Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Few Words about Foreign Language

Time and time again, we meet with students who don't know that foreign language is a part of the degree for most UVA grads and therefore something you should begin before you transfer.

Foreign Language is a part of our liberal arts core.  Whether you are an English major, Physics major, Studio Art, Psychology or German major, you must take it before or during your UVA career.   I've heard some students say they were advised not to take it before UVA. This is sadly incorrect. You will put yourself in a better position when you begin foreign language coursework prior to entering the university.

The Guaranteed Admissions Agreement requires it before you come to UVA.
Foreign Language is not necessary for Engineering, Architecture or Nursing applicants.

Remember, you can easily find the requirements for your school of interest here:


eduaramaldo said...

Upon transferring for the Spring 2013 semester, I will have completed all the transfer requirements except the foreign language course. Is it possible that I may take a SAT Subject II test in a foreign language and count a score higher than 600 as a substitute for the foreign language requirement? If not, do I need to add a supplement to my application that explains my intentions to take an intermediate foreign language course during my first semester at UVa?

uva0 said...

is taking a foreign language course before transfer for spring 13 needed? what if you have intentions of enrolling in foreign language at uva if accepted? also, if you already speak a foreign language can you take a proficiency exam to gain exemption?

Transfermer said...

You'll need to use the information on this page to determine what score you need to be exempt from the language requirement -
Please tell us on your application that you plan to take the SAT Subject Test.

If you're applying for Spring 13, it's too late, but yes in general, the more of the requirements you have completed, the more competitive you'll be in the applicant pool. If you unfortunately don't get in for spring, sign up for a language course at your current school in the spring. Taking a proficiency exam depends on your native language.

Panda said...

Hi, I was thinking about transferring in Fall 2013 and I am currently attending a vccs school. I took my SAT II in 2006 and scored a 800 in a foreign language. I was wondering if that would count towards my foreign language fulfillment.

Panda said...

I forgot to indicate that it was a SAT II Chinese score but in 2006.

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