Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clearing to-do lists for Admitted Students

We received a lot of emails and phone calls lately about your to-do lists coming up incomplete after you deposited. I think it mostly affected students who did not submit their testing through the College Board. I touched on this a few weeks ago, but the system is only automatically tripped with these official scores. A number of you had your scores listed on your hs transcript and we reviewed your application using this format. Yesterday, our staff went through and began to clear these for admitted students. The process should be completed today.


uvauvauvaUVA!!! said...


score you mentions under todo list is cleared for me, but still there is official transcript due 7/1/09(I think) under todo list. Is that possibly for credit evaluation? I mentioned this in the other thread that transcript used during admission process is finalized one since I graduated from vccs in fall 08.

Esquipedalian said...


Do you know when all of the financial aid will be posted? Thanks.

Transfermer said...

This is a request for your FINAL transcript. The one with your spring grades on it.

All of it should be posted. If it's not, you should contact them to see if something is missing.

Sydney said...


Should I send my final transcript to the Admissions Office or to the College of Arts and Sciences?

Wait Listed said...

does the final transcript have to be another official one?

haha said...

Hi Transfermer,

What if I plan on taking summer courses at my current institution?
When should I send you the transripts for both spring and summer?

EM said...


I am having trouble with my meal plan/housing, etc- When I log into @uva, it says I have no items and nothing to do. How do I find the forms?

Joker said...

I have the same question as haha. I got waitlested and I am registered for first session summer classes in NVCC. So should I just send the final transcripts of the spring semester for now??

Wan-Ching,Su said...

I have not got any e-mail or mail by admission office recently. I would like to know whether I was admitted to UVA. Please tell me where to see the result on website.

Transfermer said...

Send your final transcript to the admissions office.

Yes, it has to be official.

You should send both. Assuming you are admitted, your school wants to start evaluating these as soon as possible. If you are on the wait list, you want us to have them to view as soon as possible. But again, we probably won't be going to the waitlist until early June.

You are moving into questions that are not admissions territory. If you paid your deposit more than three business days ago, you should have the ability to get into your accounts. Try the netbadge login and see what happens:
Maybe your fellow readers on here will have some pointers. You will need your ID number:

Same thing. We will likely look at your spring grades before your summer class has concluded.

You should be able to find your decision in your online account. We also emailed international students.

junnan said...


The spring semester in my university will last until June,and the transcript will be available even later. Will this disadvantages me as a waitlisted applicant?

Rum said...


What is the time deadline for deposit on May 15?

WorriedStudent said...


I have called the Financial Aid Office to see when my financial aid will be posted and they couldn't give me a date. We turned in all of our information by the deadline. But currently, with the position my family is in, I will not be able to attend UVA until we have heard back about award packages. Am I still required to commit if I cannot see my financial aid?


Transfermer said...

Send it to us as soon as it becomes available. We’ll go through the waitlist in June, but hope to be finished by the end of June.

It’s 11:59pm on May 15, but I would discourage this tactic. You wouldn’t want something to happen at the last minute and have it shut down on you.

We understand this is a serious issue. Please email this Thursday if it still isn’t posted that morning. Again, say that transformer sent you. We want you and your family to have time to think it over and that may require an extension.

uvauvauvaUVA!!! said...


can admitted transfer student start taking summer course and still use library, gym, any other facilities? I was told id card is required, but is it?

also I am aware that we can't register for fall courses until orientation, but what if courses that I want to enroll in are fulled by that time?

Anonymous said...

I was accepted to the School of Nursing and will be starting classes in June (from what I understand). I still have yet to hear of any specifics...when classes start, how many classes we have to take, etc...
Have I missed something?

TR said...

Sorry...I did not mean to post as "anonymous"...

I was accepted to the School of Nursing and will be starting classes in June (from what I understand). I still have yet to hear of any specifics...when classes start, how many classes we have to take, etc...
Have I missed something?

uvauvauvaUVA!!! said...


I have another question for you...
If I take summer class, before going to orientation, will there be any sort of problem like not showing up on my U.Va transcript?

Also, is there specific dorm I can apply for summer session II only? if so, how and where?

Thank you very much!

Transfermer said...

I think I’ve addressed this in others posts. You can take summer classes. The library is a public library. I believe the Summer Session office has information on joining the gym. It can sometimes be difficult to get classes during your first semester of transferring. You can enter waiting lists. It should show up on your transcript or at least in SIS, but this is not my territory when it comes to providing this information. Summer session can address your housing questions.

You should email Dr. Carroll.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to all! If you are looking for housing, GRANDMARC AT THE CORNER still has availability and it is right in the heart of campus. Check it out,! We also do ROOMMATE MATCHING so if you don't really know anyone, we can help match you up. All transfer students are invited to attend our catered open house here at our property on June 20th and 21st from 2-4pm. CONTACT US SOON! WE ARE FILLING UP FAST!

The Most Interesting Man in the World said...

I'm so excited to start school!!!!