Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fall Transfer Process

It's at this time that the wait really sets in. You've done your part, and now you're waiting for us to do ours. Remember to keep up with your work and continue to do well. The last thing you want to happen is to be so distracted by the admissions process that it affects your grades. That won't help you whether or not you are offered to UVA.

We've received about 2300 applications. Please respect our process and the work that we do. If you did your research, you have found that this is not a rolling admission process and everyone finds out at the same time. At this time, we can only tell you that decisions will be released on May 1. Yes, that's a Sunday, but one never knows. You'll hear it here first if decisions will come out any earlier. We won't know this for a few weeks, thus, there won't be any announcements about a date... for a few weeks.

We started reading transfer applications last week. You may wonder why we didn't start earlier. 1) We did overlap work while we finished up with the first-years and 2) we have to wait for all of your materials to arrive. High school transcripts seem to lag the most.

Our office is working to get out first-year decisions tomorrow and I'll be working with a scholarship weekend night and day through Sunday. I look forward to answering your inquiries next week.

(The picture above is something I captured in Garden IX- a great place to study)


Raya said...

Ah, this is exciting. :D I actually didn't think you guys started reading them until all of the first year stuff was completely done. Good luck to all the applicants!

James P. said...

Dear Transfermer,

I love how you always artistically weave important information with little tidbits of fun, so to speak.

Also, thanks for sharing that nice picture! I do hope that one day I'll be able to study there..

James P.

Keith said...

Dear Transfermer,

I have a question about your GAA. It requires that you take a certain number of Lab-Science courses. My question is, would BIO 101 count towards the GAA for UVA? Thanks!

Lee said...

Mm 2300 applications. About how many slots? :)

Anonymous said...

Transfermer, I was recently reading my application essay and I noticed a minor typo. Can I email a revised version or would that look even worse?

Jim said...

Are GAA transfers included in the 2300 applicants? May I ask how many applicants are not under the GAA?

Mike said...

Ah I forgot my course descriptions! It doesn't help that it's not on the to-do list haha. Where would I e-mail this to and can it just be in the e-mail or does it have to be an attached word document, etc?

Anonymous said...

Mike, I don't think that it is too late to email them. I sent mine in the body of the email. I hope that helps.

StudentForComm said...

Hey Transfermer,

I am really hoping you can reply to my question. I am applying to the Comm school and I realize that the deferred internal applicants get to write another 250 word essay and hold an interview.

I am just wondering if external transfer applicants get any of these luxuries if they are waitlisted?

ZY said...

Hi Transfermer!Thank you so much for helping us answer those questions, they helped a lot! Hope I can see you in UVA next year!

Matt said...

Dear Transfermer,

I am going to expand on Keith's question a little bit. I second his question, do classes like BIO 101 count towards the GAA? To add on to that, do we need to take our Lab-Science courses in sequence? By that I mean that if BIO 101 counts towards the GAA, do we also have to take BIO 102?

Rachel said...

Wait, what is the course descriptions thing that we need to send?

Brendan W. said...


You need to make a .doc file that outlines your coursework.

Go to your institution's course catalog, and copy the course descriptions for each of your courses, current and past. It's not such a big deal if your institution has already listed your current courses on your transcript, but it's not such a bad idea either way.

Email to

Sorry to step on your toes, Transfermer! :]

Katie said...

The wait is unbearable, I never sleep anymore, but hey that's extra studying time...I applied to the 5 year MAT program for Secondary Mathematics. I did have a question. When that magical day comes I am sure it will be obvious if you were accepted or not, but if accepted how will we be able to tell if its just a CLAS acceptance or MAT acceptance or any specific program for that matter? Thanks ahead =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Transfermer:
I really need your help for this question. I turned in my transfer application in Feb,but I sent all the materials few weeks before that. Now my application status is still " incomplete", but the office didn't contact me for any missing materials. So what should I do now? Just wait or try to resend my transcripts? Thank you sooooo much.


Nathaniel said...


I applied to transfer to McIntire from VCCS. I know that as an applicant to McIntire that I am not eligible for the Guaranteed Articulation Agreement. However, if I'm not admitted to study at the commerce school will I be offered admission into the College of Arts & Science as GAA student since I have fufilled all of the requirements for guaranteed transfer?


StudentForComm said...


2300 applicants - possibly 900-1000 offered admission. Average 40% for CAS.


You should call or email the undergraduate admissions office (number and e-mail is on the website) and they can confirm for you right there.


There is no guarantee you will be offered admission to CAS if you are denied from the Comm school.

Anonymous said...

Dear Transfermer:
Thank you for your reply. I actually emailed them already, and they told me that there is no one for individual checking, and they will contact me if there is any missing materials. So is that mean I don't need to do anything now?


Anonymous said...

So I have a problem. I've been accepted into three schools as a transfer student, but I would like to consider acceptance to UVA in addition to those three.

The problem is this: I have to respond to one of the other three colleges by May 1 and UVA won't even release its decision regarding transfer acceptance until May 1. Either I make the choice at the very last second or I find some alternative method of rendering the acceptance decision. I've called the office of admissions at UVA and they directed me to this blog.

Any help would be appreciated.


vtechtransfer said...


I'm wondering if you can let me know how my courses look so far as a prospective transfer student. This may seem somewhat irrelevant considering I have already applied, but I'm sending requests for next fall's courses shortly and I want to make sure I am on the right track if I am not offered admission for fall 2011. I am currently a Freshman at Virginia Tech on track to double major in Spanish and International Studies.

Fall 2010:
IS 2054 Introduction to World Politics
PSCI 1014H: Honors Introduction to US Gov and Politics
SPAN 3304: Introduction to Hispanic Literature (I placed into this course with IBHL Spanish score of 6 and a placement test)
MATH 1016: Elementary Calculus with Trig
BIO 1005: General Biology

Spring 2011:
IS 2064: Global Econ and World Politics
ECON 2005: Principles of Microeconomics
SPAN 3414: Modern Peninsular Culture and Literature
ART 2386: Survey of the History of Western Art
BIO 1006: General Biology


Transfermer said...

Bio is probably the most common science course a student will take. This will qualify for general and GAA transfer admission.

We’ll offer to around 600-700 students, but you can get a history of this information from here:

Anon with a typo,
You can email us, but as long as it isn’t terrible or repetitive, we understand that you can make mistakes.

Yes, the GAA applicants are a part of this sum. Last year, about 20% of the VCCS applicants were approved GAA. I don’t have the statistics for this year.

It would be best if you submitted this as a word doc via email, but we’ll accept them either way.

There is a short of list of externals who are waitlisted. You are encouraged to write a letter, but I don’t think interviews are offered. Let’s see if you get admitted first!

Thanks for saying thanks. In all the hubbub of this season, it’s nice to be appreciated. Dean J and I are so appreciative.

If you are applying the BA/MT program, or you want to major in the sciences, you should take science courses in a sequence. Otherwise, it’s up to you.

At the very top of our Transfer Supplement, we ask for course descriptions in order to help the registrars with course evaluation. The list of courses on the transcript doesn’t always give enough evidence and by sending in descriptions, you speed up the evaluation process come late May/June.

Great question. You won’t know from your online view if you’ve been admitted to the Curry program, but letters will be mailed to students who were offered and the decision for Curry will be enclosed.

We are still working to process all documents in our office. We should be all caught up by the middle of next week.

Unfortunately, we really only consider students for the one school they applied to.

We will work our best to have decisions out by 5pm so that you will have some time to decide between schools.

These look like interesting and varied courses, but that’s about all I can give you.

dmcgowan3777 said...

Hey Transfermer,

Is there a way to verify that all the documents I sent in were received (SATs, APs, recommendations etc...)? Also, my application status in my student center account now says "view decision" instead of "complete," that normal?



A said...

Question--I've heard people say they were accepted. Is it true someone can find out early, or do they just have special circumstances I'm not aware of?

Lisa said...

The wait is killing me. I applied to three other universities in November and am still awaiting a decision from one.

Thank you for doing all the hard work so quickly.

Like anonymous, I also have to accept/decline at least two schools by May 1. UVa is my first choice so if admitted the decision will be easy, but it would be nice to see that decision a tad earlier so I won't feel like I'm pushing that deadline a little too close.

Emanuel said...


I submitted my application and my list of courses. However, I have been accepted into a summer abroad program in Italy this summer and am going in June. Should I send another email to UVA admissions about this, or is it an unnecessary detail to add?

*note: I included my studies in Italian as a major reason for the BA I pursue at your university.

Thank you for your time

Seamus said...


I was denied admission to UVA this year, even though I have attend classes as a Community Scholar at UVA for the last 2 years. I have a 3.7 at UVA. My SAT were solid (1950) and I know my HS grades brought be down. I will attend another college in the fall and will make the most of that experience but I hope to attempt to transfer in 2011 because I really have loved being a student here. Any advice for next year?

Transfermer said...

If there is nothing on your to-do list, we’ve received everything. That’s also what “View Decision” means. It refers to the fact that your file is ready to read(our terminology for review of application).

First-year decisions went out last Friday. Transfers have not received decisions. These are two separate processes.

We understand some students may be in a tight spot. As I told Anon, if May 1st is the date, we’ll have it out by 5pm so that you have a little wiggle room.

Congrats on doing well in UVA courses, but we likely based our decision on your high school work. You’ll be eligible to apply for Fall 2012. Take down the courses listed here and use them as a bible in signing up for classes at your other college. Take a variety, don’t take all math and science in one semester. Yes, take a variety and get good grades :)

James said...

Oh no! After reading:, I think I might be in trouble. I will only have 28 credits completed when it says "Students transferring after one year of college should have completed at least 30 semester-hours". Will this be an auto-rejection for me? :(

:/ said...

If I were to complete credits over the summer at a CC or my University, where I'll enter as a first-year this fall, would I be able to apply for spring-transfer admission? (assuming I have completed the required credits)

:/ said...

Also, if I am granted credit at my University for APs that UVA doesn't accept, what happens? Do you see this on my transcript and not grant me credit?

Anonymous said...

I am applying to UVA as en entering junior from a California community college. I chose media studies as my major of choice with a second option in history. However, I was just notified that they changed around the requirements and said it is not possible to transfer into the media studies program in the fall because I will not have completed the prereqs needed. If I am admitted into the university regardless, is there anyway once im on campus to get into the media studies program being a junior? Or any special considerations for my situation? And if so how hard is that? Thanks!


Darren said...

Dear Transfermer,

First off, thanks for answering all these questions. I wanted to apply to UVA for admission as a freshman next fall but I knew I would not get in as I did poorly my freshman and sophomore year in high school. I am hoping to transfer to UVA for my sophomore year in college. I have a 4.5 thus far in my senior of high school. When looking at transfers, does admissions look at mainly senior year in high school grades, SATs, and freshman year grades and courses in college?



Transfermer said...

Our requirement is 24, but most students apply with sums closer to 30. This is not an automatic rejection for you.

No, you have to spend one full academic school year in school in order to be a transfer. You’ll have to send us the AP scores in order to get credit from us. The transcript won’t be enough.

Media Studies is a two year program. Unfortunately, if you’re not eligible upon entry, then you won’t be able to major in it. But before we get to that point, the Media Studies department conducts a review of the students admissions admits to see if they are competitive for the program. You can’t be penalized for not being here in the second year to take the pre-requisites, so I think they work with third-years to make it fit. It’s just that they take a handful of students each year.

We look at the whole high school transcript, testing, essays, college courses and grades. We like to see improvement over time. Keep up the good work.

matteson wein said...

i think i accidentally saw my decision :P