Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I can see that there’s been a lot of paranoia and confusion about your SIS accounts.  Let’s all take a breath.  Being April and all, we are reading applications and making decisions on them, but current decisions will not be final until May 1.  Final decisions are not being made at this time. I should add that we do not have rolling admission. All decisions will be released at one time. A green circle and a green check are good for application material submission purposes.  What I mean by this is, your application is complete and we can review it.   Once again, mid-year reports are not required.  Receipt of this on our end does not impact the green circle or green check.  I repeat. The green circle and green check have nothing to do with your decision of admit, deny or waitlist.  Thanks for your patience all!


Anonymous said...

so its not a bad sign at all to have a checkmark?

Deadline dead set? said...

Does UVA/McIntire give extensions past May 15 deposit deadline to students waiting for the decision from another university?

Till, for example, June 1st?

If not...

Then can the student just deposit the $400 to 'hold' their spot for two weeks?

GAA qualifications said...

I applied in Spring 2012 to Arts and Sciences and was not admitted. So I requested rolling in for Fall 2012, and didn't have to redo another application. I made it clear that I was going to go for GAA and indicated this on my course description. Will this be enough to indicate that I qualify for the GAA?

Excited said...

This is very case-specific, but I had a question: I'm currently at a University, and I had a lot of credits coming in (some AP may not be accepted by UVA), so at the end of my current (2nd) semester here, I will have 54 credits. I'm also enrolled for 3 more courses over the summer (3 credits each). If I stay here, I will be able to graduate in 2014. If I apply for transfer for next spring, I will (even w/out AP credits) be a junior. Will I still be able to transfer? I know 4 semesters are required at the University, but if I were to take a summer abroad or something of the sort next year, after having transferred, would I still be able to graduate in 2014? (this wouldn't even require overloaded semesters)

Excited said...

----------Edit to above: I'll be a junior only after completion of fall semester, most likely, with the way my courses would transfer at UVA. If I had applied this semester, I wouldn't be a junior by the end of the spring.

Walking Through December said...

Hi Transfermer,

I had my application from last semester rolled over for fall admission, but I rewrote one of my essays and emailed it to the office several weeks ago. I haven't gotten any confirmation from the office that it was received. I'm not sure if it's just that no one had time to let me know they received it (as I know the office is so busy right now) or if it just didn't get there. It's very important to me that the new essay is read along with the rest of my application. My question is: do you think I should contact the office just to double-check that it's there? I know you requested us not to call to see if the office received out materials. I'm just a little concerned my essay got lost or something...


nursing said...

I was just wondering how many transfers will likely be accepted to the traditional BSN program (not RN-BSN) in the School of Nursing?

Richard said...

Richard said...
I have applied for transfer application in uva in fall 2012. I am an international student and I finished 2 years of my high school. Anyway, I didn't earn a high school diploma. So I am joining a high school completion program in my college and I can get a diploma after I get my associate's degree this spring. I am wandering if I am available to be admitted as a transfer student?
Thank you.

waitlist said...

"The green circle and green check have nothing to do with your decision of admit, deny or waitlist."

so there is a waitlist for fall transfers?

Harry Cox said...

When are statics due to appear on number applied etc

FALL2012 said...

I feel, just like almost all other schools, it will be much better if each college/school can release their own decisions for transfers since they are relatively independent. For instance, McIntire has average 240-300 transfer applicants while CAS may have around 2000 transfer applicants. In this case, why do they have to release decisions at the same time?

Jason said...

Dear transferer,

I wonder how many McIntire applicants there are this year. Is it correct about the past number of McIntire transfer applicants? Why are there average less than 300 applicants? It's almost impossible.I mean such a great program in such a great university should attract way more than 300 applicants.

Andre said...

What is the proces of transferring to UVa


Anonymous said...

is there someone who is supposed to be answering these questions?

Transfermer said...

Anonymous with the question about answers,
I am the individual who answers these questions, but we are in the midst of transfer admission review and we are handling hundreds of visitors each day. Sometimes it takes me time to get back to your questions. Thank you for your patience. Please make up an alias during your next visit.

Deadline date set,
We do not give extensions. You can pay the deposit, but it is non-refundable. If you decide to go elsewhere, you’ll lose your money.

GAA qualifications,
Yes, this will be enough.

We count time in school as full-time semesters. In our eyes, if you are admitted for spring 2013, you will still be a second-semester sophomore in which case you’ll still be eligible. What you might not want to hear is that after you transfer, you are required to earn 60 credits at UVA. It wouldn’t be impossible, but then very difficult to graduate in May 2014. In order to earn a full-fledged UVA degree, again, you would need to take 60 credits here or through a UVA-sponsored study abroad program.

Walking through December,
We don’t confirm receipt of this information. If it didn’t bounce back, we put it in your file.

We usually admit about 10% of these applicants – around 10-15 students.

I’ve never heard of this scenario. We will have to look at your application and then make a decision.

We had about 2350 applications. We tend not to give out specific statistics, but there are public records available online found under Institutional Assessment & Studies.

There are some standard NACAC rules about admissions, but otherwise we are free to set up on our deadlines and release dates. In addition, there is a cycle to the admissions process. We and the many schools we consult with( commerce, nursing, education, etc) reserve this time in early spring to devote to reading transfer applications. All decisions are released at the same time each year – May 1.

Unfortunately, I think people shy away from applying because it is so competitive. We received 243 applications this year.

Please read our website - It’s new and improved!

Media Studies said...

Hi Transfermer!
I have a question about the Media Studies major available at UVA. I know it's pretty irrelevant to the topic of Financial Aid so if there's a better place to ask it, please let me know!
I applied as a rising junior to UVA for the coming Fall semester and I'm become really interested in the Media Studies major it offers. I've been reading every page of the website for several days now and I realized they only accept rising juniors and the deadline application to that major for this year was March 16th.
I know I shouldn't even be thinking about it seeing as I haven't even gotten in but if I were to optimistic and finally found myself at UVA :D would I be able to apply to this major still? Or would I need to spend an extra year at UVA and start off as a sophomore?

Also, I was wondering what the cut off was for applying to UVA. I know you're not allowed to transfer in as a senior but how do they determine that and when are you no longer allowed to apply?