Monday, March 31, 2008

Summer Courses at UVA

Whether or not you are an enrolled student, you can take summer courses at UVA. If you are admitted, we highly recommend that you come in and take at least one class. This gets you acclimated to the University, our teaching styles and gives you some time to become accustomed to UVA before the hubbub of Fall semester. This is not at all required, but just a suggestion. This will not hurt or help your chances if you are on the wait list. Your spring grades are the most important factor when we look at the waiting list.

If you decide to take summer classes at your college or university, these credits have the ability to transfer if there is an equivalent at UVA.


Anonymous said...

I have a question. I checked online at UVA's undergraduate transfer page, and it says that UVA College of Arts and Sciences will only take up to 60 credits from another university. I am applying as a sophomore transfer (I am currently a freshman), and I pray that I get into UVA. However, if in the unfortunate event that I do not get accepted, I want to apply again for Fall 2009. I will, however, have more than 60 credits if I apply next year, because I might be taking summer courses, and I might be taking around 18-19 credits per semester. Is there anyway that I can transfer all my credits to the College of Arts and Sciences?

As of right now this is hypothetical, but if I am unfortunate and do not receive admission this time around, then this will be a big concern for me.

Harvey said...

Just to help you out anonymous - I am a current sophmore with 83 credits, applying to enter UVA next year as a junior. It is my understanding that I will loose 23 credits by entering into UVA if I am accepted. A small price to pay though!

Sud said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah that's my main issue with transferring as a sophomore, and entering as a junior. You will lose a lot of credits. Is there anyway possible to avoid losing all these credits? Also, if you do lose all these credits, does UVA still recognize that you completed those courses and they will still be counted towards your major/minor?

Anonymous said...

I took the equivalent listed in the Transfer Credit Analyzer of RELC 121 at my current school because I wanted to finish the Non-Western Perspectives requirement. Now, the Transfer Credit Analyzer is listing the course at my current school as not satisfying the Non-Western Perspectives requirement anymore, though it is still listed as the equivalent of RELC 121 and RELC 121 still satisfies the Non-Western Perspectives requirement. Is this accurate? Will I have to take an additional course to satisfy the Non-Western Perspectives requirement if I get into UVA?

Ben Minehart said...

I'm in a similar predicament as the anonymous poster above regarding the non-Western perspectives requirement. I took REL233 at NVCC (Introduction to Islam) with the understanding that it is a non-Western perspective religion class, but the transfer analyzer lists this class as not meeting this requirement. Is there any latitude in the definition of non-Western perspective? The only NVCC religion class that isn't an independent studies course is 'Eastern Religions', which probably can't be any clearer as far as its compatibility with the NW-perspective definition. :-)

Transfermer said...


It's important to note that the College of Arts and Sciences does not take transfers who have completed more than 2.5 years of full time schooling. I know this is a little confusing, but there is a rule that states if you have this much education at another institution, you would be taking up valuable spots of students who haven't come this far. Therefore, we recommend that you stay at your current school, and look to us for graduate study.

It is always the rule that you can only transfer 60 credits.

You may have 60+ credits at your current school, but one can never tell if the registar or departments will find an exact UVA equivalent for all of these courses here.


No, just as these credits will not transfer, the courses will not transfer. However, I believe the schools try their best to pick what would be most beneficial to your major or degree.

Non-Western Anon,

All of the evidence I've found leads to me see this course Rel 205will satisfy the non-western perspective requirement.


You're right. For some reason this is not showing up on the College of Arts and Sciences website.

I have to confidently confess that I am not the best source for telling if the courses will satisfy requirements. That is because we in the admission office don't do the evaluation. After your file leaves us, the "College" evaluates this credit. Please email OUR main email address, and we'll direct your questions to their department. This may take some time as this is not the time for this evaluation. They prefer to do it in early summer in preparation for orientation.

Allison Dreon said...

I have a question concerning your comment that the "College of Arts and Sciences does not take transfers who have completed more than 2.5 years of full time schooling." Does this apply to students who are coming from a community college, such as Northern Virginia Community College?

I will have 80 credits after this semester. 10 credits are from two semesters of Spanish introductory (SPA101 and SPA102) level and 2 credits I’m taking this semester are from an advanced studio ceramics course (ART 298). I am certain these credits will not transfer. This brings me down to 68 credits.

Will having this many credits ruin my chances of transferring? I do not mind losing credits, I was aware of the policy that UVA only accepts 60 credits when I applied. However, I was not aware that having too many credits would disqualify an applicant. If I had known, I would have not taken classes this semester (Spring 2008).

Please clarify!

Allison Dreon
2008 hopeful UVA transfer student

Anonymous said...

For the summer courses, do you provide room and board and if so, what are the rates ? I have applied as a transfer student for second year (currently a first year) and am interested, if admitted of course, to take a class during the summer.

Also, I am a government and political science major so what course would you suggest I take? I hope I am not getting too ahead of myself by asking these questions before I am even admitted...


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