Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Five Days Until October 1

I am preaching to the choir here, but I wanted to send a little reminder that that deadline is just around the corner.  Ask your last minute questions here :)


Anonymous said...

I have three questions here
First, is the Colette recommendation letter necessary? Or it is optional?Can I catch it up after deadline?
Second, if it be ok I send my transcript separately from my application forms. They were send in two different days.
Third, if I can apply fall semester after rejected by spring semester?
Fourth, the deadline means I need to send my materials out before due date or you need to receive materials before the due date?

Ben said...

I have applied and sent all necessary papers for the Spring 2013 Application. I have not received an email from The University of Virginia stating they received my application or and email giving me information about logging into the schools website to check the status of my application.

Transfermer said...

It is difficult to understand your questions, but you must complete the common application by October 1. That's the basic, supplement and app fee. The supporting documents can come later, but we would like these as soon as you can get them. You may apply again for fall if you are not currently a junior in college.


If it's been at least five business days since you've submitted the basic, supplement and application fee, you should have received an email from us. Check your spam folder. For more details(including how to get help) please read the last two sections on this page -

Nadi said...

I received an email from CommonApp stating that my application was received/submitted successfully, around the 15th or 16th of September. I haven't received anything from UVA, though. Should something of come from UVA as well? I'll look into the link you provided earlier, for instructions, but I just want to be sure.

Anonymous said...

haha let me count to 3,

Anonymous said...

Where do we email the course descriptoins?

hellosun said...

Do we need to send a document of our course descriptions?

meggers said...

If we attach our resume via the CommonApp, do you want solely our college experiences, or HS activities as well?

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
what is the acceptance rate for spring transfer in comparison to fall?

Transfermer said...

I hope you’ve read the instructions on how to get help and proceed with your UVA SIS account.

Anon with course descriptions,
You should email them to us. There should be instructions on the common app, but you can refer to this old posting as well.

Yes hellosun.

At this stage, we are no longer looking to see what you did in high school.

Anon looking for percentages,
For the spring, about 10-15% of students are typically admitted. For the fall, it’s more like 35-40%.

meowmix said...

good luck to all those applying for the spring semester! I'll be in your shoes soon (applying for the fall semester)!

Tony Zhang said...

I want to transfer to UVa in Fall 2013. I don't know if the application for that is available or not, but I took a SAT today and chose to sent the score to you. However my application doesn't start yet. Is that OK?

Ryan Elci said...

I have received a conformation from the CommonApp that my application and payment have been submitted and I was just wondering when I would receive an e-mail from UVA saying that they also received my application?

Transfermer said...

Tony Zhang,
The application is available now. It is fine for you to send the SAT score before the application. The deadline for fall is March 1, 2013. We don't have rolling admission and we won't begin to read applications until March.

Ryan Elci,

I am copying and pasting a paragraph from the instructions link I posted last week.

"If you have not received an email within five business days of submitting the Common Application to U.Va., first check to be sure that the email is not in your spam file in your email account, then contact the Help Desk at 434-924-HELP or for assistance."

Kelly Rogers said...

Is there a place on this blog where I can post about a housing opportunity for the Spring 2013 semester? This would be for anyone interested in living off grounds/on the Corner instead of in the on-grounds housing offered. I'm transferring out of UVA this spring and need someone to take my room!! (I'm transferring for athletics reasons - UVA is still the greatest school/place/environment on earth!)
My email is if you're interested already.

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