Friday, April 1, 2011

Your To-Do List

Our file services department is mostly caught up with scanning, processing and filing documents for transfer. That means that if something is missing, it should be on your to-do list. They've passed on the word that if you find that a transcript or application piece is still on your to-do list you, you can contact them at If testing is still on your to-do list, we will read your application without it, but it will stay there and know that this is a requirement for us. It's been printed in our printed material and on our website for ages. As some of you might know, we are more flexible about testing if you've been out of high school for five years or more. The exception is that the Guaranteed Admission Agreement requires testing, no ifs, ands or buts.

But back to the to-do list - If you find that something is still on your to-do list other than testing and you have sent it, please email with the subject line "Transfer To-D0 List Check" and they will look into it for you. If we don't have it, you'll be instructed on how to get it to us as swiftly as possible.


StudentForComm said...

This will be the longest month of my entire life!

Thanks for the posts, Transfermer!

Kevin said...


I want to ask a question about extra-curricular activities.

Should receiving a scholarship from Rotary club and being chosen to attend Social Change Conference in D.C. be listed in the list?

If they should be, the way to do it is to send an email to the undergraduate admission office about the additional information, right?

Is there a Subscribe button on this blog? I could not find it.

Thank you very much

surferguy said...

Transfermer, about how many students do you waitlist each cycle?

Meg said...

Do I need to send a transcript from a school I only took dual enrollment courses from in high school? These grades are already on my high school transcript, so is it really necessary?

Also, thank you so much for this blog! It's been an incredible help!

Anonymous said...

How many external applicants have applied to McIntire this year? How many from VCCS?

Katie said...

I am a GAA applicant and had absolutely no idea that testing was required for GAA. I have been out of highschool for 12 years and was told that this requirement was waived. I have read the GAA probably 300 times and followed it to the letter. It does not mention testing anywhere in it. I have spent the last year of my life making sure I met every requirement listed in it. This is a crushing blow. I don't even believe I am eligible for regular admission because I have more credits than traditionally allowed.
What in the world can I do this late in the game? I practically have everything lined up to move my entire family to C-ville already.

bina said...

I am a non GAA applicant and have a couple of questions about transferring credit.

1) Is it true foreign language courses taken at an accredit college are not transferable?

B) Are classes taken during the summer sessions not counted for credit?

Transfermer, Thanks for taking the time to address all of our questions and concerns. Good luck to everyone applying this year!

apa said...

I also have a question about transfer credits for non-GAA applicants...

if we are accepted to uva, about when would we be able to see how our credits transferred?

F said...


I am an international student applying through the guaranteed admissions at NVCC. I already sent in my Toefl scores because I was notified that since English is not my first language, the sats could be replaced by the toefl. Nonetheless, it still appears in my to do list. I emailed the undergrad office and they told me that if something is missing they were going to email me. Should I be worried that it still appears on the to do list standardized scores? Or does that means that you guys haven't received my toefl scores?

thank you!!

Miruna said...

The email address provided does not work.

Brittany said...

Miruna - It's actually

Transfermer said...

Hi Kevin,
Yes, there was a place on the basic to list honors and awards. If you would like to tell us, you can email us at I’ve tweaked something. See if you can follow us by email – bottom right on the front page.

This varies from year to year. Usually, it’s about 400 of the 2000+, but that could change. I’ll give you this info come May 1.

There were about 250 applications to McIntire this year. I don’t know how many are VCCS.

We know this is a little confusing, but the Agreement mentions a completed application with all supplementary materials, this includes high school transcripts, college transcripts and testing. The testing requirement can be waived for non-GAA students who have been out of high school for more than five years, but not for the GAA. You may still apply under regular admission. Within the VCCS, we do admit students with more than 60 credits. The reason for that is because you can’t earn a bachelor’s degree in community college. If you are attending a four-year school, then yes, there is a limit to the number of semesters you can take before you are ineligible.

1)This is not true, but if you take them as dual enrollment, they won’t transfer as language credit.
2)Summer course credit can count towards your degree, but if you are following the GAA, all courses must be completed by spring.

I’ll write a post about this in May, but first you have to deposit and then your college will work on getting credit evaluations to you in June and if not, definitely before Orientation.

I’ve noted this before. The TOEFL doesn’t automatically trip the system to take testing off of your to-do list. Please write to us at with this concern, but chances are that your application is already in process.

Sorry about that Miruna. Thanks Brittany!

Anonymous said...

Is there a possibility that decisions will be posted before May 1st?

Susan said...

Hi Transfermer,

On my SIS page, where there used to be a green circle (signifying a complete application), there is now a check mark (signifying a decision) - however, when I click on the "View Decision" button, there is nothing there. Is this just a computer glitch, or do I actually have an admissions decision?

F said...

Thanks transfermer!! I emailed them already and told me if anything was missing they will notify me. Im just getting anxious here!! Only 2 weeks guys!!
thanks transfermer again for calming our nerves this blog has been my little ray of sunshine in the whole admissions process!

James said...

Is there a way I can know if a decision has been made or not? I'd like to send 2 extra professor recommendations to help me out, but am afraid a decision might have already been made or something.

Anonymous said...


I checked my SIS this morning, and to my surprise the "Check Decision" link was up. The link just said check back on May 1st, I'll go by that, but does this mean they've finished my application?


Anxious said...

Any update on where you are in the reading process?

James said...

@Sarah Ahh I got the same thing. Tranfermer, please let us know what this means! I was planning on sending 2 more recommendations because I felt I was pretty borderline. I hope the decision made for my app wasn't a bad one!

Claire said...


I was just wondering if there are an equal amount of second year spots as there are third year spots? Or does it not matter what grade you are applying as?


glenda said...

So I was wondering if you're at a disadvantage if they will review your application without your test scores?!! THANKS!

Transfermer said...

Susan et al,
I’ve said this before, it just means that your file is Ready to Read. Admissions decisions are not released on a rolling basis.

There is no way to tell this.

We are feverishly working to be done by May 1st. All we’re doing is Days on the Lawn and reading transfers.

Hi Claire,
No, we don’t have a devoted number of spots for each year.

Unlike many other colleges, standardized testing is a requirement for UVA. Sometimes we read without testing. If you’re applying under the GAA or you graduated high school within the last five years and you don’t have testing, it could be a detriment. Hopefully, your academic record is strong enough for us to review you without testing.

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