Friday, April 27, 2012

Today's Email

You should have seen an announcement email in your inbox today. I’m excited to announce that we’ll be releasing decisions online today at 5pm(EST). This email does not contain your decision. Read on.

It seems most of you are very much on top of your SIS accounts, but just as a reminder, this is where you can check your decision.  The new tradition (started last year) continues of only mailing letters to admitted students.  These letters will go out on Monday.


Again, to view your decision online, just log into your account in the UVa Student Information System (SIS) using your UVA computing ID and password.  You can access your SIS account and retrieve your password here.  Oh, here is a tip. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page to see “View Decision" come 5pm.

If  you need assistance with accessing your account (lost or forgotten ID/password), please contact the UVa Help desk at (434) 924-4357 or toll-free (866) 469-4866.

The online decisions give you limited information - Offer, Waitlist or Deny. We do not email decisions.   Detailed information for offered students will come in the mail next week.

Thanks for your patience! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Info!

Will financial aid packages be released as well if we have submitted all pertaining documents?

McIntireHopeful said...

Thanks for the update, Transfermer!

Joe said...

Transfermer, I posted this on the other thread too, I have a quick question. What happens if we get in, but we've changed our mind on the department we want to get into? For example, if we applied for the college of art and science, but now would like to get into the engineering department? Is that an issue?

Transfermer said...

Anon 1,
Financial aid information should be out next week for students whose files are complete. I'll try and get back to you with an exact date.

Sure thing McIntireHopeful!

Yes, this would require a formal request for a change and even then it's all about numbers. If we have too many engineers we wouldn't be able to offer the switch. To make the request(after you get your decision), please write to

UVAquestion said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could tell us anything about the FIN AID "to-do" list everyone keeps discussing that is due by June 1st? Is that an indicator of anything for addmissions to UVA? Thank you so much! Enjoy your weekend!

hungrygames said...

I wanted to say thanks again for everything. You have so much patience answering everyones questions and keeping up this blog. I want you to know that you truly are appreciated. Thank you for everything, cannot wait for decisions tonight.

fbgroup said...

Is there a facebook group for fall 2012 transfers? I think it'd be nice to make one if there isn't. :)

Ryan said...

Good luck everyone! Just relax and have faith that the right choice was made either way.

Early on Sis said...

My SIS says Past Due 0.00, but has Current Deposit Due 400.00...if that is true i cant breathe or stop shaking

PL said...

See! ^_^

Good luck to everyone!