was wondering as to whether or not it is acceptable to send international transcripts that were ordered a while ago and sent to home, to send to UVA? Or do college transcripts have to be sent directly to UVA?

Mimi said...

Hi, I'm apply to transfer Uva for this Fall. I did complete FAFSA for Uva already. However, CSS profile requires to pay for the application. So I just wonder should I do CSS even when I'm not sure that I can get into Uva? or should I wait until I get admitted and apply for Financial aid later?

Transfermer said...

As long as they are official transcripts, we’ll accept them from either location. You are bound by the honor code once you fill out an application and we trust that if it is coming from you, it is an official transcript.


This is a great question and the tough thing about the CSS Profile. If you want to be eligible for aid, you must complete it by the deadline. DO NOT WAIT TO HEAR IF YOU’VE BEEN ADMITTED.