Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Missing Documents

An email went out this morning to 670 students with incomplete files.  A few weeks ago, I think I mentioned that this would be coming. If you get one of these emails, log into your SIS account and see what's missing.  Don't panic because you're not in trouble.  We have reached a  point where we've gone through all of the mail we've received and we have sorted through everything on file. We want to do our best to make your file complete. See, we're human too. Sometimes transcripts are lost in the mail. This is the time we notify you of the issue.  If something is missing, please work on this as soon as possible.  In fact, the deadline for turning in these materials is April 4th.  If you have questions about  it, you may email us.  Please be patient and we will try and get back to you within 48 hours of your inquiry.


Anonymous said...

Am I to understand that if your file is incomplete there is no penalty as long as you get your documents in by April 4th?

Transfermer said...

Anon, yes.

Transfermer said...

You are correct

Anonymous said...


Are letters of recommendation still accepted after April 4th?


fg01 said...


I faxed my midterm report on Monday. After speaking with admissions, I was told that it may take up to three weeks for it to process. Does this mean that it may take up to three weeks for the midterm report to be put into my file?

If so, will there still be a possibility that my application be reviewed with the midterm report?

Since the midterm report was not required, is there a way to verify (either by phone, email, or online) if admissions received the midterm report?

Thank you for your help.

Achilles said...

I scanned my midterm report and sent it through email. However I did not use the form on the common app. Instead I used the same format as was on the common app form but I used a word document. Does it matter that I didn't use the official common app form?

My SIS Changed said...

I know this has been touched on previously, but what exactly does the check mark on SIS mean? According to SIS,it denotes a decision has been made. Does it mean you have read our file and made a decision or is it a way for you to signal to us that our file is entirely complete?

Dc said...


I realized I forgot to email my course descriptions... Is it too late to do so?

sis incomplete said...

I still have an 'incomplete' (triangle) in my sis account. However, my To do list cleared up two weeks ago. Should I call to see what is missing? Or is my file always 'incomplete' because I am applying without SAT/ACT scores.

le bonheur de vivre said...

what should I do if I have not received an email from your office but my SIS still says my transcript has not been received?
thank you

Transfermer said...

Anon asking about recs,
Yes, but we can’t promise that they will make it to your file before the application is reviewed.

Hmm, that’s not exactly true for this time in the cycle. Luckily, our file services department isn’t swamped and this will likely get to your file in 1-3 days. No, we will not confirm if we’ve received this.

It’s fine. If it tells your courses, and how you are doing this semester, that will be sufficient.

My SIS Changed,
It means that your application is complete and we are reviewing all transfers at this time.

You can still send them. Thanks

Sis incomplete,
Please email the office. We may have removed testing for you, but I don’t know enough about Common App to know why you still have an incomplete triangle.

Le Bonheur de vivre,
Hmm, you pose a curious question. You should email us as well. It may have been checked off in one place, but not another.

Kmcgowan said...

On SIS it says that my decision is available to view but when I click on the link it says come back on May 1st. Does this mean that UVa evaluated my application and that I won't be able to see it for another 5 weeks, or is this a glitch in SIS? Also, is it possible to see the decision before May 1st?

les demoiselles said...

hey transfermer,

My transcript is still on my to do list but under status it says "initiated".

So, am I good?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey Transfermer,

Is the April 4 deadline the date where the missing information needs to be in the mail or is the date where the admissions office should receive missing information. I ask this because I have some scores missing and they need to be sent out through College Board and it may take a week to get to the admissions office.

Anonymous said...

When will transfer students for Fall 2012 receive decisions?

JP said...

Hi Dean J,
I've applied to four schools... that may not sound like much, but the decisions and planning are proving a bit overwhelming at the moment!

School one I was accepted into today (and has a deposit date of May 1st).

School two will release approximately alongside UVA (school three) on May 1st.

The last (my first choice, but a 'stretch school') mails notifications on June 1st. June 1st is past the deposit date of the first school, and IIRC, *is* the deposit date for UVA.

Do I have any options here for waiting to hear from my first pick—the last school to release decisions—without losing my spot at other great schools? :/

Thank you!

tk23 said...

I have applied to transfer. I have not received an e-mail saying I have an incomplete file. I do wonder though where you get the login information for an SIS account. Am I supposed to be able to login?

Sparkling Chrysanthemum said...

I still see people commenting on not receiving a SIS account email and so I figured I would share my experience.

I applied last year as a freshman applicant and received an email. This year, I applied as a transfer and did not receive an email at all. I waited several days, wondering if my recent email troubles had lost the email. When I tried to apply for a SIS ID it said one was already created for me! It turns out my old ID is also my current ID! I filled out the form and used the email on my current Common App. After resetting my password, because I had no idea what jumble of letters it was last year, my SIS was good to go.

While this situation may not have occurred for everyone seeking transfer admission, I felt it wouldn't hurt to share.

I went to the UVa homepage and clicked on the SIS icon in the top right. From there, I went to the top right again under New User Access and clicked on the second bullet option, "Retrieve These IDs".

I hope this helps anyone with SIS problems and good luck!

Transfermer said...

Dear all,
The change in your SIS accounts is a function of the system built by Peoplesoft. If your account says come back on May 1, you have turned in all necessary documents and your application is complete. This does not mean there is a glitch or problem with your application. We can only promise decisions on May 1 at this point.

Les demoiselles,
I would suggest you email the office to have it checked out.

Anon asking about April 4th,
Have them sent to us as soon as possible.

Anon who is asking about dates,
Please see the website where this information is posted - http://www.admission.virginia.edu/transfer

Thanks for creating an alias. I wish I was Dean J, but I am Transfermer. Yes, this is a predicament. If decisions come out on May 1st for us, they will come out at 5pm, and you’ll probably have until midnight to deposit at School One. Unfortunately, you’ll have to deposit at one of these schools to hold your spot. I’m sorry about the June 1 delay.

Yes, you should have received an email regarding your UVA account. Please check your spambox and see that the email you used to apply with is correct. If you have can’t find any emails regarding “SIS” or “Student Self-Service” you need to start investigating. Go to https://sisuva.admin.virginia.edu/psp/epprd/EMPLOYEE/EMPL/h/?tab=PAPP_GUEST and use the New User Access topics on the right to get your userID and password.

Good point. Maybe this is an issue for students who applied last year, but I would assume you would get a new email. As long as you are positive you have a transfer account/to-do list/etc, perhaps you are right.

Sparkling Chrysanthemum said...

I am positive this is my account. I recognized the ID almost immediately. In fact, until the last two weeks or so it the record of my previous application, although I was thankfully prevented from viewing my previous decision. It showed that previous application as completed. It was certainly a surprise!

lookingForward said...


How about the applications that need some documents to be re-sent? Will them be on a hold until the missing documents arrive? Or it doesn't matter(it will still be reviewed by selection committee and be assigned a decision), if the document is not that important?

Thanks for answering.

JP said...

My apologies for confusing your identity! Looks like you guys have a great & well-staffed social media presence. Awesome!

Thanks for the response. I spoke with the director of admissions for school one and they were able to grant an extension on the deposit deadline for my account. Crisis averted! Now, eagerly awaiting the other decisions! :)

tk23 said...

I successfully created an SIS account. The page shows that I have an application and this application has a green check mark next to it. Does this mean that my application is complete and now all I have to do is wait until May 1? Thanks

Skeptic said...


According to your earlier comments, A checkmark on the SIS page this early in the admission process simply means that your application has all necessary documents and is complete. Am I right to say that NO decision has been made whatsoever on an application containing a checkmark at this time? I am very skeptical about your previous answers to similar questions. Everything I have read from pervious admitted transfer students is that their status changed much later.

Dot or Check said...

Everyone is saying that their sis account has a green check. But mine does not. It is still a green dot which means application complete. Should I be concerned?

Dot or Check said...

Sorry, one more question. I am apply under the GAA agreement and I have met all course requirements and GPA requirement. Should I still send over my midterm report?
Thanks lots!

circle/check said...

so what actually is the difference between the check mark and the green circle? they both mean the file is complete do why are they different things?

sis status said...

So... I had a green circle and soon after it changed to a green check mark.. however, it was only around three or so days after i emailed my midterm report which had all A's.. could this mean anything?

How many people here have the check mark? what about the circle?

Anonymous said...

The green check mark and green circle mean the same thing... your application is complete and being reviewed. All decisions will come out on the same date which is May 1 or maybe a few days before.

answer said...

I think the check mark means they have reviewed the application at least once. Transfermer said that the green circle meant it had been prepared for review.. so the next step would be reviewing it.. So I think they have somewhat made a decision on your app if you have the check mark but they won't tell you what the decision is until May 1. Right transfermer?

Anonymous said...

also, anon, if they mean the same thing.. why wouldn't they share the same symbol?

How many Reports? said...

Is it still to late to fax(or email?) the midterm report? I asked one of my professors to do this, but he still has not. I know this because he asked me to fax it for him.

Should I have a report for every class?

I took the common app 'mid term report' and filled it out and gave it to my English professor since that's a required class. I wasn't going to do it for my other (personal interest) classes.

Alabama said...

Mine is also a check mark and I don't think it's a good sign.

green circle said...

My sis is a green circle since 4 days. I haven't sent the midterm report

Nurse2be said...

Any numbers on how many people applied to the nursing school this year?

Anonymous said...

why do you think that alabama? I know they keep saying it doesn't mean anything but it obviously means something.. otherwise everyone would have the green circle or everyone would have the check. can you please tell us transfer?!? Also. I was reading on CC and Dean J said it has nothing to do with your FINAL admissions decision.. so it does have something to do with a decision although it may not be final!!

uva sis said...

also, transformer said its a function of the system by peoplesoft.. well why would peoplesoft only change some of the applications? there has to be an explanation..