Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Transfer Notification is MAY 1

I found a little bit of confusion on Dean J's blog. Transfer notifications will go out May 1, not April 1. This is a separate process from the first year process. For transfers, as you know the deadline was March 1. We have just begun to read transfer applications, but we promise you will know by May 1 :)


Sean said...


Thank you for setting up this parallel blog for the transfer process. I was wondering if you could provide any insight into how state residency plays into transfer admissions? Thanks for your help.

Very Respectfully,
Sean F

Lucy said...

Hi Transfermer,
Thank you so much for updating this blog so often and keep us informed :)
I have a question about the additional recommendation letter. Since the reviewing of the transfer application already started a week ago, is it too late to submit additional recommendation from my professor? Or, if my applicaiton has already been reviewed, will you take the new information into account? Thank you!

Muhaimein said...


I am curious about the transfer applicant selection process.

Do you emphasize more on a student's grade at a four-year/community college to his/her transfer essay?

What do you look for in Engineering Transfer students?

If it is not too late can we still send in additional letter of recommendations?

Also how many students actually recieve AccessUVa? Can we talk about AccessUVa and financial aid on this blog?


Cesar said...

I was wondering if there will also be a DOTL for transfer students and if so has there been a scheduled date?

Dana said...

Thanks so much for the constant updates. Its nerve racking to sit here from Oct-May wondering about whats going on. Though the updates are only a slight momentary relief.:-)

Transfermer said...


Like the first year process, the aim is to have a combination of 2/3rds in-state and a 1/3rd out of state mix. So, being a state resident gives students a slight advantage.


You may send in an additional recommendation letter, but we cannot promise it will make it to the file in time for review. Regardless, eventually it will be placed in the file.


The most important portion of the application is a student's coursework and grades. As I mentioned before, high school is equally as important as college for a rising second-year applicant. For a rising third-year applicant, the high school record is slightly less important.

Please see the recommended coursework section of our transfer to see what we look for from Engineering applicants.

Please email for questions about Access.


We do not have DOTL for transfers. The schedule is just too tight for this opportunity.

You're welcome Dana! Now, I just have to keep up while we simultaneously read applications.

Aimes said...

Could you explain what happens with those who are trying to transfer with guaranteed admissions. Is there a different process for reviewing those applications? Thank you.

Transfermer said...


Students applying under the guaranteed agreement follow the same application process.

Mike V said...

What are the rules about summer classes? If we get accepted for the fall can we take summer classes at UVA to try and catch up if we're behind or do we have to take classes at another college and will that credit be accepted?

Muhaimein said...


How much important are our SAT scores as we are transfer students?


Kenneth said...

Hello, Transfermer

My status still indicates that U.Va. haven't received my transcripts but I haven't got any email from U.Va. as well. Should I call the admissions office?



Anonymous said...

nice to see a process update described in such a detailed manner,it would be great if you can give statistics of last year's admitted students for vaious schools like commerce, engineering

Anonymous said...

You can see the statistics of transfers to specific schools at UVA here:

Anonymous said...

The tranfer notification date applies to nursing student as well

Anonymous said...

I am applying to transfer as a second year student. I know you look at high school grades and college grades relatively equally. I am a Dean's List student at my current school with a GPA of 3.8 and I'm taking the course load of a sophomore or junior as a freshman. In high school, I didn't do as well (GPA of about 3.6), mostly because my school didn't inflate GPAs the way a lot of schools do (we had a stricter grading scale with 94-100 as an A and an extra .5 only for AP courses, but not for honors or anything). I received very good scores on my AP exams and my SAT scores are on par with UVA's, but I'm worried that my high school grades will hurt me. Does UVA take into account the different grading scales of high schools? Does UVA look positively on a student who did decently in high school, but improved a lot in college?

hopefulUVAtransfer08 said...


Does UVA leave extra spaces in its classes for incoming transfer students? It appears that it is going to be difficult for transfers to take the classes that they need if we are going to be registering after everybody else.

Rage Kage said...

How much do things other than grades factor into decisions? For instance, I'm a single parent with sole custody of my daughter, working full-time and going to school full-time. I applied to UVA because they have the best program for what I am interested in, but the combination of juggling life took a hit on my GPA- I'm probably around a 3.25. I guess I'm just afraid if the only criterion that's seriously looked at is grades, I'm SOL. Any insight you can provide into this would be appreciated. Thanks!

Transfermer said...
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Transfermer said...

Mike V,

Please see the new post. Thanks for the question.


While the SATs are a required part of the application, they are less important than your grades and coursework from college or high school.


We are still processing transcripts. I will announce on the blog when email requests are going out to students. Thanks for being patient.

Transfermer said...

For the admission statistics, you can start at, then click data digest, then click text links, then scroll down and click on Undergraduate(Transfer)

Transfermer said...


We do take into account the different grading scales of a school or school system. But in addition to that, we're looking at the difficulty of your hs coursework. And to answer your last question, yes, we look highly upon improvement over time.


I believe I posted a comment about this in the past. There are not spaces available for transfers in all courses, but there some. And yes, it can be a bit rough registering for your first semester here, but I believe my comment/post detailed how you can help yourself in this situation.

Rage Kage,

We do take life experiences into account when making decisions. We are also looking to see that you've taking the prescribed classes with the grades you have. We are hopeful applicants will explain these life situations in their applications. Otherwise, how will we know?

Aedificator said...

I don't know if anyone else has looked at the admission statistics for the architecture transfers, but they sure are intimidating!

Is there any approximate number for this year of how many offers will be made to A-school transfer hopefuls? I assume the offers are made depending on the number of open slots in the A-school.

I am extremely nervous about the 10-15% acceptance rate for architecture!

Lucy said...


I am applying to Architecture School too. I just checked out the data and I want to CRY...:(

I could only think it this way: If you got accepted to A school, it's just like you won a HUGE lottery.

Ben Minehart said...

Am I the only one, or is reading the DeanJ post for waitlisted students very discouraging? There are a number of applicants with (seemingly) stellar resum├ęs who have been waitlisted...even after receiving "likely letters". I, for one, am dreading the next month while waiting for my response...

Muhaimein said...

No offence to anyone! But I would encourage you to not be discouraged if you do not get accepted!

I know it's a lot of planning, dreams, expectations and effort, but life is like that. Full of twists, and strong people find a way out to get back on their feet.

"There is always hope!" (I think Gandalf said that, but in another place he said, "There never was much hope just a fools hope" but that's not for me!)

"Life is struggle for existence" - Charles Robert Darwin

For me failure or rejection is a challenge to my ability, and getting ignored always inspired me to work harder and prove people wrong about me!

Anonymous said...

Does the transfer notification applies to nursing students as well?

Transfermer said...

Aedificator and Lucy,
Architecture is very competititive due to it's small class size. Each class has about 80 students. As you can see the numbers are pretty consistent. The admit rate will likely be 10-15% again.

I think Dean J is very honest in saying that we have so many qualified candidates that we just cannot offer to all of them. Those who received likely letters and then were not offered or wait-listed likely had poor mid year grades.

Thank you for your words. We know it's a stressful time and unlike the entering first years, you have a taste of what college is like. You know what doesn't work, and what might not work for you. That is why you've applied to transfer. But keep in mind, UVA might not the only place for you. There are others and sometimes you'll find you're comfortable where you are.


Nursing school notifications also go out May 1. This is consistent for all transfers applying to all schools.

Aedificator said...


I want to first say thanks for the helpful comments you post here. This blog is really great for those of us who are sitting around, nervously awaiting decisions! I can only imagine how nervous I'll be in the week before May 1!

I see that in the FAQs Architecture applicants do not HAVE to submit a portfolio. However, is there a way to submit one if we choose to? Or would a portfolio not be considered in our review? I just want to help make my application as strong as possible to increase my chances of getting into the A-school.

osmared said...

You said that students will knoe BY May 1st the admissions decision, does that mean you begin informing before May 1st or not?
Will the acceptance or rejection available for viewing through "application status) or is the letter the only way the decision is communicated?

Transfermer said...

You're most welcome Aedificator.
Try not to be too nervous. Afterall, you have final exams to keep you occupied. Please do not send portfolios. They are not required and therefore if you send them in, they will not be reviewed by the admissions committee. We are judging to see whether you are fit or not by examining your courses and essays.

Osmared and all readers,

All I can tell you right now is that the tranfer decisions will be released online(by checking your application status) on May 1. We will send letters on the same day. If it happens that decisions will come out early, we'll tell you on this blog. But as it stands right now, May 1 is the target.

Sharrah said...

Great! I was looking at the first year blog and wondering what was happening! I'm glad that I found the transfer student sight! :) I'll be sure to check in now and again.

Anonymous said...

My grades went down slightly last year because of surgery and I missed three weeks. They only went down from a 3.6 first semester to a 3.3 second semester (when I had the surgery). I forgot to put this on my application. Will this hurt me?

Transfermer said...

Because your post contained personal information, I've deleted it. Yes, your situation will be taken into consideration, but our goal is to make sure you'll be successful at UVA. Most of our admitted students have an overall strong A/B average.