Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Your journey as a transfer applicant

We are full of application tips these days.

Oftentimes we come to an application and the student has not take a traditional route --matriculating to college a few months after high school graduation.  We have a number of students who have taken time off, or attended two or more colleges, stopped school to raise a family, to earn money, to serve in the military.  This is time away from school and we would love to have you fill in the blanks for us.

If this is your situation, please make sure you address any interruptions or delays in your college education in your essays.  If you don't, you'll leave us to guess and make assumptions and unfortunately, we tend to believe the situation is worse than it actually is.  So, tell us all you can about your personal journey and that will help us make an informed decision.

Less than a month until the March 1 deadline!


Megan said...

hi! a friend of mine transferred as a second year in the fall. He said UVA required that he had to get signatures from all his teachers from the school he was trying to leave from and submit it. Where is this form and what do I have to do? i just want to make sure i'm not falling behind. Thanks!

GoTribeWahooooo said...

How badly would a very poor first semester at a new college affect an application? I intend to explain why, but I transferred to W&M and last Fall was by a wide margin the worst period of my life. I don't want to be writing a book for the additional essay though, so I'm unsure how to go about actually telling this "journey".

Lauren said...

Hello! A quick question from a Guaranteed Admission Applicant. If a student is verified to come to UVA under the agreement, is there acceptance decision still sent out on the same date as the students who are not coming in under the agreement? Thank you!

Transfermer said...

I'm not familiar with this form and I've never heard of others using it. He may have been talking about the Mid-Year Report form, but that's to give us a snapshot of how you're doing after mid-terms.

It would be difficult. Tell your story in 650 words. But, in all honesty, your most recent semester is a very important indicator for us during review.

We don't have rolling admission, so all decisions are sent out at the same time, May 1.

Hunter Collins said...

Hi, I'm applying as a transfer applicant and when I applied to UVA the first time (last year) I sent in an arts supplement. Is UVA still able to use this for my transfer application?
Thank you!

Transfermer said...

Yes, we'd be happy to take another arts supplement from you. It's due March 1 as well -

Megan said...

hi again, what is the difference between the mid term report and college report? also, would it look better to send my SAT score and my AP scores instead of just listing them on common app?

Transfermer said...

I think our post must have been a little confusing. Ordering SAT scores from the College Board is a requirement for most applicants, including yourself. This is an application requirement. We only made the note about listing them on the application because hundreds left that out last year, and it often helps to catch discrepancies, increases in scores, etc. If you would like to send your AP scores now, you can, but it's not a requirement.

Sonia Foley said...


I have an odd question. I know that the transfer application requires a high school transcript. Due to health reasons, I only completed high school through my sophomore year and then later received a GED. Would it be best to supply the admissions office with both the GED and old (incomplete) high school transcripts, or will the GED be sufficient?



SophiaRose said...


I'm wondering where I can find the form I have to send my high school in order for them to release my official transcript. I was told it is on the Common App but I can't seem to locate it.

Thank you,


GoTribeWahooooo said...

Hi again, if I applied last year for transfer do I need to send scores (ACT) again or do you store them?

Transfermer said...

Yes, we would appreciate both your high school transcript and your GED results.

No such form exists.

If you applied last year and you sent your scores last year, you do not need to send them again.

Kuleni said...

Hello, I just started school this spring, I read that I have to send my transcript to UVA every year by March 1, I'm a freshman and I didn't take my finals yet so my transcript is basically empty should I send it anyways? And if so do I send it to the admissions office?

Isaac said...


Will a DUI and a underage drinking charge affect my transfer application. I'm looking to transfer under the guaranteed acceptance program from a community college.

Transfermer said...

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for transfer admission at this time. In order to be considered, you need to at least be in your second semester his spring. Please check out our website regarding who is a transfer -

It's possible, but we take these situations on a case-by-case basis. Please provide us with an explanation in your application. As you can imagine, we are looking to protect the health and safety of our current students and new students like yourself. Section V of the GAA addresses this as well.

GoTribeWahooooo said...

Does the same policy apply for HS transcripts sent when I applied last year? It's listed as missing from my current application, so do I need to get it again to send?

Shawn Arnold said...


If a prospective transfer student has more than credit 60 hours? Will the transfer student still be eligible to apply for admission to the College of Arts & Sciences?

Kuleni said...

Hello, if I dropped one class can I still transfer?

Transfermer said...

If you applied last year, as a transfer, again, as a transfer, then you do not need to resend the high school transcript.

For the most part, if you have more than five semesters or close to or full time work, you are no longer eligible for transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences. This tends to amount to 70-75 credits. If you are admitted, you must earn 60 credits at UVa.

That depends. If it means you'll have fewer than 24 credits at the end of this spring semester, then you would not be eligible. If you have one W in the midst of many credits, it won't be the end for you.

cford2006 said...

There is a "non-Western perspective"course requirement for transfers in to the History department. How can I find out if this can be satisfied by a African American Literature class that is satisfying the literature requirement? I am starting my second yr at JTCC and I am running out of slots in my last two semesters to finish all the VCCS and UVA transfer requirements.