Monday, March 10, 2008

Mid Semester Grades?

Transfer applicants often ask us if we want mid semester grades. These are not required because they are not official, complete grades. A final exam or paper at the end of the semester may drastically change your grade and so we can't really take these into account. We read everything up to your previous semester's grades. You may send them in if you like, but again, we don't take them very seriously.


Jonathan said...


I sent in my transfer application for the School of Commerce back in February. Within the past week I have received responses from several companies about leadership conferences/programs for this upcoming summer. I wanted to add these conferences/programs to my application so I called the Admissions Office and they told me to fax over a page with the additions. They did say, however, there is a slight chance it will not be looked at by the committee. This concerned me because I know how competitive it is to get in. Do late additions to applications usually get looked at?

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

Maharlika Habagat said...


Are you reviewing transfer applications now? I know I shouldn't call the office regarding the arrival of my transcripts, but the status is still 'unreceived'. I do not want to have double copies of my credentials, but I am really worried. Thanks!

Tabassum said...


I know this is off-topic but I was wondering whether transfer students receive likely letters?

Thank you in advance,


Olivia said...


We will try to file and examine all of the paperwork available to us at the time of review. Unfortunately, the deadline is there for a reason. But we understand that life moves quickly for transfers. Many developments happen after March 1. Your best bet is to email us this information as soon as possible. Again, we will do our best have it in the file by the time of review.


Olivia said...


We are currently processing hundreds of transcripts and appreciate your patience. Yours may be in waiting. If we find that we do not have your transcripts by the time we go to review your file, we will contact you for a fax and second original version. Please don't worry. But please, please check your email daily for requests or updates from us.


Transfermer said...

Ah, you lucky post-ers have seen me reveal my identity. Sorry for the confusion. I'll be posting as Transfermer from now on.

Transfermer said...

No, we do not send likely letters to transfers.

Tabassum said...

Aww, don't worry "transfermer"--I did that on the prospective students blog as well! haha

Muhaimein said...

Hi Transfermer!

hehe! I've met you when you visited our college in Spring 2007 Transfermer! Hope you are well!

I was just wondering, how much important are our SAT scores to the evaluators?