Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Order Your Transcripts Early, Spring Applicants

It goes without saying that the deadline for Spring 2013 application is less than a month away.  If you are planning to apply, but you haven't done it yet, that's OK.  Go ahead and order your transcripts now.  We require the high school transcript (or GED report) and ALL college transcripts.  That means every single college you have attended.  We require all of them. Many registrars' offices will take 2-3 weeks to send a transcript, so start working on it now.  We'll match up your transcripts once we get your application or vice-versa depending upon how you proceed.  With decisions coming out in late November/early December, we won't wait for fall grades to do our review.  This means your transcript is ready to go.  Alright, I think I've gotten my point across :)  


Meowmix said...

Hey transfermer, will you be making vccs visits this year? If so, which ones will you be attending in the northern va. Area?

Anonymous said...

Will mid-semester reports be considered in the application process if they are sent?

jeeplovindad said...

To add on to "Anonymous's" question, what is too early to be considered mid-semester? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to send our test scores and transcript (that was sent in may because of being waitlisted) again if we applied for fall and are applying again?

Transfermer said...

We'll be visiting all campuses for the area college fairs and we'll be doing some information sessions.

Anon with mid-years,
Yes,we'll take a look at them, but can't put a lot of stock in them as grades can change drastically over the course of the summer.

That depends on the institution, I would call mid-semester the period after you've received grades from mid-term exams and papers.

As long as you sent the transcript after you received spring grades and you don't have summer grades to show us, you won't need to send a new transcript. We hold onto testing for a long time, so no need resend scores.