Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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Hey folks,

For those of you who have posting as anonymous, it would be helpful if you gave yourself a name. That helps in answering questions and you quickly being able to find your post from an earlier date.


Muhaimein said...

Hi Transfermer,

How compatitive is the BME program?
I mean, do a lot of Virginia students with a 4.0 GPA get rejected?

I met an UVa counselor in Fall 2007 when she visited NOVA. She seemed positive about my transcripts and my student involvements, and told me that I just need to take a PHYSICS 232 class and take the SAT.


Jessica said...


I recall hearing a couple of years back that a transfer student’s high school grades were virtually ignored in the admission process if s/he were to apply after two years of college. I understand this year the officers are weighing a third-year transfer student’s high school grades. Do you know what brought on this shift? Also I know improvement is looked highly upon, but would you say a 3.6 college gpa and an excellent extracurricular program are enough to outweigh a mediocre high school transcript? Thanks for taking your time to address this.


Brittany said...

How easy is it to get on-campus housing, if one is accepted as a transfer student?

Raveen said...

I recently entered into a few more extracurricular activities at my current university. Is there a way to add these activities to my application? Thank you.


Raveen Shah

tennisplayer5 said...

Recently, I received a letter from UVA that granted me in-state tuition for the Summer Language Institute.... Does this apply for the fall semester as well?

Or..... Will we receive a separate letter for in-state Virginia tuition in the fall 08' semester?


Sarah said...

I am a rising third-year applicant and have applied to the Commerce school. I would like to be considered for another school at UVA if I dont get in but did not indicate so on my application. However, I did fax in a letter requesting this before the deadline. Would this be reviewed by the admissions committee? Thank you in advance.

Laurie said...

This kind of goes along with Sarah's question....I did not know that I could request to be considered for multiple schools. Is there a way I can request this at this point in time? Where/How do I send this request?

Anonymous said...

Hi Transfermer-

Thanks for this blog. I have been wait listed for the fall of 2008 and have a question about a strategy for improving my chances for transferring into UVA after my freshman year at another school. Assuming I follow the UVA guidance regarding course work, that I take challenging classes, pursue the same level of extra-curricular activities, and maintain strong grades, would UVA look more favorably at a candidate transferring from VA Tech or the University of Michigan? Ideally I would like to land somewhere and stay there, but for now I'm having a hard time letting go...



Eric said...

Hey guys...Im noone special, but i read a lot. ;D


Im not sure where you have heard this, but I am sure that there is no more weight granted to highschool transcripts than has been in the past. Having only one year of college will require UVa admissions to hold your highschool transcript higher than if you completed two years of college. Therefore, if your highschool transcript is a bit shaky, perhaps take two years of college coursework.


I have read that they have housing specifically for transfer students. There are many other choices if you opt out of those "transfer dorms". Personally, I think its the blind leading the blind, so I want to live with people that know the school. ;D No offense, I'm sure you all are great people!


From what I understand You can add notes to your current transcript, but cannot actually change what you had previously sent. If you feel you have something that dramatically changes your current situation, I would say go for it. Otherwise, don't stress it.


DO NOT, I repeat...DO NOT make that decision based upon what you think will look better to the admissions office of UVa. Firstly, you will be selling yourself short. Live it up and take advantage fo all the resources at whatver school you go to. Also, I don't think any college you potentially will transfer to will put too much of an emphasis on the school you attend. They will look at the rigour of coursework, how well you did in the college environment, etc. I will say that In-State students have more slots that out-of-state folks.

Again guys, I am not transfermer. I am just trying to help.

Dave said...

I know its a little too late now - my application having been submitted in Jan. - but I was under the impression that we only had to write one essay. The other questions just needed short answers, but not complete essays. Am I right about this?? Thanks for your time!

Allison Dreon said...

I have a question concerning your comment that the "College of Arts and Sciences does not take transfers who have completed more than 2.5 years of full time schooling." Does this apply to students who are coming from a community college, such as Northern Virginia Community College?

I will have 80 credits after this semester. 10 credits are from two semesters of Spanish introductory (SPA101 and SPA102) level and 2 credits I’m taking this semester are from an advanced studio ceramics course (ART 298). I am certain these credits will not transfer. This brings me down to 68 credits.

Will having this many credits ruin my chances of transferring? I do not mind losing credits, I was aware of the policy that UVA only accepts 60 credits when I applied. However, I was not aware that having too many credits would disqualify an applicant. If I had known, I would have not taken classes this semester (Spring 2008).

Please clarify!

Allison Dreon
2008 hopeful UVA transfer student

Kevin said...

Hi there,

Is there a wait list for transfer applicants? I had always assumed that applying as a transfer there was no wait list simply because we find out so late in the year that there'd be no time for them to get off the wait list.

Also, if we are denied admission and wish to reapply for the Spring 2009 semester, is the application the same? And will we have to resend recommendations if we just had them sent 6 months earlier for our fall 2008 application?

Dane said...

Hi there,

I haven't received an e-mail saying that the admissions office needs my transcript, but when I log into my UVA account, it still says that my high school transcripts have not been received. Is the admissions office still working on getting around to this, or should I be worried?

Matthew said...

I have the same situation as Dane. My status says that you have received my official college transcript, but that you haven't received my high school transcript. I'm worried because I sent in my high school transcript over a month before my college one.

jan said...

i also have the same case with regards to high school transcripts. the thing is i forwarded my transcript to the office, as well as other documents. if your high school was the one who sent your transcripts to UVA, it's probably considered official. well, that's just a hunch. please confirm my hunch, Transfermer. thank you very much for your help.

Anonymous said...

Hi Transfermer,
i have same concern regarding the transcripts as three posters above me, except mine says the college transcript is not received and high school transcript is received. Should i be worried?

Rage Kage said...

How quickly will housing be available if we are accepted? More importantly, WILL housing be available if we are accepted? I will have to move my daughter and I to Charlottesville, find a new job, et cetera, and if I have to hunt for off-campus housing, any heads up I can get would be awesome.

shirlyong said...

Hi Transformaer,

I am now going to a quarter system community college. i jsut received my grades for Winter quarter. Should I report it to UVa? Moreover, if I taking courses other than those I mentioned in my application in Spring, do I have to report them? Recently, my GPA went down a bit because I took some honors classes, which is more challenging. I did not explain this in my application. Does it hurt? Thanks for taking your time to reply us and set up this blog. It's really useful.


Dana said...

I was wondering about Transfer credits from Mary Baldwin. When I looked last year at them, all the credits appeared to transfer. Thats how i planned my terms out for NVCC. Now looking at it, they won't transfer. Would that mean i'd have to play catch up at UVA?

Aimes said...

I am hoping to enter into the University with guaranteed admissions, when I filled out my application I checked the box but when I printed out my application it wasn't visible. Will you all still be able to see that I want to use guaranteed admissions? Also, last year I heard that UVA was "heavily recruiting" transfers, how exactly should this be interpreted?

tennisplayer5 said...

Ok- I was told to use the "Transfer Blog" for my questions by another transfer applicant..But it appears as if the other admissions blog is updated more often...

I am confused.. Which blog can I use?? lol..

Cameron said...

I have a question. I'm a VCCS student and I'm trying to map out the courses I need to take in order to satisfy the requirements of the UVA guaranteed-acceptance agreement. I'm going to be going into my second year at NOVA and I'm a little confused.

Now, it says in the agreement under Humanities that I must take "one course in TWO of the following three groups: a) literature b) fine arts & c) moral, philosophical, and religious thought."
But it also says I must take one "non-western."

I want to take African American Literature, but does that count as a non-western AND and as one of my selections for humanties (under literature)?

I don't want to take more courses than I have to.