Friday, January 29, 2016

Listing Test Scores on the Common App

We noticed last year that many transfer applicants chose to skip the TESTING section on the Common App (see below).  After all, it asks "do you wish?" The standard common app verbiage isn't very encouraging, but we would encourage you to use the space.  It's true that a small sliver of you, because you've been out of high school for five years, may not have SAT or ACT scores. But skipping this section does create a problem if you want us to consider strong AP scores that you may have earned a some point in your past. You can get credit for these! We remember one case in particular where it was the difference between a deny and an offer. Maybe you took International Baccalaureate HL exams.  You should list these scores. If you are admitted, we'll then ask you to send the official scores in order to get official credit. If you would like to see what sort of credit an AP or IB score might give you, click here. If you've already submitted your application, and you left this part out, you can send us an update to


Hope4UVA said...

I did not list my scores because I have already requested that my official scores be sent from the college board. Is that enough?

Transfermer said...

That's alright. Most students don't send AP scores, so we wanted to make it clear.

Rebecca Nguyen said...

Hi! I know AP Scores aren't required until an official admission by UVA, but what if my AP Score fulfills my English requirement for the college (I got 5s on Language and Literature). Will it be covered when I list them under the testing scores or will it look like I'm not fulfilling my college's English curriculum because I'm not physically taking an English class?

Megan said...

are we required to send SAT score before admission? would it hurt to send both our AP scores and SAT scores with our application?

FredyPazRivera said...

I was wondering if I need to send my official high school transcript and SAT scores from 2008 (my high school graduation date) since it's very much over 5 years now? Some people tell me yes, some say no. I need a clear answer. Thank you so much! I love this blog :)

Unknown said...

If I have sent Official SAT score reports via CollegeBoard should I still list my SAT scores under this section? Please let me know and thank you for your help!

Transfermer said...

Rebecca Nguyen,
Yes, we will take that to me you earned a 5 and deserve credit. You are on your honor to report the score you earned. I think we can agree that advanced placement means if you worked in the course and studied hard for exam, you wouldn’t be taking an English course in college.

You are required to send the SAT scores before admission. It’s a required component of the application. If you would like to send APs and SAT scores at the same time, that’s fine.

The high school transcript is required of any applicant. Period. If you are applying under the guaranteed admission agreement, the SAT is required, no matter when you graduated from high school. If you are not applying under guaranteed admission, AND you have been out of school for more than five years, the SAT is not required. The McIntire School of Commerce would prefer that you send the SAT or ACT no matter when you graduated from high school. Our testing requirements can be a little confusing, so it’s sometimes best to ask, as you have.

Yes, please list your SAT scores on your application. I promise you that after you find your scores, it should take less than 60 seconds.

Alvin Rodriguez said...

Due to the snow I won't get my scores until after March 1. I've been told that's fine. But how do I finish my application if I haven't got my scores to post?

Transfermer said...

You should be able to list on the common app that you took the test in February and you can leave the scores blank, if that's when you ended up taking it.