Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paying your Deposit

The cutoff for paying your deposit is 11:59pm tomorrow. I would not wait until that time. If something goes awry, there will be no one to help you and the gateway will close. Please try and log onto SIS earlier in the day.

Please also keep in the mind that simply clicking the "accept" button does not save a place for you in the Fall. Hitting that button puts you in an "intends to matriculate" limbo. Only when you pay your deposit through UVaQuickPay (aka NelNet) will you become matriculated.


Transfermer said...

I should add that

1) that is Eastern Standard time

2) Nelnet does not take VISA

lala said...

If I pay the deposit does that mean I have to attend in the fall? I'm still unsure if I want to transfer.

mw said...

When does the viewbook get mailed out?

Menna said...

Dear Trans

It's not fair that we have to make a decision on whether or not we want to attend UVa without first knowing how many credits the university is going to transfer for us. I'm going to be a third year student in the fall in my current university, what if at UVa they only accept enough credits for me to be a second-year student, thereby making me repeat a whole year.
Unfortunately because I don't live in the U.S., the transfer credit 'analyser' tool is not very useful for me, so there's no way for me to know what my standing will be when I go to UVa.
I contacted the school and office of admissions and none of them answered...! Is there any way of finding out how many of my credits will be transferred Before paying the deposit?


Smiles :) said...


Paying the deposit does not mean you must attend in the fall. Once you pay your fall tuition fee, that's when you're officially a student. After you've paid your deposit, thought it over, and decided UVA is not the place for you, then you write a letter to the University's admission office informing them of your decision. You will probably receive emails from them once in a while, but the University stops contacting you if you do not pay the fall tuition. The only catch to all of this is you do not receive your deposit back.

I hope this helped.

TeapotMonarch said...

Is there anyway we can find out if our spring grades have made it to UVA? Would it be obnoxious to call in and make sure? I'm just getting nervous again and want to make sure everything is in that should be.


TeapotMonarch said...

Entirely off topic, but I thought I would share. I saw that the Heritage Theatre Festival is coming up at UVA. They have some wonderful plays....I'm impressed. I'd love to go see Oliver!, Little Shop, and Moonlight and Magnolias (my boyfriend and I missed the first half when we went to see it in Richmond, so it'd be nice to see the first half...the second half was hilarious). All great plays. :)

Pauline said...

i was wondering if there was any notfication for the waitlist people. Im going to be out of the country until july and its stressful to check the UVA student status site everyday without knowing anything. Will an email be sent out when a decision is reached since i wont be getting me mail??

waitlisted said...

i have not been able to request for my transcript to be sent until yesterday. it should be there by thursday or friday, i assume. is this too late? also, do you have any idea when decisions will begin to go out??