Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Missing Documents

Remember the times we've talked about, "We'll email you if something we need is missing." Well, this is it. Today, a number of you who applied for Fall will get an important email from our office. We are officially emailing our "Missing Documents" email. Please check your email and check your to-do lists to see what's missing. Please follow the instructions in the email so that we can read a completed application from you.


UVAobsessed said...

hello transfermer,
I applied to UVA as a fall 2011 transfer. I have basically submitted everything including the application fee, and the supplements. I am, however, missing my SAT scores, which I do not have.
I just want to know if this disqualifies me from the eligible applicant pool, and if it means my application will not even be looked at because it is incomplete.
This way, I can start thinking about my other schools, and just try again for graduate school at UVA. I am obsessed with that school, you know.
I would appreciate anything you can tell me. Thank you.

Anxious said...

I'd like to thank you for all the help you've given so many of us in this very stressful process.

So who is the mastermind behind Transfermer? Which admissions dean are you?

Anonymous said...

I have sent in my college transcript, yet it is still listed as missing on my to do list. I emailed uvaapplication@uva.edu last week to tell them this but have received no response. I also did not receive and email yesterday notifying me about my missing transcript. Should I be worried?

UVAobsessed said...

I also did not receive any e-mails about my missing SAT scores. Is that it, then?

Brittany said...

anon - the email is uvaapplicationinfo@virginia.edu

maybe that's why you never heard? i've usually had quick responses with uva admissions

Anonymous said...

is there any way to avoid being waitlisted? Would it help to send a copy of the grades i have now in the classes im currently taking before may 1st roles around and then send a copy of my final transcript? just trying to avoid having to wait even longer to get a final word...

Anonymous said...

I know on March 24th it was posted that UVA admissions wouldn't know for a few weeks if the decisions would be posted early. I don't mean to be a bother but is there any word on that yet?

Thank you!!!

Lisa said...

As an out of state transfer applicant I am concerned about my financial aid package. Will that be available also on May 1? It would be heartbreaking to decline other schools on May 1 only to find out later that there's isn't enough financial aid available to attend UVa.

wahoowa said...

I know that some schools in the VCCS guaranteed admission agreement require an intent to transfer after completing a certain number of credits, and from then on work with these students. Does UVA do this?

A said...

If I gain credit towards my associates degree from APs in high school, will this not fulfill the transfer agreement from VCCS?

Anonymous said...

Any signs of early decision release? Come on Transfermer, give us a break - we've been waiting forever!

Master Reseller said...


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Brittany said...

Transfermer is not withholding admissions decisions, you guys. It's a little different for first year applicants for a lot of reasons. First, they have three months to work through all of them, as opposed to one month for us. Additionally, they are dealing with new admits and prospective students during April with Days on the Lawn, high school visits, etc. Plus, there is an admissions counselor conference going on, if you read Notes from Peabody. That means that even when first years hear back a week early, it doesn't affect how long it will take them to go through transfer applications. We have, at most, less than two weeks. Patience is a virtue!

Anonymous said...

Is asking to schedule an interview acceptable? Will they allow an interview at all?

Anonymous said...

I have updated information that I did not include on my application, since the information was pending. Would it be appropriate to send a follow up email, or phone call to ensure the admissions team of my information?

Transfermer said...

Your application will be reviewed without testing. It’s just that we do require it from folks who haven’t been out of high school for more than five years. We don’t email about missing testing.

I hope you’ve since received a response. I recently discovered that if you listed your current college as current and a past institution, it shows up twice on your to-do list. Sometimes our staff didn’t catch this and then only checked off the school once on your to-do list. I hope the problem’s been solved for you.

Avoidance of waitlist anon,
I hope you’re admitted, but if you’re waitlisted, at least you’ve got another shot. We wouldn’t change decisions midstream for this reason. We would prefer to have a transcript with a complete set of final grades.

Deadline anon,
No new news on the date.

Financial aid doesn’t run out before it’s issued to the transfers. However, it’s advisable to have applied by March 1st. I’ve only heard horror stories from students who didn’t turn in their aid forms until June or July. Financial Aid packages are usually available a few days after the decisions come out. If your package is not ready in time for you to reply to admission, we can work with you on getting a decision.

Great question. We don’t have a letter of intent.

AP credit that we’ve evaluated on our own (not how your school has evaluated it) can add into your requirements for the agreement, BUT, it doesn’t give you a credit sum towards the 54 necessary for the agreement, nor does it count towards the 45 you must take in a VCCS.

Thanks for calming nerves!

Interview anon,
We don’t have interviews.

Additional information anon,
You can send it now, but we can’t promise that will be do anything for your decision.